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Humming under her breath, a beautiful young woman floated through the trees, absently rubbing her swollen belly. Feeling a strong kick, she winced and scolded to no one, "Easy, pup. Easy."

The werewolf was restless and that was never a good thing. She hadn't seen her lover in days, though he'd promised to come back in time for their cub's birth. Niall really doesn't have good timing, and apparently neither will his children, she thought errantly. Wondering just where her mate was, Hannah Souza practically waddled back to the cave they had claimed as their own. She was from a wild pack, roaming freely in the north. There had been no ties to bind her to the rogue wolves, so leaving was simple. Just turn, walk away and never look back. That had been Niall's plan since they first met. Actually, it was more along the lines of, I'd kill for you. Seriously, if anyone tries to keep you away from me, their dead. It was sweet, in that way that was purely Niall's.

Just thinking of him made her heart soar in a way no one else could even imagine. Someday soon, they would be surrounded by four lovely babies and maybe even more on the way. Sighing longingly, Hannah squeezed herself into the den and closed her eyes. Hours later when they reopened, big red eyes were gazing at her soulfully. Laughing sleepily, she launched herself at him and growled under her breath when her monstrous stomach prevented the hug she so desired. Apparently, Niall sound this funny because he was floored in seconds, chest heaving with soundless giggles escaping now and then. Smirking suddenly, Hannah gave a throaty moan that instantly made him shoot off the ground in panic. Eyes wide, her mate pressed gently on her stomach and felt a strong kick against the flesh. Softening, he sat and pulled her against his muscular chest. Luminescent wings appeared and wrapped around her in a feathery cocoon, sheltering Hannah from the sudden chill.

Nuzzling her neck, Niall whispered, "They are strong, just like you, il mio compagno bella. I have a feeling our children will be special, love. Just wait and see how they turn out."

Huffing softly, Hannah blinked up at him and hissed in sudden anger, "I don't want to wait, babe. I want to see them now!" Moaning in impatience, she rubbed her tummy slightly harder. He just sighed and winced when a particularly strong kick had a rib crunching from it's power. Worried, Niall prodded the rib with gentle fingers and let his magic knit the bone together. Once she was relieved of the pain, he quietly began to croon a lullaby.

In the darkness we sleep,

'till a dawn ever rising,

A love so very deep,

We are undying.

It may be that we are apart,

But remember I am here

Forever in you're heart,

Until the end of time.

It was short and sweet, not to mention completely made up on the spot, but Hannah loved it all the more. He'd made it for her alone and that was everything. Niall might not always be with her, but when he was there the world revolved around him. If only he didn't have to leave again, she thought dismally. Sure enough, his head shot up and he gave her a look full of longing and despair. Sighing, she rested a hand against his cheek and murmured, "Go. I'll be fine here."

Looking uncertain, Niall kissed her cheek and vanished. Disappointed, Hannah squeezed out of the den and lost herself in the trees.

Little had he known who else was in the woods that night, or else he would have stayed. A small group of men and women were creeping through the brush, hunting their illusive prey. Scientists and soldiers from the Edison Group, an experimenting facility on supernatural abilities, were searching for their final test subject. After months of pleading, begging and damn near groveling, the Cabal had finally agreed to letting werewolves become part of the research. So little was known of them. They were a breed unsolved, for no one dared get close enough to even try. Those that did, well…you could only imagine. So far, the tension was running high and they had failed at finding a suitable she-wolf for the initial tests. Suitable meaning already pregnant, because there was no way in hell they were going to be able to impregnate one.

Already, days had passed without so much as a sign of werewolves. The packs kept to themselves, rarely if ever entering town. It was a wonder when, almost a week after they had first set out, they found a heavily pregnant woman wandering in the trees. Holding his breath, Marcel Davidoff tried to get a good look at her eyes. A beautiful blue, they shone in the moon and he knew this was it. She was it. Beautiful, she had a pale face, full lips and long black eyelashes. |Almost in awe of her, he gave a signal for the group to raise their guns. Tranquilizers, of course. There was no way they could chance killing the pups as well as the mother. When his hand dropped, the guns gave a muffled pop as the soldiers fired.

