Summary: We've seen the cute little scene where our favorite duo are ducking into the alcove, having cupcakes. What was that all about?

Writer's Note: Yes, very original title, this one. Not. Just a short drabble to bring some good to my very long and exhausting week.

Eugene grabbed her hand and pulled her aside from the square.

Rapunzel smiled up at him quizzically. "Eugene, what are you doing?"

He'd been holding something behind his back which he now held out to her. A little mound that smelled strongly of warm pastry with a creamy, strawberry-colored topping.

Rapunzel gasped softly as Eugene put it into her hand. A cupcake.

She'd heard of them before but never had one. She'd occasionally begged Mother to bring her some, but Mother had always refused.

Eugene started peeling the wrapper off his own cupcake. "We can't go without celebrating your birthday, can we? And what's a birthday without cake?" Eugene smiled shyly.

Overcome, Rapunzel didn't know what to say. "I…thank you, Eugene. Thank you!" She smiled delightedly, about to chomp into hers when Eugene gently stopped her.

"Whoa, careful, blondie! You have to take the wrapper around the cake off first." He smiled at her. "Haven't you ever had one of these before?"

"Well, no. Mother never brings me cake. She always says it goes straight to your thighs." Before Eugene could wrap his head around this, a couple of guards suddenly walked by.

Panicking, Eugene grabbed her hand once again and pulled them both to hide into an alcove nearby.

"Did they see us?" whispered Rapunzel.

Eugene stuck his head out, seeing the guards walk by without noticing. "Don't think so." They grinned conspiratorially at each other.

"Anyway…Happy Birthday, blondie."

Rapunzel beamed at him, and bit into her cupcake, which tasted even better than it smelled. This was by far the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER!

The village was wonderful.

The cupcake was wonderful.

The lights would be wonderful! (Hopefully).


Eugene was wonderful too…especially with his brand new, strawberry-pink icing mustache.