Oct. 6th, 2001

Texas lounged on the couch, flipping through the channels of her TV until she found a football game. University of Texas was playing in the Red River Rivalry, and had only managed to kick a field threw the remote across the living room. When I see Oklahoma again, he is so going to rub this in my face! She pouted, thinking about all the smart remarks the younger state would say about how one of his teams beat her's, blah, blah, blah.

She stopped her inner rant as she heard the floorboards creaking in the kitchen. One would think she would be freaking out or something, but she was almost positive she knew who it was. "Mexico, I swear if that is you sneaking into my house again….!" She said in her country twang as she adjusted her cowboy hat on her head. He had never gotten over losing her during the Texas Revolution, and would sneak into her house to try and beg her to come back. Getting off the couch, she stalked into the kitchen, her pet armadillo following. Huh, nothing there. He's probably just lurking somewhere waiting to pop out and-

Her phone rang: "….There'd be no Austin city limit sign; no lone star of any kind….if it wasn't for Texas, if it wasn't for Texas-"

"Hello?" she asked while poking her head into the hallway.

"Hey Texas, whatcha doing?" came America's voice on the other line.

"America, hey, y'all really gotta keep Mexico from breaking into my house so much!"

Suddenly Mexico popped into the kitchen from the window, wearing his colorful serape and a sombrero, and sweeping into a low bow. "Ah, Senorita, what a sight you are-" he was cut short by a boot hitting him in the face.

"Mexico! Get out of my house!"

"Dude, Mexico, what's your problem, yo?" America said, even though only Texas could hear him on the phone.

"But Senorita, it is so lonely in my country without you. Si, you should return to me!" Mexico cried, dodging another boot.

"Get out! I'll throw my spurs next!"

"Si, si, I'm going!" Mexico cried as he jumped out her window.

Texas sighed in frustration. "Did you hear all of that? You have to do something, America!"

"Dude, I'm crazy busy with the war; but, yo, I need you to come to a meeting. You know the Winter Olympics are coming up and I really-"

Texas lost focus as Oklahoma University made another touchdown. "Are you serious!" she ranted at the TV. It was the fourth quarter; it would take a miracle for UT to catch up.

"Uh, yeah, dude. All the states need to come to Washington D.C. for a meeting about the Winter Olympics, because I could really use some help, you know with the war and all…."

Texas thought hard. Winter Olympics? What the heck was that? "Um, yeah, whatever." She said, staring daggers at the TV, hoping it would somehow divert the extra score kick.

There was a long pause. "Dude, are you watching football?"

Texas blushed, knowing she had been busted. She could never pay attention when there was a ball game on. "Ummm….."

"You totally are~!" America said, starting his ridiculous laugh. "But, really, I need you to get here Monday."

Texas groaned. Sunday, she was going to stay up late, grill some steaks, William and Guam were going to come over and watch the Dallas Cowboys loose another game. She really didn't want to get up early to go to the airport! "Sure, I'll be there."

"Great! You're a hero; well, not as much as me, but, later, dude!" with that, America hung up.

Texas sat down on her couch again, resigned to her fate. Her team was losing, Oklahoma was going to be a jerk about it, and she had to sit in a meeting with all the other states over something that she didn't even know existed. What else could go wrong today?

"Ah, beautiful Senorita~!"

A lot. Texas buried her head under a pillow