moment: moment of interest, first sparks

prompts: speak, effervescent, capture

song: sparks fly- taylor swift

get me with those green eyes, baby, as the lights go down
give me something that'll haunt me when you're not around

As he sings his last note, leaving it hanging in the air along with the effervescent neon lights of the stage, he grins out at the crowd and mentally congratulates himself for writing and performing an entire song based on the slight melody he remembers from the morning a few weeks ago. As he walks off stage, he nearly trips over a cord on the ground and behinds down to adjust it.

"The lyrics were wrong," a girl's voice speaks from somewhere to his left, capturing his attention with it's familiarity.

He drops the cord and turns around, warning bells going off in his head, because he recognizes that effortless voice. And of course, there she is. The girl that's half dream and half reality. She's wearing something more than just a towel this time, and he's grateful for that because she's reallyquitepretty. He keeps his cool though, merely looking up at her with a charming grin and asking, "Excuse me?"

She tosses her hair and rolls her eyes in a manner that clearly says 'what an idiot.' "The lyrics," she says coldly. "They're wrong. You made it sound like some pathetic love song; it's not."

Standing up straight, he frowns, trying to maintain his temper. This girl, she's not what he remembers at all. This girl is bratty and cruel, and the girl he remembers could make an angel weep in jealousy. "Well you didn't exactly give me much to go on before you left, did you?" he asks, tightly reigning in his anger in an attempt at being a gentleman.

She laughs prettily, and all of the annoyance at her from only five seconds seems to melt away. He hazily wonders if she's a Veela. "I didn't know you were going to write a song!" She laughs again and walks closer to him, her tall black boots making a pale clacking noise on the ground. "Did you want me to give you the lyrics?" she asks, and even though it's clearly a mocking tone, he finds himself falling deeper and deeper into her green eyes. "I could give you a… demonstration," she finally says, running a finger along his chest., and merlin, she's done that pausing thing again, and it's driving him wild and he thinks he might just l-like her and-

She's gone again.

my mind forgets to remind me, you're a bad idea
you touch me once and it's really something