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Rachel snapped out of it and abruptly turned around.

Santana set Brooke down on her mat and then chased after Rachel grabbing her arm and whipping her around so that they would come face to face. "Oh no way stumpy, you are not getting away from me that easily, you are going to tell me the truth." A look of pure anger on her face. "What is going on between you and Quinn Fabray?"

Rachel went from being taken back by Santana's tone of voice, which she had not heard since the beginning of summer, to being completely livid at the mention of Quinn's name. "Santana unhand me this instant." Rachel said gritting her teeth, Santana released her grip and backed away, realizing what she had just done.

The look on Rachel's face turned from pure fiery anger, to one of broken sadness. Santana stepped forward and lifted her hand attempting to stroke Rachel's cheek only for Rachel to turn at the last second and move away from her. A few tears rolled down her cheeks and then she made a beeline for the door executing the perfect diva storm out, which she has obviously learned from Rachel, and as the door slammed Rachel flinched and the tears that were threatening to spill from her eyes flowed freely. Her moment of overwhelming sadness was interrupted by Brooke's pleas for her Auntie Santi. Rachel scooped her up and held her in her arms rubbing her back and trying to comfort her little girl and also herself by telling Brooke that she would be back hoping and praying in her mind that she would.

The next week was extremely painful for both girls as they avoided each other in the halls, both trying to avoid eye contact but on the rare occasion they did, one of them would end up turning their head away, and both would end up with tears in their eyes.

Today was Friday, and both girls were extremely relieved that they wouldn't have to see each other during school hours, for two whole days, because it had been extremely painful, but at the same time they were both upset that they would no longer see each other, even for a short amount of time that school afforded. But they would both have to suffer during Glee practice today.

When Santana entered everyone was already there, Rachel of course was in the front row along with Puck and Artie. Quinn and Brittany were in the back, with Finn sitting next to Quinn his gorilla arm draped around Quinn's shoulders. Mercedes and Kurt were sitting in the middle row gossiping like normal, and Tina and Mike also sat in the middle row looking disgustingly in love. I thought about where to sit and settled for the back in the corner.

Mr. Schue entered the room late as always wearing one of his god-awful vests, that man has a serious addiction to those things. He started blabbering on about sectionals and solos and of course the twin divas had to interject nominating themselves for the solo. What surprised everyone including Shue was the fact that Rachel sat idly by a distant look in her eyes, and didn't say anything about how she deserved the solo like she normally would have.

"Rachel wouldn't you like to nominate yourself for a solo?" Mr. Shue said with a look of confusion on his face.

Rachel joined us back in reality. "I'm sorry Mr. Schue what did you say?" Rachel asked, clearly not knowing what we were even discussing.

"Rachel, we were talking about a solo for sectionals and how I though you may want to nominate yourself along with Kurt and Mercedes." Mr. Schuester said looking at little worried.

"Oh well, I don't think I'm going to try out for a solo this time around." Rachel said slowly slipping back into her previous state.

"Good thing, because I would hate for you to have another Diva storm out when I win the solo." Mercedes said with a smug smirk on her face.

I expected something from Rachel, anything really, but she just sat their oblivious to the world at this point. Finally I couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh hell no Mercedes, we all know that if Rachel wanted that solo she would get it, and I don't care how good you think you are since this little ego inflation of yours, but trust me your not. In a few years Rachel will be on a Broadway stage singing to her thousand of fans while you'll be here teaching music surviving on juju bees and cereal." This had gotten everyone's attention including Rachel's, she was now starting at me with an unfamiliar look in her eyes. "Guess what none of us are going to make it out of here except for Rachel, because she has something else none of really have, she has talent and the heart to go with it." I stopped and glanced around the room taking in everyone's faces most where shocked and some had a look of blazing anger. "Oh and you want to know another thing…." I was cut of by a scream.

"Santana stop." I looked over and then I was looking straight into the eyes of no one else but Rachel Berry's. She stood up and was about to walk out like she normally does when I yelled. "Screw popularity."

She turned around and faced me and I smirked. I made my way down till I was right in front of her, I took her hands in mine, looking her straight the eyes and I said it loud enough where only she could hear me and again I said "screw popularity." Then I smirked and dragged her to the front of the room facing everyone, when she tried to let go of my hand I held hers tighter electing a small smile from her.

Puck was the first to speak because of course his perverted mind was the first to come up with a reason as to why we were holding hands. "Holy shit, my Jewish princess and Satan are getting it on, that is totally hot and you guys have officially been inducted into my spank bank."

This elicited a groan from me; right as I was about to jump down his throat everyone started spouting off completely stupid comments.

"Wow my gaydar was completely off on this one, how did I not realize this before?" Kurt said out loud but I think it was a comment mostly to himself.

"Oh hell no, is everyone in this club going gay, what are people going to think of me if I'm in a club with all gay people?" Mercedes said being a total self-absorbed bitch as always.

"This is low even for you Satan, using Rachel like this, its kind of pathetic just because you can't have Brittany you go for Rachel." Finn said and I really wanted to shove my fist down his throat, but the grip on my hand tightened and I calmed instantly.

Brittany didn't say anything, but I could see the hurt look in her eyes. Then my head turned to the person next to her, Quinn was wearing a face that spoke volumes but I wasn't quite sure what it was speaking about. Neither spoke but still their faces said everything.

Finally the room was silent and I was able to speak. "No one say another word." I turned to Rachel and saw a look on her face that was unreadable; I leant over to her and whispered in her ear. "We don't owe them any explanation, why don't we just go home." She perked up at this and slowly shook her head yes. I turned back to everyone. "Well it has been painful enough talking to you guys so…. We are going to leave now, you guys have a good practice." I said smirking at everyone as their mouths hung open, including Mr. Shue, I tugged at Rachel's hand and lead us both out to the parking lot, she refused to look at me at this point, so I tilted her chin upwards staring straight into her warm brown eyes filled with fear and confusion. "So that was interesting." I said trying to get a giggle out of her, being successful in my quest. Then her face turned cold again. "Hey stumpy, don't worry about what anyone said in there, its none of their business and we don't have to tell them anything, their opinions don't matter the only ones that count here are ours." She smiled a little bit at this. "You got it?" She nodded. "Now lets go home because I missed both of my girls and so far I've only gotten to see the big one." I laughed at this and she scowled. "And by that I mean the proportionally sized one, in height that is." She laughed and punched me in the shoulder. "Ouch that hurt!" I said faking hurt and pouting.

She smiled again. "Lets go home!" We both jumped in our cars and went towards home.

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