Title: Experience or willingness to accept makes the difference
Rating: K+
Fandom: A-Team
Characters: Murdock, Hannibal
About: Murdock is watching Fox news

All your words are lies. Recycled, rethatched never ending lies. A rarity is a truth in the news, let alone a full truth. No they babble such sweet sounding bullish that poor fools believe them, there fox, like a media company never told a porky or two right? A short skirt, low top or a cute face, young male face with sincere looking eyes and watch the fools eat it up. There's noting wrong me with I tell ya, it's the world that gone mad and only me, Billy and the blue meaines can see the truth.

"Murdock, did you take your pills today?" Hannibal asks she he watches me glare at the tv and then whisper to sockie and then back to the death glare at the set.

"Nuh uh" I shake my head and continue my glare, Hannibal walks over and sits on the other end of the couch.

"Murdock, what do you mean 'nuh uh'? Come one Captain, we had a deal. You take then and you get to keep all your comics when we move place to place."

"Yeah, but I can't, I'm not me when I take them Hannibal. I become what they want me to be and I can't think right," he shook his head as he played with sockie.

"Who is they and why didn't you tell me? Maybe we can alter the dosage or something," Hannibal said as he grabbed the remote and turned off the set.

"Cause I aint no kid Hannibal, always been treated like one, even when I was,"

"This is new to all of us and it will take some time, I'm sorry If I've been mistreating you, I just don't always understand you but I'm learning H.M," Hannibal sighed.

The last two weeks since he had permanently joined them had not been fun and games, there had been nightmares, sleepwalking and one majorly unnerving incident when he had thought maybe they should take him back to the V.A, Face had a now fading shiner from his attempt at trying to calm his best friend down.

So, is this woth continuing? Love to know people :-)