'dude what is up with this teacher? He's like cool or something.' Lars commented. I slowly nodded, not in too much attention to it. I was way to distracted but the way his hair seemed to bounce from straight to curly hair, and again every time he took a step. And then his pale Gray eyes, they looked like he was dead. Unreal. 'class is done early today, you can go now.' he said in the middle of the lesson. All of us looked confused but we didn't need to think twice before we packed our books and raced to the door. 'Lars Montecarlo pleas take your seat back I need to talk to you.' he said. 'al right, see you later Doug.' swagged Lars as I already turned my back to him to be the last to leave the class. I replied with a fast 'yeah.' and a hand movement before leaving him alone with that teacher. My first instinct was to go left right up to the meeting place. Even though I would be early, maybe then I'll have a good spot to sit instead of the floor.

The cold corridor seemed so lonely without all those kids rushing trough them. Now you could actually see the ground without those shoes covering it. Apart from the small groups of people at the border it was empty, silent and happy. I slowed down when I heard some voices coming from the old office. 'its not here, come on hurry up. They can be here any minute.' someone said. 'I think someone is there.' another voice whispered. My feet vastly moved to the back in the right corridor. 'come now, Falco won't be happy with us if Dougie saw us.' the first voice said again. I closed my eyes carefully to listen to the voices better. 'come on, run!' I heard again. And by that call the footsteps faded away into silence. I took some steps forward to the room. When I was sure no one was there any more I walked in to find the messy place even more messed up. The 2 old bookshelf's were pushed down on the floor, the books pretty much made a new floor as the old desk was full of papers and ink. The chairs were broken and red sofa was cut to pieces. Lastly the dark red curtains were pulled on the floor and torn apart.

Stunned I was looking at everything, more like over analysing it. The laughter that was coming from Tom's and Carrie's mouths came closer together with the story telling from Harry and Danny as wel. Soon it all faded in to silence they were standing right next to me, stunned, speechless. Like I was. 'who did this?' Tom finally asked. 'I don't know, I didn't see them. I only heard them.' I replied. 'no voices I could recognise.' I added carefully. 'what a bitch.' Carrie flapped out. 'watch your language Carrie.' tom commented. 'but yeah you're right.' I took some steps to the front stepping over several books and papers. 'Falco.' I sighted as I picked up a little paper saying. 'not so big now are you? Greeting you-know-who.' I turned around. 'you don't joke about that.' harry commented. 'I can't believe he did th-'

'I'm not.' interrupted Francesca who was walking in. all of us turned to her. 'oh come on that guy was a walking time bomb. It surprised me he lasted that long.' her eyes were bright and big as she scanned the room. 'but still, this there is no way one person could do this.' Danny added. 'there were two, I heard them run away.' I replied. 'I guess this will be our big clean up for the year right? This mess needed to be organised anyway.' Carrie cheerfully said. 'have your way, I would like to watch.' Danny said as he walked to what use to be the sofa. He pulled up a piece of the curtain and placed it under his butt. ' buzz killer.' Carrie playfully snapped at him while she morphed her face into some kind of troll full of wrinkles. Harry moved to the right where his picture f his mother used to be. 'they took it,' he paused. 'they took all of our stuff.' all of us had some kind of personal item in here. Pictures mostly but also Carrie's ring and Danny's golden frog. 'all of it, gone.' Harry mumbled again.

My eyes opened bright and my hand flew right into my poked to my amulet. I took it the day before because I wanted to clean it up with all the dirt here. So that is what they were looking for, my fathers amulet? Why? What kind of meaning could t have to them? I thought by myself. As Carrie already started to pick up the books from right in front of her. There were some more footsteps coming closer. 'great some more hands to help.' laughed Francesca cleaning up the papers on the desk. As for me? I was still nailed to the ground from the impacted together with Tom. 'what happened here?' her sweet voice said chocked. Eva, her perfume alone. Heavenly yet deathly apparently. 'I don't know, ask your brother.' I turned around, almost falling over a book, and walked right past her whilst giving the little note that was glued to my hand before and walked away. I couldn't do it, I couldn't be with her, no more