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Mount Justice

3rd July 14:22 EDT -

About a year has past since the Young Justice was formed and Connor became part of normal society. And the founding members – Kaldur, Robin and Wally – thought that this day was worth a celebration.

„Maybe we could go to a picnic?" M'gann suggested since she volunteered to help planning the party. Wally leaned at the kitchen counter and shook his head. „Pass", he said and crossed his arms „on 4th July we always have a family picnic." he said and Robin rose his head. „Pass on the picnic thing too." he said and a grin grew on his face „Alfred and I are planning to trick Batman into going to a picnic with us too." Wally let out a laugh „Do you think you can trick the Batman?" he asked and Robin laughed too „Absolutely not but we can surely trick the person behind the cowl." Kaldur smiled too but then his face grew serious again.

„If the picnic thing is out of question then we should maybe have a party in the evening?" he offered. For a moment there was silence and slowly Wally nodded. „The idea sounds pretty good." he finally said and the others agreed as well. „So Party in the evening it is then. I'll be there at 5 o'clock." Wally said.

„Alright so I'll be preparing the food then!" M'gann cheered. Robin shivered and rose his hand „I guess I'll ask Alfred for help." Although M'gann pulled a face at first she then smiled and nodded „I'm looking forward to it."

Artemis took a deep breath and snatched a cookie from the bowl the Martian offered to the rest of team „If you prepare the party then I'll be distracting Connor." she said and Robin snapped his fingers „Good. Good. You should go out with him and take Sphere and Wolf with you." Artemis nodded. Zatanna cleared her throat. „What will I do then?" she asked and Kaldur looked over to the magician „You and I will be preparing the living room decoration wise." Zatanna nodded „Sounds good."

Wally and Zatanna were sent getting the needed goods for the party and most of the stuff that could have been prepared the day before was prepared without Connor noticing it. The boy had a long talk with Superman, so he didn't even mind the rest of the team meeting up in private to discuss something he didn't really care about.

Mount Justice

4th July 16:58 EDT-

The party was a complete success. Artemis distracted Connor while Kaldur and Zatanna sat up the party decoration. Alfred and M'gann turned out to be a perfect team in the kitchen and although Batman did not really enjoyed the fact that he had to give 'his' butler away, the rather old man did enjoy the company of M'gann, who was willing to learn all new stuff that had something to do with Earth Food.

Alfred in the Mount Justice was also the reason Batman was in the cave as well. At first he did not like the fact that Robin wanted Alfred to help with a party but though he was the one who payed Alfred, he did not own the man and Robin had approached the butler directly.

Being skeptical in the first minutes, Alfred eventually agreed to help preparing the party and right now he really enjoyed serving as a teacher for M'gann. Everything looked good but Robin couldn't help but point out the missing piece of picture perfect.

"Where's Wally?" he asked and frowned. It was then that M'gann and Zatanna and noticed as well. They frowned as well too.

"I don't know. But didn't he wanted to be here at 5 o'clock anyway?" Zatanna asked and looked over at the clock. Two minutes until 5 o'clock. Usually Wally was not the type of guy who'd appear in the last minute. He was always there five minutes earlier. But now he wasn't. He didn't even call.

"We can't wait for him, though. The food will get bad." the witch said and Robin pulled a face "That's hardly fair, he'll get mad at us. Artemis and Connor will return at half past five. We'll be ready until then right? How's it going Meg? Alfie?" The butler didn't answer at first. He just finished the icing for a cupcake, watched in awe by M'gann. Eventually he rose up and looked at the young master "We are as good as done Robin."

How odd would Master Robin sound? No high flies for the little bird needed. "Grands!" Robin looked at the clock again. 5. He'd be here soon, the acrobat could always count on Wally coming in time. It was what differed him the most from his uncle. While Flash seemed to be late often, Kid Flash hated being late. Hated it more then anything.

17 o'clock passed even half past five passed.

When Connor and Artemis entered the darkened kitchen – both a little wet from the rain that had started to fell from the sky – Connor was at guard first. And then nearly got a heart attack when everyone jumped out screaming "SURPRISE!".

The black haired stared at his friends in bewilderment and shook his head then. "Uh..okay? What's the surprise for?" he asked while Artemis gestured him to the kitchen table and letting him sit down, presenting him the cake that they had backed for him. There was just one single candle on it and a big smiley face.

"It's kind of your birthday." the acrobat said, sitting down next to him. "Remember when we found you in that tank and got you out?" how could he forget. That day his entire life had changed in the blink of an eye. Suddenly he had friends, suddenly he was part of a team, suddenly there was – the moon.

And that one red head that had presented it to him. "See? The moon!" he had said and pointed on the nearly perfect circle of silver in the dark blue night sky. And then Superman showed up. Superman! "AND Superman", the speedster had added grinning "tell me we don't keep our promises!"

Now, the speedster was not there. "I do." he answered Robin so he could continue. "Good! We got you out and then we got you to meet the league and all that. That whole day and the whole situation..ever since then one year has passed. It's kinda your birthday and the birthday of the Young Justice so we decided, we had to celebrate it." he grinned and Connor blinked twice.

A party. Just for him. He did not know how to react. But he knew he liked it. He smiled broadly and blew the candle out.

"Thanks guys." he said and also nodded at Alfred and Batman, who just stood at the far corner of the table but Connor could swear he was smiling a little too.

Again missing piece of picture perfect. "Just..where's Wally?" he asked and Zatanna shrugged.

