So, this is a drabble collection for Listen's Moments challenges at the NextGen Fanatics.

As you can probably tell, it's a crossover between Scott Pilgrim and Harry Potter, and I hope you like it! It's exactly 350 words.

moment: first sight
prompts: wave, crystalline, parchment
song: american honey- lady antebellum

so innocent, pure and sweet
like american honey


He wakes up to the sound of a girl's voice singing in the morning, and in his half-awake mind he vaguely wonders if the groupie he'd picked up the night before could actually be talented. Considering that, he groans and pushes his head into his pillow. Talented groupies always ended up causing more trouble than they were worth- they tended to want some sort of kickboard to fame from him.

So he sighs and falls back asleep- he'll deal with it in the morning, when his chaotic 'drink & party all night and sleep all day' lifestyle has fallen behind in the race {oh wait}- letting her strikingly clear, almost crystalline, voice float over him and float him to sleep. It's a good song, his inner musician thinks hazily as he drifts off. The lyrics spiral through his mind: 'send you my love, on the wire, lifts you up every time...' and he smiles as he finally falls asleep.

When he wakes up, he swears loudly, because even though those lyrics are still fresh in his mind, their haunting melody on repeat, he can't remember anything else about the singer. He vaguely remembers a wave of blonde hair swirling over his face, smelling like the ocean, but nothing else.

But then a floating, familiar tone comes from his bathroom, and a girl in a towel smirks as she walks out. She leans on his doorway. "Hope you don't mind that I used your shower," she says in a smooth, angelic voice that gives him the feeling that she's not nearly as innocent as she seems. "I got a bit... dirty." He shivers. The way she talks is getting to him {with those little pauses that convey so much more than words could}- and maybe it's a bit incestual that she's reminding him of his sister?

"Oops," she mutters, still managing to sound melodious in a mistake, "I've got to go."

He blinks and she's gone, leaving nothing but a piece of parchment with the name 'Envy Adams' in curling script.


gone for so long now
i gotta get back to her somehow