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Oct. 8th, 2001


Texas sat bolt upright on her couch, startled from her sleep. "Huh? What?" She looked at the feet that had been in her face moments before. William, formerly the short lived Confederate States, was lying on the opposite end of the couch, his uniform jacket lying over himself. On the floor, Guam was wrapped in his sleeping bag; the teen had popcorn spilled all over him. Apparently he had fallen asleep holding the tub during the movie marathon they had after the football game.

Texas shuffled to the door and opened it to reveal New Mexico smiling at her. Both New Mexico and herself had lived in Mexico's house for a time, but besides that, the two women were polar opposites. Whereas Texas was loud, New Mexico was quiet, and often wore turquoise necklaces and earrings, and today was also wearing a long sleeved black shirt, an embroidered belt, and a long skirt. Texas on the other hand, like to wear really short shorts, tank tops and boots.

"Hi Texas." She said, in her calming voice. "As you can probably see, America rented charter buses for us, as no one wants to fly after, well,….."

Texas peered behind New Mexico at the pristine charter bus, and could see through the open door California rocking out to something on his mp3 player. He apparently just realized the bus had stopped, and looked at Texas, shouting for the whole neighborhood to hear: "Whoa, Texas, dude! Let's get rolling! This trip's gonna be so radical!"

"Okay, just let me get my things." Texas darted back inside, finding William eating a bowl of cereal and Guam still sound asleep. She gave the former a hug. "Thank you so much for taking care of Jim Bowie and all my horses! Y'all are the greatest!"

William grunted a reply, as his mouth was full, and Texas ran off to find her pet armadillo, who she named after Jim Bowie, one of her soldiers who fell at the Alamo. "Where's my little cutie? There he is! Ooohh, you such a cute smoochie, yes you are, be good to Uncle William!"

"Why don't you just marry the thing?" Guam mumbled, pulling the sleeping bag where it completely hid his face.

"Haha, hilarious." Texas grabbed her suitcase which she had made herself pack after America's phone call. Normally she would have procrastinated until the last minute, so she was proud of herself for not doing that this time.

"Bye guys! Y'all be good, and thanks a million!"

William half waved and Guam grunted in annoyance. Texas followed New Mexico down the driveway and to the charter bus. The whole way, she really hoped Oklahoma wasn't and wouldn't be her travelling buddy. She'd get to hear the whole drive to Washington DC about the football game, and that would make it the longest drive in the universe.

Whispering to New Mexico as they neared the bus, she asked, "Hey, um, is Oklahoma gonna be on our bus?"

"No, right now we have Nevada, California, Arizona is driving, and myself. We are supposed to pick up Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and the Carolina twins." New Mexico answered.

"Oh, okay!" Texas breathed a sigh of relief, but her relief began to disappear as she watched California blocking the steps into the bus playing air guitar, and Arizona looking as if he was about to explode with frustration.

Arizona was wearing his sleeveless black letter vest with a wife beater on underneath, the tattoo on his right arm of the mythical Phoenix bird clearly visible. "Hey." He greeted Texas, still glaring at California.

"Nrrmm, wrrrrm, weeeermmm!" California enacted whatever guitar solo was being played.

"Texas, you wanna make a bet that before this trip is over, Arizona blows his top?" Nevada asked, shuffling a deck of cards.


"I'm not going to blow my top!" Arizona shouted. "California, get out of the way!"

Nevada smirked. "Nevada: one point, Texas, zero."

Texas sat down beside New Mexico, already angry. This was going to be a long trip.

"Time for the snow chains!" Wyoming said, jumping out the charter bus door and landing in a ton of snow. She was followed shortly by South Dakota, Nebraska, and Alaska.

"This weather is nothing compared to my winters, yes?" Alaska said, watching the tall, hulking Dakota state and the shorter Nebraskan start strapping the chains to the wheels of the bus. His violet eyes watched them in amusement.

South Dakota looked up at him. "Why don't you help or something?"

"I am enjoying watching you two do all the work." Alaska grinned until Wyoming pegged him in the back of the head with a snowball.

A scary aura seemed to grow around the isolated state as he turned slowly to face her. He bent to make a snowball, muttering, "You think that's funny, yes?"

Wyoming gave him a big grin from underneath her thick woolen, hooded jacket. "Yup." She replied.

"Alright, cut it out and let's hurry up." Oregon called from where he sat in the driver's seat. "We're almost to Iowa's house."

