AN: I know whatyou are thinking, 'Why are you starting a new story when there is another that is not finshed.' While let's just say, I was hit by instperation and had to write this.

Disiclaimer: I do not own the Ousiders or Harry Potter.

BTW this starts at the begging of the Outsiders and in The Order of the Phoenix.


I had just left the movie house and was on my way home. I knew I should have called Darry or Sodapop or aleast one of the gang. A red Corvair was suddenly came up beside me and parked. Five Socs got out and quickly surrounded me. I was scared and shaking like a leaf.

"Look what we have here, a lonly geaser. Hey greaser where's your buddies?" A big stocky Soc said coming up to me. I didn't say anything.

"Well greaser, we're going to send your friends a message so they won't even think about going out by themselves anymore." The same Soc said in my face. My eyes became wide and I started shaking more. They were going to cut me up good and I knew it.

"Get him." A brown haired Soc said. Then all of them came at me at once. Two of the Socs grabbed my arms and held me up in the air so i couldn't get free. Suddenly the big stocky Soc punced my in the face and then in the stomace. All of the air left my bodie and I was gasping for air. There was a sharp pain on my face from my temple to the tip of my chin. It hurt really bad. I cried out. Blood was pour down my face and the Socs were laughing like a clown was tickling them.

"Opps, looks like my blade slipped." A Soc that I couldn't see said saracasticly. Then there was another sharp pain in my stomace. It felt like I was being ripped in half. I would have screamed, but one of the Socs holding me had a shirt shoved in my mouth. Suddenly I could hear loud pounding footsteps coming quickly. I was starting to get dizzy. The blade and shirt where taken away and I was shoved on the ground roughly. I cried out. I could hear the Corvair speeding away and people yelling at it. I knew the gang had come to save.

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