By this point, Jude was could only be absolutely positive about one thing: noting could spoil her good mood. Not the paparazzi, not the fact that Sadie hates her, not even the six week separation from Tommy luring in the near future. She was on a wave of intangibility.

And Tommy was right along with her.

Although this feeling wasn't completely foreign to the pair, it sure as hell felt ten times better than it ever had. Neither could place exactly what the change was – it's not like they've never been together before – but they weren't wasting time contemplating, either. Jude had landed and settled in the reasoning that because they've been through so much, and managed to come out alive, there was a feeling of victory spurring the enthusiasm.

Tommy's hand curled around Jude's as they sluggishly made their way through a crowded parking lot attached to an Ikea. Seven or so flashing cameras surrounded them, tossing out random questions and rumors with no answer. They kept their pace calm and relaxed, unaffected by the press' prying. This was their last stop of a busy day. Jude wasn't necessarily thrilled about it, but she'd much rather be with Tommy than home alone.

Once inside the vast furniture store, Jude loosened her scarf and unzipped her jacket, "I have no say, right?"

Tommy smirked, "Yeah, why?"

Jude shrugged, "Just checking." She cast a playful smile in his direction "Jerk."

They rounded a corner and ended up near a bedroom display. Without warning, Tommy lifted Jude by the waist and landed her amongst a pile of pillows decorating the head of a king sized bed. Her surprised gasp was cut off by Tommy's lips. Jude chastely returned the kiss, very aware of the windows luring dangerously close to them.

"You're more than welcome to help me test the furniture, though."

Jude kept her eyes on his lips as her tongue swept against her own, "Sounds like something to be done at home."

"This coming from the person who wanted to get it on in a public bathroom."

"I didn't hear you complaining."

"Excuse me," A woman's voice sounded from behind them, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Tommy stood upright from his place leaning over Jude, while she scrambled off the bed, leaving a slew of scattered decorative pillows in her wake.

The woman had a manager's tag pinned to the top portion of her black pant suit, and her posture suited that of someone who takes her job way too seriously, "We ask that you please not touch the displays." Her snarky tone was paired with an accusing narrowing of her eyes

"Sorry." Tommy half laughed and pulled the baseball cap from his head, "I'm Tom Quincy, I have a tab here – and if you could get me Jerry, that'd be great."

The woman sniffed and turned on her heels, obviously thinking little of rich.

"You have a tab here?" Jude piped up, "Why?"

Tommy shrugged, slinging an arm around her neck, "They've been paying me to shop here since I did an episode of Cribs with one of their living room sets."

Jude cocked an eyebrow, "How much credit do you get?"

"Ten grand...?" Tommy's uncertainty made it a question. His lips pursed in thought, "No, it has to be closer to fifteen."

Jude shook her head, astonished, "That's crazy. Who knew you'd be the poster boy for tacky furniture?"

"It's not all tacky." Tommy disagreed and led Jude to a living room display. He plopped down on the large leather couch centered between two end tables, taking Jude down with him. Crossing her legs, Jude settled against Tommy with a yawn. "Have you heard back from Sadie?" Tommy asked, watching her check her text messages

"No," Jude sighed, "And I don't think I will." After Sadie took off this morning, Jude has been making a nonstop effort to explain things, but Sadie wasn't having any of it. Last time Jude called, she found out Sadie turned off her phone all together. It might be a while before she calms down enough to talk.


Jude shrugged, "Don't be. When she gets home, she'll see how happy we are and get over it."

Tommy smiled, "I'm happy you're happy."

"No matter how crazy it makes me."

"Absolutely insane." Tommy agreed with a whisper and captured Jude's lips in a lingering kiss.

Jude laughed softly, shaking her head, "We're done after this right?"

Tommy swallowed a yawn, "Sure."

Jude laid her head in the crook of his neck, relieved. A majority of their day had been spent looking at apartments - none of which met up to Tommy's high standards, apparently, and he ended up requesting his old apartment back – after that, Tommy decided he wanted to return the rental and buy a new car; that included a road trip back to the airport, and an hour in the office of a car dealership, signing papers.

Luckily Tommy's preference for cars wasn't as picky as his for apartments; he went with the newest, fastest Porsche available. It wasn't completely boring, though. Tommy asked Jude's input on everything from the appropriate angle of living room windows, to the best car color. She had a sinking suspicion that Tommy was more worried about picking out things for them instead of just him, and that brought Jude's mood up even further. It felt like he really, really wanted to commit this time.

