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They arrived at Rachel's house and as soon as Rachel had unlocked the door, Santana had pushed past her and ran up the stairs to her favorite girls room. She opened the door and was met with the sight of Brooke and Brooke's babysitter Molly.

"Auntie Tanna" The little girl said waddling towards her. Santana picked her up and smiled down on the face that she had fallen in love with.

Rachel stood in the doorway admiring the scene before her. She turned to Molly and thanked her, saying she would see her on Monday. Then when Molly had left she went over to her two favorite girls.

They stayed in the little girls room for a while, until they where interrupted by the sound of a doorbell. Rachel made her way downstairs and opened the door revealing two blondes in their Cheerios uniforms. Rachel was taken back at the sight of them.

"Wow umm, I don't mean to be rude but what are you guys doing here?" Rachel asked confused as to why two girls who had always tormented her were suddenly at her doorstep.

"Well we came to see if what we heard in glee club was actually true, but seeing as Santana's car is in your driveway, I think we have our answer." Quinn said with a slight nip in her voice.

"Babe who was that?" Santana said coming down the stairs stopping dead in her tracks when she saw Quinn in Brittany standing there. "Holy shit!"

"Santana go back upstairs, I can handle this." Rachel said wanting the girl to go check on Brooke and make sure she didn't start crying and reveal her presence.

"No way, I am not leaving you alone with them." Santana said throwing her best bitch look towards Quinn.

Quinn was about to make a snide comeback when a loud cry was heard.

Santana heard the cry and ran to the stairs and up to Brooke's room. Back downstairs Rachel was freaking out, she stood completely still in an almost catatonic state. The two other girls in the room were confused and silent until Quinn couldn't stand it anymore.

"What was that? Who is crying?" Quinn asked the confusion evident on her face.

Rachel didn't say anything she just stood stock-still. Minutes passed that seemed like hours and then Santana came down with Brooke in her arms. The little girl clearly upset, as soon as Rachel saw her baby's face she jumped straight into mommy mode. Reaching out for Brooke and cuddling her to her chest, Rachel slowly rocked the baby in her arms and started singing into her ear as quietly as possible.

"Who the hell is that?" Quinn said almost shouting but then quieting when she saw the looks on both Santana's and Rachel's faces.

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