"Maybe he is late because of his family picnic?" she said but Robin couldn't help but think something was wrong. "I'll try calling him. He's never late." he said pulling his I-Phone out and speed dialing Wallys number. Anxiously he waited for the speedster to pick up.

"Hi this is Wally Wests mailbox. Apparently I was too slow to pick up the phone so leave a message after the beep I'll call back. Thanks a lot!"

"Crap." Robin cursed under his breath "Just his stupid mailbox." he put his phone back in his pocket and decided to focus on the party.

"He'll be here, I'm sure." he ensured Connor and nodded once.

But the yellow-red speedster did not appear the whole evening.

Batman did not even send Robin to bed since he had school off the next day. They enjoyed the evening by eating all the delicious stuff M'gann and Alfred had cooked – leaving a lot for Wally – and played video games and talked. They even got Batman into playing a round of Mario Kart but the dark knight failed miserably against his butler. He kind of sulked at that the whole evening.

It was half past eleven.

"Recognized B03 Kid Flash"

Everybody's heads turned around to the zeta beamer entrance. At least into the direction since they could not see the beamer from the living room. The dripping wet speedster entered the kitchen without saying hello. Silently he rose his hand as a greeting and walked over to the fridge. He had his hood pulled deep into his face so his eyes, forehead and nose would be in shadows. His sleeves were rolled up and he was dripping on the kitchen floor from the rain outside. He grabbed a can of Pepsi.

"I'm sorry", he said with a quiet voice and Robin knew at least now that SOMETHING WAS wrong. Massively wrong. The acrobat rose from his place next to Connor and walked over to his best friend, who had his face turned away from him, fixing a spot on the ground. "I couldn't come there were some...some crimes I had to handle with the Flash." Batman frowned under his cowl.

No, there were not. He had phoned Barry. The scarlet speedster had been in charge after his family picnic. And everything had been perfectly fine.

"You can still sit with us." Zatanna said "We'll warm up the stuff and play another round of Mario Kart. Alfred's a kick ass at it!" the butler lowered his hand in a modest gesture and Zatanna grinned. But Wally just opened his can and took a sip. "Sorry", he said again and turned to leave the kitchen "don't feel like it. Not hungry." he ended and wanted to go out but Robin did not let him.

He grabbed the speedsters wrist and was surprised when he winced from pain. The acrobat let go. "Wally, what's wrong with you?" he asked and in this moment he felt like tearing that hood down. He couldn't stand not seeing Wallys eyes when talking to him. He couldn't stand not seeing Wallys eyes at any given situation though. That green lacked words to be described. So obviously disturbed by that fact, Robin reached out his hand "Come on dude you know I don't like talking to you without looking you in the face." he pulled his hood down and let out a gasp.

The speedster right eye, eyebrow and part of his forehead were covered in a bad looking bruise the size of Connors fist. It looked like the leftover of a skull that had been busted in. His lip was bust open as well but not bleeding anymore.

Everybody stared at it and Wally stared back in shock. "Wally!" Robin called and reached out to touch it but Wally pulled his head away. "Don't." he whispered and he nearly looked like he panicked. The acrobat let his hand up but did retreated it a little. What was going on with his friend? Wally had never been so defensive. Never been so silent. He was just like an animal that had been terribly mistreated. He then noticed the large purple bruises on his arm and wrist and stared at it some more.

Now Batman stood up as well. These were not the injuries of a mission. He recognized these. And Wally had not been hurt as Kid Flash. He had been hurt as Wallace West. As Wally. And his usually so vivid green eyes were dull. Just full of fear. And the need to get away. To be on his own in a secure place. "Wallace what happened?" he asked with his dark voice. The speedster bid his lip and pulled up his hood.

There was a moment of awful silence. Megan had covered her mouth with her hand and even Artemis looked at Wally with a pitiful look. Actually she wanted to leave a mean comment at his late appearance but then she saw his messed up face and swallowed her saying.

Wally did not answer the Batman. The Dark Knight remained where he was. Patiently waiting for the speedster to either leave or answer him. "It's fine.." he finally said "Just a fight with Dad."

Robin instantly got angry. He never liked Rudolph West that much but now he was through. He has had enough. "Fight?" the acrobat called. "Wally that's childs abuse!" he sounded angry and took a step forward. Wally winced took a step back as an answer. Away from the yelling, away from the aggression. He closed his eyes and flashed off, into his room, locking his door behind him. The acrobat that had yelled at him was immediately shut up by that reaction and stared after him.

"Great Robin!" Artemis said "Exactly what he needed!" sarcasm dropped from her voice. Robin balled his fist and wanted to follow Wally but Batman shook his head. "Stay." he said and hold him back gently. "He needs time to figure out things for himself."

Violently, Robin freed his shoulder from Batmans grip. "That's what works with you." he said "But I know Wally needs someone to comfort him." he stomped down the floor in the direction of their rooms.

Though Batman was kind of right. He needed to calm down. Wally was obviously frightened to hell and Robin knew he was of little use if he'd be mad at Wallys dad and yell at the speedster instead.

He breathed in deep and exhaled long. Eventually he knocked at the door. "Hey..Wally? Can I..I'm sorry for before. I really didn't wanted to yell at you. Can I come in?"

"No." Robin indeed was surprised by that answer.

"Please Rob no offense but..I need to be alone okay? Thanks."

For a moment the acrobat stood idle, waiting for Wally to change his mind but the speedster didn't so Robin let out a sigh and leaned his shoulder against the door. "I'm here if you need me, okay?" he said and sinking down at the door.

Though Robin really did waited the whole night, Wally did not change his mind and he did not leave the room.