'Another boring day.' Thought Yasuchika, elbow on desk, hand supporting cheek. 'When are they going to get here?'

"Oi. Oi, Yasuchika, you listening?"

Chika flinched.

"Satoshi, how dare you spit on my glasses!" Chika exclaimed, taking his glasses off and wiping it on his shirt. "Tsk, doing that just won't work."

Chika got up and went out of his classroom, and went to the washroom to try to clean his glasses of Satoshi's spit. After doing so, the junior went back to his classroom.

"Oh, so you're from Canada, Dera Kuruzu-san?" he heard from what sounded a female classmate, "How cool! I've always wanted to go to North America!"

"It's Dela Cruz! Not Dera Kuruzu or whatever!" An unrecognizable voice said.

"Justine, like I told you, the Japanese don't include the letter L in their alphabet. So therefore, all Ls are translated into Rs," Came a similar voice, but slightly lower pitched that you could hardly notice.

'Hm? Are they here already?' He thought, going into the classroom.


"Mitsukuni, Yasuchika. One week ago, a family that gives us the equipment for our dojo came to Japan. They also have a small role in the many martial arts clans. The family's children are going to transfer into your class tomorrow, Yasuchika. Please do not hesitate to befriend them. Mitsukuni, that goes for you too."

"Yes, father." Both boys replied.

"Everyone, please get to your seat so I can start class! Chop-chop!" said the teacher, walking into Junior class 3–A.

"Yes, sensei." Everyone said.

"Now, today we have 2 new students. Dera Kuruzu-san, both of you please come up to the front and tell us a little bit about yourselves."

The shorter one looked irritated when the teacher said Dera Kuruzu. Both of them went up to the front of the class. They were both girls with very dark brown hair, and blond and light brown highlights. The taller girl–by about 5 centimeters–had long hair going down her back, and bangs going across her forehead. The shorter one had hair a little bit past her shoulders, and side bangs. Other than that, their faces looked almost identical.

"Okay, um, first of all, we're the Dela Cruz twins and-" The short one was interrupted by faint gasps. "-we're fraternal." That seemed to explain it.

"My name is Julia, and this is Justine." The taller one said, gesturing to her twin.

"We came to Japan from Canada, but we were originally born in the Philippines." Justine said, pride in her voice.

"Our mother and father's company produce, import, and export martial arts equipment, and we have a small clan." continued Julia.

"...We don't know what else to say." They said in unison.

"Okay class, who will volunteer to show our new students around the school?" Asked the teacher.

Many hands shot up. Remembering what his father said the previous night, Chika raised his hand. "Alright then, Haninozuka-san."

At break, Chika decided to do his homework assigned by the teacher just now. Then a shadow–no rather, 2 shadows–loomed over him. He looked up.

"Haninozuka-sama," Said the twin girls together.

"Oh, hello Dera Kuruzu-san. I'm assuming you want me to show you around the academy now?" Chika said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"No. Unfortunately, we're busy and can only afford to do that after school," Came their reply.

"Oh, I see...that's okay with me then. I'll just tell Satoshi to inform the Karate Club that I will be a bit late." He said.

"Okay then, whoever Satoshi is." They said, walking away.

"Dera Kuruzu-san, let's hurry, please. I've already told Satoshi that I would be late for club activities." Chika called out to them.

"You may call us by our first name." They said in unison, as they approached him.

"Okay. I just need to know which one is Juria and which one is Justine–I can easily tell the difference, but I forget who is who," Chika said.

"I'm Julia," started the taller one, "It doesn't take a twit to figure out the rest." The shorter one finished.

"Uh huh..." He replied, a bit annoyed at the comment Justine just made.

"That's it for the Junior building, unless you want me to show you Elementary and High School." Chika said.

"Yes, please do." Julia and Justine said, voices flat.

"O-okay then..." Chika hoped he wouldn't have to.

Chika showed the girls the Elementary building first. After that, he began showing them around the High School. After he had finished showing them around, he hesitated to open the Third Music Room–the very last room.

WHACK! Chika turned around rubbing his head.

"Oi, Yasuchika! What's taking you so long? It's already been 40 minutes! I've been racing around, trying to find where you were!" Satoshi said firmly.

"The girls wanted me to show them around the whole Academy." Chika said, clenching his teeth.

"Oh, I see. Ah! You're at the Host Club! Come on, don't hesitate to go inside!" Satoshi said gleefully, pushing the trio inside.

By now, the guests had all left, and the Host Club was cleaning up.

The twins looked around. They eyed each of the hosts carefully, Julia's eyes falling on Haruhi. "Sensei says it's inappropriate for me to be wearing my kitty ears in class, yet I think it's even more inappropriate for a girl to be crossdressing."

