okay breath. I told myself. I ran through the wall just like the brown haired kid in front of me, something in my mind snapped, 'wow muggles are really dump.' I laughed at myself really thinking that on one would listen. 'tell me about it.' A blond and pale looking guy snapped at me. 'I'm Falco.' He said giving me his hand. 'I'm Dougie.' I replied fairly nervous. 'what house are you in?' his look went down on me as if he was judging me. 'I, well, I don't really know. this is my first year.' I stuttered. Oh god what a stupid thing to say, I thought by myself. 'you don't look like a first year.' The hunk of the train caused me to jump a little. 'well I just got here, I use to be home schooled by my mum.' I replied. Falco tried to hold in his laughter. 'well come along. We don't want you to make the wrong friends do we?' I looked around and nodded.

'don't be a bitch Falco.' a girl just inches taller than me with long wavy brown hair, yelled. Draco's look turned onto one of steal. ' beat it, Francisca.' He snapped. She continued to walk to me. 'hmm, too bad baby, he doesn't look like a slytherin.' I looked awkwardly when she was spinning around me. 'I'm here too. And you know what I can perfectly decide where I want to go. Thank you very much.' I sissted at Francisca. A smile turned on Falco's face, the girl walked away into the train obviously in shock at the way I reacted, as was I. 'what year are you in?' he asked. ' 3rd.' He gave me a nod and without saying anything else he left. Even though I didn't want to be annoying I followed him into the cabinet. 'the one next is always free you can go there.' he said a bit rough. When I was around the corner I heard him say something in the line of 'he? He is no one just a new thing.' I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. In the same time I walked to a cabinet further. When I saw that there were 2 other guys in there I took my chance and walked in. 'can I sit with you? I'm new.' I said to be obviously.

'sure, I'm tom and that is harry.' A blond guy in a hufflepuff scarf said. I smiled and took the seat that faced them. 'I'm in hufflepuff.' Tom said. 'yeah and I'm in Gryffindor.' Harry said. I couldn't help but smile. A harry and being in Gryffindor without being harry potter. How much coincidence. 'there you are tom.' A little girl said. 'Carrie, you're not still scared that you'll get in slytherin are you?' he asked with a smile on his face. 'uh.' He said when she saw me. 'oh yeah that is,' he paused for a little while. 'wait what is your name?' I smiled a bit and said 'Dougie.' Carrie looked a little like tom did, they had the same hair colour and same smile. 'well hallo Dougie.' Carrie said with a little smile on her face. 'anyway, I'm going to change in my robe.' She said and swiftly turned around as she walked out into the small hallway. I found it interesting that tom and harry were such good friends after all they were in different years and different houses. Tom was in his 4th year and harry in his 5th.

From what I could hear they had another really good friend called danny, and he seemed to be in hufflepuff too. Although I have no idea in what year he is. 'does he need to go in the boats together with the first years?' tom asked harry. 'I don't know.' he turned to me for an answer . I had to think myself as to what they told me to. 'uhm yeah I think so.' Both of them started laughing. 'that sucks man.' Harry shouted. 'what sucks?' a girl with hazel eyes and brown hair asked. 'oh hay babe.' Tom said as he stretched out his arms to surround her. 'is this the new guy that everybody talks about?' she asked looking at me. 'depends on, is it bad or good?' I replied not really knowing what to think. 'well both, you told off Francisca what you can see both ways if you are in slytherin very good, other, well yeah let's just not talk about that.' she laughed. 'oh and yeah I'm Veronica.' She walked to me take the seat next to me. 'I'm Dougie and well I think I might say sorry to her then.' I paused when the lady with the candy car came next to us. 'why is it anyway that it would be bad?' a smile turned on all their faces. 'Francisca is one of the most popular girls in here. But really she's just an amazing girl.'

'we're almost there!' harry said excited. I looked around but there was nothing much to see, it began to become dark, but just a few feed further were some lights. 'awesome.' I said. When we got out. Those last minutes before we could get out were like hell. I couldn't wait to get out. 'could you watch over Carrie?' tom asked. 'she tend to get lost when she's nervous.' I smiled and nodded, 'of course, with pleasure.' When we walked out of the train I looked for her golden curls. 'did tom ask you to do this?' I heard behind me. I looked around and saw the little Carrie. 'well uhm yes.' I replied, he did ask but I needed her to. I have no idea how this works. As far as I know, I know nothing. 'good thing, thank you.' Carrie said as she took my hand and pulled me to follow a gigantic man with fuzzy hair and an old long hand me down robe. 'that's Hagrid, he's the keeper of keys and grounds.' Carrie said. 'that is something I should know.' I replied.