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The Void of Fairy Tail

I, Harrison "Harry" Potter, sighed as I looked over the request board. 'Nothing looks interesting,' I thought to myself as I continued to look for another job. I sighed before moving over to a table and asking today's waitress, a disturbingly happy Lisana, to bring me several pounds of crab legs and a barrel of water.

She grinned before telling me that her older sister, Mirajane, was looking for me. She walked over to her "husband" to take his order instead of getting mine.

I sighed, knowing that I wouldn't be getting my order and began to look for the "Demon of Fairy Tail". Imagine my surprise when I find her talking to Erza. MIRAJANE was TALKING to ERZA, they hated each other last I checked. The only plausible way for them to be talking to one another, civilly no less, was that the world was ending, Hell had frozen over and Natsu had suddenly admitted to reading Shakespeare. I narrow my eyes when I notice Erza glance around. I channel my magic into my ears and focus on the two girls. I blink when I hear the conversation.

"I LIKE him," I heard Mirajane say as she continued to look directly at Erza. "I also know that I've seen you staring at his ass."

What I saw after that was oddly cute, Erza blushing the same color as her hair and trying to hide inside her armor. "I don't know what you're talking about," she tried to sound as if she was being honest, Mirajane didn't stand for it.

"Don't try to bullshit ne, bitch." Mirajane was growling as she glared at her rival. "I know you like him, I've seen you. Now either give him up or help me drag him into our beds."

Erza glared at Mirajane. "Why would I even think about sharing him with you or anybody?"

Mirajane sighed. "Because that slut, Evergreen, has set her sights on him."

Erza blanched at the thought, I completely agree a I'm afraid of what I'd catch if she ever caught me, before nodding once and speaking. "Very well, I'll help if only to protect him from her."

I cut off the magic from my ears and approached the table silently. When Erza noticed me I put a finger to my mouth in the universal sign for silence. She complied and continued to listen to Mirajane talk about something. When I was directly behind her I put my hands on her shoulders. The surprised shriek I was rewarded with rewarded with caused all movement in the bar to cease, all of the Fairy Tail mages turned as one to stare at Mirajane for the completely Un-Mirajane sound she had produced. She twisted and swung at me, only for me to release her, step back and smirk as I avoided the "Fists of Feminine Fury".

After dodging Mirajane's wrath for a few minutes, which had started a betting pool on wether or not she'd hit me before or after I got bored with dodging. "You know that there are better ways to be around someone you asked to meet, right Mirajane?" The pissed off teen finally looked at her target. She blanched at the sight of me before turning away and making a "hmph" sound. I turned to the crowd, only to see them slapping large amounts of money into a grinning Lisana's open hand. "Scram!" I shouted at them. "Lisana, I better get my cut from that!" The youngest of the Take-Over-Siblings paused and raised her head from beneath the pile of bills she'd just won, she looked at me for a moment before nodding her acceptance. "Now then," I turn back to Mirajane. "What could the mighty "Demon of Fairy Tail" want with me?"

She blinked before pulling out a job flyer. She handed it to me before speaking. "I wanted to ask you to join me on this job."

I read over the flyer, noting the reward of ten million Jewels and the length of the job, one civilian school year. The job itself was simple enough, guard a school from an escaped mass murder and the Dementor guards stationed around the school to catch said criminal. The location of the job was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I also took notice of the Master's addition, "Take at least three A-ranked or higher mages," as well.

"So why me?" I asked, not understanding why she was asking me, an Extermination Specialist, to go on a guarding job.

"You are the youngest S-ranked mage, ever! You are the only person, bar Lisana, that can stop me from fighting that bitch, Titania." Erza bristled at the bitch comment. "No known form of magic can affect you directly." She scowled at me. "And so what if I want to go on a job with the very best?" She was getting in my face and shouting by this point.

"Even if the best includes the Titania?" My question was barely above a whisper.

Mirajane glared at me before nodding stiffly. Now I know at least one more reason for why she and Erza were talking earlier, they had been discussing the job along with whoever they liked. "Yeah even Titania."

I studied her for a moment. "Sure I'll join you on this job." I smile nervously when she starts grinning evilly. Wanting to avoid whatever was about to happen, I walked over to Lisana, she held up a bag of neatly stacked bills. I grabbed it and made my way out of the guild and back towards my home.

Life certainly never stopped being interesting in Fairy Tail!

I had this idea after reading Fairy Warts by Isangtao. I will continue this and probably increase the length of the chapter once I've completed the Tohsaka Haruo series and Persona Omens.

Try and guess what type of magic Harry has in this story and you'll get to choose a member of Haruo's harem, if correct and only then.