Prologue a much needed vacation

At Cathy's house in the clubhouse

Leon looks at everyone and says " this is going to be the summer ever Cathy is going back to rhapsodia Chris is leaving for a family reunion and Fiona is going back to mobius Danny is going to be with his cousin and Sam is going to train a new mbc chapter on another planet that means I'm stuck here alone all summer that's perfect great I'd give anything for just one great summer "

Sam looks down

Chris looks down

Danny looks down

Cathy looks down

Leon looks down

Fiona looks down

Then they all look up and shout we need vacation from this vacation

Leon smiles then says "you guys thinking what I'm thinking "

They all smile back and say "yeah but what do we do for whole summer"

Leon then says " how bout we go to Hawaii's party capital Honolulu "

They all smile and say the same time "Honolulu"

Leon shouts " yes Honolulu you don't have to shout god damn it we leave tomorrow at noon everyone bring a blaster Chris bring a scanner

Everyone says sure thing

Then Cathy turns the clubhouse into the mbc 's hq

Leon looks at Chris and says "call the commander asap now mister"

Chris looks back and says " oh right I'm on it " then Chris activates communicator and calls the commander

A hologram of the commander appears and says "hello Leon h and how is my favorite mbc chapter doing

Leon breaths heavily and says exhausted sir we are tried ok our first year and we've been monsters for a year and the time the club house nearly killed us sir we need a vacation badly so can we have the rest of the summer off please

Commander smiled "you called me just to ask for vacation go ahead have fun and enjoy your time off commander signing off "

The hologram turns off Chris turns the base back to the clubhouse

They all go home except Leon Fiona Cathy and tell there parents about the trip

Chris calls Sam and tells her " I can go" and Sam responds " that's great I'm going to lets call the others "

So they did and everyone was happy they get the vacation they wanted

The next day

On the road to the airport

Leon looks at everyone and says " listen everyone will be staying at my beach house that I bought when I was a pro surfer so here are the extra keys

To get in and a friend is waiting at the Honolulu airport his name jack kahuna and he will take us to the house ok "

Everyone says yeah "we got it dad"

Leon looks with angry face " very funny"

At the airport

They all get out of the car and grab they gear and they go to gate 3a

And get on the plane

On the plane

Leon sits next to Fiona Chris next to Sam and Danny next to Cathy

Fiona asks Leon "how long is this flight"

Leon looks at her and says " four hours why don't you get some sleep you look beat"

Fiona says " thanks Leon " then she closes her eyes and falls asleep and lays on Leon "

Cathy dose the same with Danny

Sam and Chris just read there books

Fours later the plane land in Honolulu

In the airport

Leon looks around and sees Jack and waves and walks up to him

And says " hey there jack old buddy long time no see"

Jack responds " yeah well I didn't think I'd see the surging shark on his home turf Again but when I got your call I jumped"

Leon looked down with a smile " yeah well I needed get away form it for awhile so I decided to come home for the summer with my friends "

Jack looked and asked " well are gong to introduce me to them

Leon looked up and said " sure that's Danny " points to Danny "and that's Chris" points to Chris and " that's Cathy Fiona and Sam" points from left to right and says " lets get to my place

On the road 2 minutes from Leon house

Leon points to the house and says " that's the place it has a private beach and it 's one of the biggest houses on the island "

The others jaws dropped and they responded " wow that house is amazing "

Leon looks at them with smile and says " just wait till you see inside"

In the next chapter the trouble starts as some school mates drop in for a visit and the mbc reveal there five most dark secrets that will blow your mind so see me next time for chapter 1 dark secrets revealed