Several hours later, they arrived at Iowa's farm house. The state was at her barn wearing her winter coveralls, breaking the ice over her animal's water troughs with a sledge hammer. Alaska seemed especially interested in this technique.

"Hey girl!" Wyoming squealed, running up to the blond haired state.

"Wyoming!" Iowa cried, dropping the hammer and embracing her fellow northern state.

"You all ready to go?" Wyoming asked.

"Just gotta break the ice on a few more troughs, then I'll be all ready!" Iowa cried happily, dashing back to her hammer.

"Of course she does." Idaho commented sourly under her breath. She had been in a very bad mood the entire trip, and no one really knew why. Wyoming was about ready to leave her to hitchhike all the way to DC, but then America would wonder why the state wasn't there.

Wyoming sighed, then chunked a snowball at Idaho's face.

Oct. 10, 2001

After non-stop driving for every one of the buses, with occasional switching of drivers (which California had been relieved of his driving early as he was attempting to play his PSP while driving), they finally arrived at DC.

Bus three looked especially happy to get out of their confinement as Utah had spent the whole trip bragging about how the Olympics were being held in his state, he was so awesome, etc. The only state who wasn't absolutely disgruntled was Oklahoma, who wore a smug grin on his face.

Upon seeing him, Texas fled into the hotel they were having the meeting in, as well as staying in.

"Texas~! Hey, Texas~! I have something to say to you~! Oklahoma said, in a sing-song voice as he raced after her.

"Dude, coming through." California warned, as he skateboarded into the hotel.

"Yeah, and Salt Lake City is the greatest city in the world, so naturally the Olympics would be held there." Utah bragged, holding his nose in the air.

Louisiana marched past, playing a jazz tune on his trumpet, wearing his usual Mardi Gras beads.

"Hey, hey, Florida, how many states are there?" Mississippi asked, trying not to bust out laughing.

"Um…42!" he cried out triumphantly.

"Omg, I look horrible! Just look at my hair!" Rhode Island whined, looking at her flawless hair in her hand held mirror.

"This place is noisy, yes?" Alaska commented, looking at all the states now swarming to the conference room.

"Hahaha, listen to me and my total hero voice!" America cried as everyone entered the room. "So, we have a very important matter to deal with, and because it's my idea, it's gonna be awesome!"

Everyone took their seats, wondering what crazy scheme America was about to suggest this time. Pennsylvania

"Hey, where is New York?" Minnesota asked, staring at the empty seat across the table from her.

"He is in a full body cast in the hospital due to the tragic event in September." America stated. "Which totally brings me to our next issue; you guys are going to be completely in charge of running the Olympics!"

Horrified silence filled the room, broken only by California's "Radical, dude!"

Then everyone began protesting at once:

"Wait, you said we were only helping!" Colorado cried.

"But, Mardi Gras is February 27th!" Louisiana shouted. "That's during the games!"

"What about the basketball season?" Kentucky voiced, frantically.

"I have stock shows to plan!" Texas exclaimed.

Silence fell again when the conference room doors opened and eight countries entered.

"What the bloody hell is happening in here? It's worse than our conferences!" Britain asked, folding his arms over his chest.

"So much shouting; why can't everyone just love each other?" France asked, tossing his hair over his shoulder dramatically.

Everyone stared at Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, Canada and Australia as if they had just come from outer space.

"Ve~, so many people in one room!" Italy said. "I bet they are all hungry. We should get pasta!"

"Nein!" Germany exclaimed. "You just ate!"

"But, I don't like wurst, Germany!" Italy whined.

"Let's all return to listening to my amazing voice guys!" America continued, now that all the states had quieted down. "I am going to go be the hero with these guys fighting overseas, and I will be gone until February. I need you to take care of the Olympics while I'm gone. Delaware, you are in charge."

"Why Delaware?" Massachusetts asked, angrily.

"Because he's the oldest." America and Britain said simultaneously, causing an awkward moment.

America cleared his throat. "So, yeah, here is a list of the 77 countries that will be coming, and you need to make reservations for them, and all that cool stuff."

"Way cool bro!" California exclaimed, reading the list. "It's like planning a huge party!"

"Ve~! Germany, can we go to the party? Will there be pasta?" Italy asked, excitedly.

"Great attitude California!" America said. "But don't put this off until the last minute. I really got to go now guys, later dudes!"

With that, America led the eight other countries out of the room, leaving 51 extremely dumbfound states- well, make that 50, as California still was thinking how cool a party would be-behind.