Everyone froze.

"Heh heh heh, what are you talking about?" Tamaki said. "If Haruhi was a girl, then he wouldn't be in the Host Club..."

"Eh, what's a Host Club?" The girls said in unison.

The hosts sighed in relief, hoping the topic about Haruhi wouldn't come back up again.

Then Tamaki explained what a Host Club was, with an annoyingly sparkly aura surrounding him.

"Huh? That Just sounds STUPID to us." Julia and Justine smirked. *A/N: Whenever the text is bolded, it means that the character is speaking English.*

"Excuse me, but I must inform you that I can understand what you just said." Kyoya said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He told the rest of the Host Club what the twin girls said.

Tamaki froze, the words stabbing him. "No, no! Of course not! It is my most spectacular idea!"

Julia and Justine paused, and looked at each other. "Il est beau, mais, il est tres~ stupide n'est-ce pas, ma soeur?" Julia said.

Tamaki went into his corner, a dark aura surrounding him. He knew what the girls just said, for he was half french. "I'm not stupid at all..." He murmured to himself.

"Um, Tamaki-senpai, what did they say?" Haruhi asked. "He is handsome, but he is very~ stupid right, my sister?" Tamaki translated for them.

"Damn, those are the only languages we know how to speak. Only tagalog a little." The girls pouted. Then both pairs of twins laughed at Tamaki. "Oh look, it's twins." Julia said, to her sister.

"Huh? What about us?" Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison.

Julia and Justine stared at them for a moment before glomping them and saying, "Twin buddies!"

"He-hey, get off!" Hikaru said. "Wait, your twins too?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes, we are the Dela Cruz Twins." The girls said in unison.

"I'm Julia," Julia started "And I'm Justine,"

"So what are your names?" They finished together.

"Ah, ah...I'm Hikaru Hitachiin," "And I'm Kaoru Hitachiin." The first years replied.

"Kao?" Said Julia questioningly. "Cow? Kao, Cow? Justine, a cow! Kaoru the Cow!"

Kaoru gave them a weird look. "Are you speaking english again? All I hear is Kao and Kaoru..."

"Say MOO~ for us, please." Julia said.

"Huh? MOO?" Kaoru asked.

"No, MOO~" Justine corrected.

"MOO~?" Kaoru meant to ask again, but he was interrupted by the twin girls' laughter. Kyoya sighed, and explained to everyone what the troublesome girls just said. Tamaki laughed and pointed at Kaoru. "Haha! They called you a cow!"

"What? I'm not a cow!" Exclaimed Kaoru.

Kyoya sighed again, and pulled out 2 files (from nowhere?). "Juria and Justine Dera Kuruzu. Born on June 19th. Born in the Philippines, then moved to Canada at 5 years old. Their parents' company is in charge of producing, importing, and exporting martial arts items and equipment. Also, the family has a small clan that trains in Judo, Karate, Kendo, etc."

Julia and Justine looked at each other. "Hey, hey Mr. Megane." said Julia. "Are you a stalker?" The girls asked, looking at Kyoya.

Kyoya twitched a little, for he had never have been asked this question before. He pushed his glasses up. "No, of course not."

"Ah, Chika-chan, is that the family Father was talking about last night?" Hunny said, hopping off of Mori's shoulders.

"Of course, Onii-san. Isn't it obvious?" he spat.

The twins' eyes widened. "Est-ce que c'est ton frere? Il est tres~ mignon!" Julia and Justine said, giving Hunny a big hug.

"I'm sorry, what?" Chika asked, with a weird look on his face.

"Is that your brother? He is very~ cute!" Tamaki translated again.

"Ah, really? Thank you!" Hunny said giving a huge smile. "Takashi, that was nice of them, wasn't it?"

"Yeah." Mori said in his usual deep, voice.

"Tsk." Chika said, disgusted.

Suddenly, Satoshi came into the room. "Chika! Club activities are already over!" he growled.

"I'll make up for it by practicing twice as long when I get home." Chika snapped.

"Hm? Practice what?" The girls said, as they stopped hugging Hunny.

"My Karate." Chika replied.

"Oh!~ Justine!" The older girl started to whisper something in the younger sister's ear. "Great idea!" Justine smirked evilly.

"Ahem," they coughed. "because of something we forgot, we have to get going now!" The girls said rushing out of the room, and the building.

Everyone looked at each other, confused. Then after that, everyone else went home.

–-At The Haninozuka House-–

Chika opened the door, and he and Hunny went into the dining room. "We're home-eh?"

There were the Dela Cruz twins, Justine sipping tea, while Julia had a devil's grin on her face.

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