Tommy's lips pressed Jude's temple, bringing her from her thoughts. "What are you thinking about?"

Jude looked up at him, a smiled hinting around the corners of her mouth, "Us."

"Good things?"

"Of course."

Tommy hung his baseball cap on his knee and sucked in a deep breath, "I've been thinking about us too."

"Good things?"

"Of course." Tommy slid his arm from Jude's shoulders, going down to settle around her waist, "I was wondering if you'd want to move in with me after your tour."

The surprise on Jude's face came a second late, unsure if she'd heard him right. The last time they talked about moving in together, Tommy didn't care for the idea at all, resulting in one of their first fights as a couple. "Really?"

Jude's tone gave no suggestion of whether she liked the idea or not, causing Tommy to only nod hesitantly in response.

A grin slowly made its way across her face as she considered the thought, "You want to shack up together?"

Tommy smiled and attached his lips to hers, "Could be fun."

"Okay." Jude nodded, "Let's…move in together." Her agreement was laced with an undertone of disbelief at her own words. It seemed like such an ungraspable concept all those months ago. Why the sudden change of heart on Tommy's end? More easing thoughts of commitment filled Jude's head, bringing a happy sigh to her lips, finally feeling free to settle.

"I don't think getting my old place back will be a problem." Tommy continued, "Unless you want to live somewhere else?"

"No, I liked your apartment…hey, what happened to the old furniture you had?"

"I had the movers donate everything."

Jude shook her head, "I don't how you could just up leave without a place to go – that would make me so nervous. And like this," She gestured to the furniture around them, "Why would you bother looking at furniture when you're without a place to put it."

"You need to learn to be more spontaneous, Harrison."

"No thanks," Jude breathed, "I like having sturdy ground to walk on."

"Where's the fun in that?"

Jude tried to hide her smile, forcing a look of mock seriousness to her features, "Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun."

"You heard that in a movie." Tommy accused with a slight narrowing of his eyes

Jude glanced at him before taking interest in the coffee table seated in front of them, "Maybe."

Their conversation was interrupted by Jerry, the general manager, who greeted Tommy like they were buddies; the eye roll Tommy gave Jude behind his back suggested otherwise. They didn't bother at all with displays, and went straight for the catalogue. Despite his teasing about Jude's bad taste, Tommy asked her opinion on several different things, no matter how irrelevant they were. Overall, Tommy ended up ordering almost exactly the same stuff he had before.

"With rushed shipping, it'll be delivered next week." Jerry confirmed

"No sooner than that, huh?" Tommy pursed his lips, than shrugged, "Whatever – that's fine. Thanks."

"Why do you have to pay for shipping?" Jude asked when they were finally out of the store "Doesn't your credit cover that?"

"Guess not."

In the time they spent inside, the paparazzi had tripled in size, taking Jude and Tommy by surprise. "Fuck." Tommy muttered, taking a firm grip on Jude's hand. "Stay close."

Jude clung to Tommy's arm as he led her to the passenger side of his car and ushered her in. With Jude safe, Tommy worked through the swarm more forcefully. "Paparazzi hell." Jude commented "Apparently I'm famous now."

Tommy carefully pulled out of the parking space, taking a second to flip off one guy who shouted "Abuser" through the window. On the main road, Tommy relaxed and gathered Jude's hand in his, "Nothing I haven't dealt with before." He assured the worried expression on Jude's face, "It'll blow over."

Jude appraised Tommy's easy going attitude, deciding to believe it, "Home?" She asked

"You read my mind." Tommy kissed her knuckles before releasing her hand to retrieve his cell phone.

Jude listened quietly while Tommy talked to the owner of his apartment building, negotiating rent and the lease. Tommy usually lived on a month-by-month basis, but now was asking a two year lease and the opportunity to upgrade to a two bedroom if necessary.

Jude's chest gave a light squeeze as she realized what he reasoning must be behind that request; he was willing, and planning, on having another baby if the opportunity arose again. A breath of disbelief escaped her lungs. All this just seemed so good…too good - almost like it isn't real. Could she really have all that she's ever wanted without further consequence? The possibility seemed ungraspable, but something about Tommy always had her believing in her imagination. "We're really going to make it work this time, aren't we?" Her faint voice asked when Tommy ended his call

"Or die trying." Tommy laced his fingers through Jude's and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.