-Fawcett City

21st August 14:45 EDT -

Billy Batson sat on the the sidewalk and huffed some of his ebony black hair out of his face. The day so far had been super bad. His week had been super bad. He got bad marks at school, had a fight with his best friend and had also got into trouble with Superman at the league. And now they were mad at him.

He couldn't go in his apartment because the stair broke in this morning and they were fixing it right now.

He sighed and rose his aching shoulders from their depressed position. Something went wrong in his life lately. His stomach was grumbling and he put a hand to it.

"I know buddy", he said "we just need to find something good, huh?"

"Having a rough day?" he heard someone ask and looked up. Against the sun he could make out the silhouette of a teenager about sixteen years old. The boy sat down next to him and Billy recognized him.

He had ginger hair, clover green eyes and a freckle-sprayed face. And he hold an ice-cream wafer in his hand. Strawberry and lemon taste. He could tell by the colour of the scoops. Billy sighed "More like a rough week.." he mumbled.

"Let me give you an advice. I speak from experience. The darker the night, the brighter the morning after."

Billy looked up to Wally. He was surprised but happy that Wally would say something like that. He knew he had it rough in the past weeks. But he couldn't tell him of course.

"How would you know?" he asked instead.

"I do. I've been through it."

"Wally! You coming or what?"

Both boys looked up when the male voice was calling for Wally. Billy quickly found the origin. Barry, Iris and her little daughter. Billy believed her name was Elenor. She was absurdly tiny in Iris arms as she was holding the girl close.

"Coming!" he called and took Billys hand. He put the wafer into his hand and stood up.

"Keep it. And cheer up. Life doesn't always stay dark!"

He ran over to his family and waved at the boy, grinning.

His life, for once, was the brightest morning he could imagine.

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