Duke's Son

"A title of prestige bequeathed on one whose fate is sealed in his bloodline."

For seven years he'd been imprisoned in his home. For seven years he'd been miserable.

And for what? An incident he didn't even remember? He couldn't even remember his life before the kidnapping either. All he knew was life inside the manor.

And why? Because Malkuth had thought of him as a target. All because of his bloodline.

Luke groaned as he got out of his bed, preparing himself for another long and boring day.

"Man," he sighed, "What a pain…"

A/N: I got the idea from BasicallyAnIdiot, who did the same thing for Tales of Symphonia. They gave me permission to use their idea for Tales of the Abyss. ^-^ You should go and check out their fic, it is also called Titles.