Rachel Berry lay in her bed waiting to hear the sound that would will her to get out of bed. Three minutes later and the words mommy where flowing freely through the baby monitor on her nightstand. She sat up in bed and stretched, stepping out her bed and making her way to the room right across from her, she opened it up and was greeted with the sight of little brown curls and bright blue eyes starting to fill with tears. She crossed the room and scooped up the baby in her arms running her fingers through the little girl's tousled curls and smiling down on her.

"Don't worry Brooke, mommy's here, how did you sleep baby girl?" Rachel cooed at the baby.

Brooke answered by nuzzling in her mommy's neck and using her tiny hand to stroke her mommy's cheek "I hungry mommy!" Brooke said while yawning and stretching.

"Ok baby lets get something in that cute little tummy of yours." She said while tickling Brooke's tummy electing giggles from the tiny tot.

Rachel went through their morning routine of changing Brooke and feeding her and then went back upstairs to change the baby into her clothes for the day, deciding on pink overalls with a white ruffled shirt. Then she proceeded to her room where she sat Brooke down with her favorite stuffed bunny and a few books. Rachel got dressed deciding on some jeans a white t-shirt and some black converses.

Rachel turned when she heard Brooke babbling to her bunny Mister grumbles about what she had to eat this morning. She scooped Brooke up bringing her bunny along. "So brookey you ready to go?" Brooke nodded her head showing off her big bright megawatt of a smile.

Rachel strapped her in her car seat and proceeded to drive to the supermarket while going over the list in her head. She arrived at the supermarket and went through the store while talking with Brooke about what she wanted to do today.

When she turned the corner to go to the cereal isle her cart bumped into someone.

"Hey watch where the hell you are going, blind bitch" Santana Lopez looked up and was met with none other then the wide brown eyes of Rachel Fucking Berry. " Berry awesome not only do I have to see your ugly mug in school everyday but now you have to invade my summer to, Jesus man hands what did you do follow me here?"

Rachel got more infuriated with every word that spilled out of the Latina's mouth. "Sorry to break it to you Santana but there are other people who shop here besides you and your ever-growing ass, has Sue been going easy on you this summer because it looks to me that you've gained a few especially in your face, careful or you and Zizes may get mistaken for each other, oh wait then you could finally get Puck back because didn't you loose him to Lauren even thought your always clamming to be the hottest piece of ass at McKinley. Guess you ass isn't as special as you think it is! " Rachel said raising her voice and as her voice started to lower in volume more and more sarcasm seemed to come out.

Santana looked shocked at first but then her face soon started to sport that smirk that Rachel knew so well. "Wow look who decided to grow some balls over the summer, got to hand it to you Berry, I would never have thought that would come out of your mouth, and the sarcasm, I guess me being around you for so long is starting to rub off on you!" She exclaimed. Wearing a proud look as if to pat herself on the back for making Rachel into a normal teenager finally. She thought (maybe just maybe some people could actually stand this side of Berry, not her, hell no not her, but at least Finn would get a break of that annoying cow trap of hers, damn how Berry could rattle on about the most…wait what was I saying.)

Rachel was seething at this point; the look Santana was sporting was irking at Rachel more then anything else. She wanted to wipe that cocky smirk off of Santana's face so badly. Her fists were balled up and she was at the point where she swore she was drawing blood. Her own smirk started to creep onto her face as she repeatedly imagined her first making contact with her life long tormentor's face. And then a blood-curdling scream was heard and both girls' head shot down to stare at the face they had both ignored during their little exchange.