Title: Phone Call

Category: X-over – M*A*S*H / Outsiders

Character (s): Hawkeye

Genre: Family

Rating: T

Warning: Slight spoiler for the book; slight mention of abuse

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that comes across as familiar.

Summary: Hawkeye has been back from Korea for 12 years. A phone call at 2 in the morning did almost as much damage as 2 years at war did, just in a different spot.

November 1965

Crabapple Cove, Maine


Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Pierce. Who is it?" a man with slightly graying hair and a worn out red bathrobe grumbled into the receiver.

"Hawkeye?" a woman's voice responded on the other end.

"Yeah. Who is this?"

"Laura. From your Boston residency, remember?"

The man paused in thought. "Long time, no talk."

"Hawkeye, I'm so sorry. I should have told you years ago, but there was no time. I wanted to, honest, but I jus-"

"Laura, hold it a sec. Tell me what?"

"About Johnny. I was going to tell you, Hawkeye, but when you left… there was no time."

"Who's Johnny?"

"Your son! He was your son."

The man's eyes widened in surprise, the phone hitting the floor faster than his jaw. "Son… I have a…." He picked up the phone and shouted: "What do you mean my son?"

Then it was her turn to pause. "When I went back home, I was pregnant. Johnny was born early and I never got around to telling you about him. I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what? That was almost 20 years ago!"

"It was 17 years ago and I'm sorry that you never got to meet him."

"You're making it sound like the kid's dead, Laura."

Her voice took on a tearful tone. "He died a few days ago, Hawkeye. He looked so much like you…. I hated him for it. It was terrible, Hawk. I hurt him so much. He didn't even want me around before he died. I am… I just… I'm sorry."


The phone line went dead.

The man slumped down against the hallway wall. The phone was still in his hand, but both eyes were completely glazed over.

"I had a son…. Johnny."