It was a chilly day at the Durley's, which wasn't very odd even though it was the middle of summer. It was Tigridia Lily Potter's sixth birthday, and the Dursley's had packed up and left days ago, leaving the young girl raped and bloody in her unlocked cupboard under the stairs. They did not wish to be present on the tiny girl's birthday, something horrible always happened and they had decided not to feel her wrath this year for the things that Vernon had done to her, the things Petunia watched as her son copied his father and did nothing to stop her niece's bone chilling screams.

After all Petunia thought the girl deserved it. She had killed Dudder's bull-dog that he had gotten for his birthday. It had only taken a few days for the dog to become wary of the demented child, and that was what she was—demented. Petunia had even taken her to the doctors to explain her lack of caring for other people—Vernon said it was because of the freakiness her parents gave her, but Petunia new that wasn't it. She had met people from that unnatural world before, and they weren't like the little slut at all.

The doctors that had looked at her—several had in fact been frightened of her as well—said the she had ASPD, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, among other mental disorders. Passive-aggressive, Sadism, Obsessive-Compulsive, stood out along with ASPD. It had Petunia worried, she had seen the girl 'punish' living things for being in her way, for hurting her, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Vernon said she wouldn't hurt them, they were family, but Petunia Dursley wasn't an idiot.

What had they done for the girl? Abuse her Physically, Mentally, and Sexually. Why would she care for them? But Petunia had seen the way the child protected her when Vernon had found the bill from when she had taken the child to the doctors. He had been furious and slapped her across the face. Petunia somehow knew she'd be fine, but what of her husband and son? She shuddered to think about what the child would be able to do.

The child was amazing in the things she did, Petunia knew this—she was a squib, she noticed the things that happened magically—and it was quite clear that her magic surpassed everyone Petunia had ever met, add her Eidetic memory, PA, and PSPD it didn't bode well for the Dursley's. So Petunia had left money and food and the cupboard and house unlocked, hoping the girl would disappear. God knows that her husband would care less if she did.

And Petunia had been right, the girl left. The tiny girl grabbed the money scattered and hidden around the house, the food in a backpack in the fridge and left the house. Leaving a note for Albus Dumbledore at Mrs. Figgs as she passed the house that was empty save for all the cats. Looking back once at the end of the drive, Tigridia Lily Potter left Privet Drive for good.