Davidoff was as surprised as anyone when she nimbly dodged the tranks and started sprinting in the opposite direction. Though her belly slowed the werewolf, she was still incredibly quick. Fortunately for them, so was he. Apparently, they hadn't given Marcel enough credit when he set up a cage in the woods. And they said they had it covered, he chuckled to himself. No, this one was all his. The group stood waiting, until they heard the scream. Shivering slightly in fear, the wail was full of pure despair. Shaking it off, the scientists went off to collect their prize.

She was huddled in the very corner of the metal bars, baring her teeth and snarling a warning. Nothing echoed her threats, so he could only assume they'd managed to catch a rogue. An extremely good thing, considering from what they knew about real wolf packs, the pack was tighter than family. All in all, an extremely lucky find. Deciding not to drug the she-wolf and risk harming the cubs, they instead lifted the surprisingly lightweight cage and loaded it into the back of the truck. The stakeout was finally over.

Now Marcel Davidoff could look forward to a nice, warm shower.

Two weeks later

Panting steadily, Hannah clenched her colossal stomach as another wave of pain ripped through her. Regrettably, the pups had decided to make themselves known three weeks early at one of the worst possible times. Just like Niall, she nearly sobbed. Oh, how I regret saying that now! A moan broke free of her control. Minutes later, the door opened and the beady eyed man she'd come to know as her jailer lightly coughed and gestured behind his back. Instantly, the place was swarming with nurses trying to tie Hannah down. Shrieking, she arched her back and squirmed. Stopping suddenly, a whine tore through her throat and something trickled down her leg. The pain hit it's crescendo and she couldn't help it anymore. Hannah Souza let loose the loudest blood-curdling scream anyone had ever heard.

One particular nurse by the name of Samantha Dag winced in sympathy and put pillows under the werewolf's legs. Stroking her brown hair soothingly, the nurse crooned, "Hush, darling. It'll be over soon."

As a single mother of two, Samantha knew it would, indeed, last a long time and that it would be undoubtedly worse for the she-wolf. Because Hannah would never see the pups after they were born. Most likely, she'd either be killed or studied like a lab rat. The saddest thing of all? There was nothing to done that would possibly change it. Except…pursing her lips, Samantha started plotting. She had friends who would gladly help her free Hannah as well as the pups, but it could take months or even years to take action. First things first, though. She was going to become a nanny. The only possible way to get close to the young wolves was to raise them, but in her heart Samantha knew that for some reason or another, there was no way she was making it out alive.

Glancing around quickly, Samantha hurried into the hall and dialed a number. "Sarah? Yeah, it's me. Listen, there's something I need you to do…"

Hours later, with a final scream the pain ended. Panting and trembling, Hannah demanded harshly, "Give them to me! Give me my babies!"

The scientists simply sneered at her, disgust a mask over their faces. Shrieking, she made a grab at the nearest one of her pups and was promptly shoved away. Landing heavily, the new mother could only watch as her children were roughly toweled off and carried away. Away from her and out of her life forever, never to be held by their parents or know any love. From then on, as soon as the scientists moved beyond vision range, the four baby boys she had whispered to for the past nine months and named with all a mother's heart, would never see the light of day. No matter how much the forest called to them, they would never be able to obey. It would drive them insane, making the Change easier but losing themselves in the process. If they had a self by the time the experiments were finally over.

Desperately wailing, Hannah writhed and moaned on the bed. The pain in her body was nothing compared to what lied beneath the surface. She would never run through the forest, see her mate, howl to the moon or sleep under the stars. Never again would she feel the thrill of the hunt, or feel the wind running through her fur. Never again would Hannah Souza be free. Strangely enough, it calmed her. She would be close to her pups, not enough to see or hold them, but she would always feel her babies. No matter how far they went or how many countries separated them, Hannah would always find her cubs. Even if it killed her.

Peeking into the room housing the unresponsive werewolf, Samantha Dag turned to her sister and whispered, "Are you sure about this, Sarah? You shouldn't even be here right now. Andrew would kill me if he knew!" she fairly moaned. Hannah twitched in her drugged sleep, but didn't wake.

Nodding fiercely, Sarah Carson raised her chin in defiance and hissed, "I know the consequences, Sam. You know I wouldn't be here if I didn't. Give me time to solidify my place with the others, then we'll tell the others."

For no more than a moment, the sisters stared each other straight in the eye. Neither could see any doubt that what they were about to do would most likely kill them. Finally, they nodded and Samantha whispered, "Let it begin."

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