Kimlascan Princess

"Honorable Kimlascan Royalty. Elegant, but a bit of a nag."

For the life of her, Natalia couldn't understand why her father would be so against the idea of her joining Luke and his group as they went to aid the town of Akzeriuth.

She thought it was a splendid idea. What better way to prove to the country of Malkuth that Kimlasca truly meant to take a peace treaty seriously, than to send their own princess to help? Surely that would mean more to the leaders of Malkuth than sending along one of Luke's servants as a fellow representative.

The princess was generally pleased with being able to help the people of her country from the throne, whether it be with funding shelters for the homeless, or creating jobs for those who needed them, but when the prospect of sending Luke to aid a Malkuth city and possibly prevent a war, she couldn't just agree to stay behind.

This was not a time for a princess to sit and wait in the castle for them to return. She needed to be out there doing something, proving to Malkuth that her country took this seriously!

Natalia loved Luke, but she couldn't help but get the impression that he didn't care as much as he should about his role as an ambassador. It didn't help that she'd overheard his talk with Commandant Grants, and knew about his plans to escape to Daath afterward, like that was his only reason for wanting to go. It seemed so unlike the Luke she had fallen in love with, the one who had made that promise to her. He had changed so much since his memory loss...

She knew she would take the job much more seriously than her fiancé would, and perhaps she would be able to help him see how he could use his abilities to help people rather than boast, and maybe even help him regain his lost memories.

All she had to do first was convince his fellow party members to accept her.

It wouldn't be too difficult. Even if she was unhappy about Luke's plan to leave for Daath after the people of Akzeriuth were helped, overhearing that particular conversation may have been just what she needed to get herself into his group.

A/N: Yeah...Sorry about neglecting this fic for so long! I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one, maybe that stems from the fact that Natalia's not exactly my favorite character (particularly as she first appears in the game). But if there's one thing I respect about her, it's how much she cares about the people of her country and how she can help them. We could seriously use more people like her in our governments.