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I had this in my head for serval day and i know its mostlikely not good..

It was the 10th of October the birthday of Naruto or how many other would say the „birthday of that thing".

In a small sideway lay a small boy,he looked around 8 had blond hair und blue eyes in which you could lose yourself, but the most prominent feature were the 6 six small brushes ,3 on each side.

This litle boy was Naruto and he was beaten again... on his birthday why he was always beaten doesnt he know.

Before him stand a ninja wearing a Tiger mask, he was about to kill him as a strange voice said „Found you hime-san" with this he was evolpede in a blueish aura before he lost concious.


Where i am?

I am laying on a bed.. maybe the Hospital?

No this isnt the Hospital this bed ist far to confy to be one of the hospital...

He opened his eyes just to see a large room with many teddys , a great wardrobe and a vanish...

definatly a joung girls room.

But why was he here?

„Oh you are awake Himea,i will tell Master Leon that your awake." Said a youn Maid before she left just to enter a few seconds later with a man around 30 with blue hair and a narb over his left eye.

„Himea we are so glad that we have found you, we tought you were dead!" he said with kind but serios voice at the same time.

„Who are you? Where i am? Who is Himea? … And why the fuck does my voice sound like a girl?" he kinda demanded to know.

„Calm down pleasy, i know it must be puzzling for you... but to answer you question." he toke a breath.

„I am Leon Prime General of Mu and ofical consultant of the Queensdom. You are at Palace on Erhl Homeplanet of the Mu´s. And you are Himea,Princess of Mu and you sound like a girl becuase you are one." he said half smilling becuase he know what will came next.

„Huh? What is Mu? And more importently are dumb? I know that i am a B..." I trailed off a i looked in the mirror lrft to the bed i was siting on.

But i doesnt saw what i was excepting to see... Looking at me was a cute 8 year old girl with long blond hair blue eyes and a pink pijama.

„Huh?" with this i fainted.


What a strange dream...

„It wasnt a dream, Himea~chan" said a girls voice while kissing me on the neck.

Blushing i opened my eyes to see a girl around my age in a armor but what stateled me the most was taht she was laying right next to me.

„Elisa-chan! How often i must tell you that you shouldnt to tihis kind of things to me? " he instinctiv said before i realesed what i just said „Huh... why to i know your name?"

Suddenly some kind of memorys came to me ….. Elisa my guard and one of my only friend.

But more thign came back … my 9 birthday the day i was stolen from the palacy and somehow was regressed in my ae and brought down do Hirl aka Elemental Countrys by a enemy.

Tears running down my face and clutching her hands „I missed you * Sob * but why are 8 to? Shouldnt you be 17 by now?" i huging her.

„Dummy" she said rufling my hair „dont you know that we are linked to each other so what each magic that effects you effect the too?" she hugged me back „And i missed you too".

We would have been siting like this much longer if there wanst a knock on the door.

„Himea-sama,can i enter it a emergency." said a male voice.

Looking at Elisa who just nodded i said „You can enter"

Bowing a soldat enters the room „Himea-sama, Elisa-san Leon is ordering you toe the audince room we have a old freind with a important question" he said still bowing.

„You may stop bowing" i said which he did thankfully „And you can tell him that i will be there in a few minutes i musst just change my clothe."

„I will to is ,My lady" with this he left the room.

I took out a black skirt and a plain red shirt and went towards the audince room, Elisa right to my side.

As i entered the room i was greated by Leon and a familar green haired women... i looked at her...

ah Setsuna-san guard of the time gates, i took a sit on the throne and looked at her.

„Setsuna-san , why to i have the hornor of you meeting?" i asked her kindly.

„Himea-sama" she said bowing which was rather rare so i came to the conclusion that she has a importantent request „I am here to aks for you help..." she trailed of clearly not feeling good to ask.

„Setsuna-san how can i help you?" i asked her woried.

„Well how you sure know was the moon kingdom destroyed long ago and now serenty is rebuilding it, but our old enemy rodon send a large armader towards the earth and we arent realy prepared for a fight of this scale,so i ask..." she trailed of again.

„So you ask for help because we were in a aliance back then which you broke as we needed it the most?" i asked angrily not at her praticular but at the queen at this time.

Looking down she said „Well i gues i was right... but i wanted to ask anyqays..." she said still down while walking outside.

Having kinda pity with her... „But that doesnt mean we wont help you, we are better then your former empire. We help our Friends and i hope the new Queendom of moon will to it too. I said .

She looked at me bowing even more than before and i think she had teary eyes „Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you."

Doing what i must to , gave the order to prepare to move out and went to munias our flagship.

Sitting on the Bridge with great overview other the armader, Setsuna to my right and Elisa to my left and opening a com link to all ships.

„Dear soldiers of the Mu`s we are heading to aid the new moon queendom in a fight which they couldnt win alone." i heard many disagreeing voices many of them still hated the line of the moon queen, „I decides to help them because i want to show them what WE are helping OUR FRIENDS and i hope that they will to the same later" most of the voice disapeared but not all but what could i too, i even unterstand there grieving.

I took a deep breath „Order to all Ships intiate Hyper Jump to the sun system" wiht this we all hyper jumped.

-sun system- ~Sailor scouts point of view~

„We are screwed,big time" said Mars as she took in the fleet before her eyes.

„After my calculations the chance that we win is around 0.000001%... only a wonder can help us.." gues whos said that.

„Girls we must atleast try it out" said Venus

„I dont want to die * sob *" said Sailor moon

this went on a few minutes while there ship was shaken during the strong atacks.

As a mechanic voice apeared „Com link requested by …."

„Accept" said Ami.

Two monitors appeared out of nowhere on one was Reox the General of the enemy fleed and on the other... a litle girl around 8.

„What the fuck to want,litle brat" said a anoyed Reox.

„I want that you stop to attack that ladies there" she pointed at us

„Oh how nice of you" said sailor moon.

„Litle one please flee you cant to anything" said a worried Ami"

„Yeah right,litle bitch you cant to anything" said a cockly Reox

You could hear serval gasp in the girls ship, but girl girls face changed drastical her innocent smile vanished and was replaced by a look that promised pain.. very much pain „I dare you to say that again"

„What that you are a litle bitch which came out of a bitch mother?" said a laughing Reoy not obivlivous that he wrote his own death sentence.

„I was planning to just decimade your force but now decided againt it" her smile becoming maniac „Now i decides to kill all of your people and then toke over your litle empire"

„You and which army ?" asked a wild laughing Reox but that soon died down

„Good that you asked" she said becoming very serious „Order to all ships leave the hyper romm in 3...2...1...0!"

In this moment very many blue sphere apeared out of nowhere and around 500 ships of all size apeared out of nowhere.

All poeple what were seing this had just one tought „oh fuck"

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