Hey, I was really bored, so I wrote a one shot in Raven's point of view. This takes place about 20 years later, when the titans have broken up and gone their separate ways. All of them but her and bb are on their own. Just a random breakup thing I wrote involving my two favorite characters while waiting for my ride to arrive to take me to musical practice. :P

284 words.

Disclaimer: yeah, yeah, you know it already…

Her birthdays, meeting her boyfriends, graduating high school, college, marriage, my grandchildren, all of it gone like a whispering wind, never to be seen again. I knew I couldn't trust him. That sick bastard always abused me, beat me for the littlest mistakes, then apologized after, promising to never do it again. My friends, the former Teen Titans, told me to leave him. It pained them to see me in such pain, especially Starfire. After we married, he took me to a nice little cottage house by the ocean. We lived in peace and happiness for so many years.

That is, before he changed.

As time went, he scared me more and more. Even the Beast scared me, and I knew, I had to protect her. I made a vow to myself that if he ever did the unthinkable, I would leave him, for good this time. Robin has told me to leave him, all of them had, but there was only one thing keeping me there with him. The only factor that made my life hell was my goddamn love for him. It made me forgive him, made me so damn gullible, which made him continue to abuse me.

Then, one night, it happened.

It took one last abusive punch, and the torture was over. He crossed the line.

That night, exactly 4 months ago, I kept to my vow and left him.

I left him, tears felling down my face, because I knew he finally succeeded.

He killed his own child, the baby girl I was pregnant with.

And he has crippled me.

All it took was one punch decisively placed to my abdomen.

I can never have another child again.


Oh my god I was crying while writing this! Please, r&r and flames are welcome! Wow, you know you've written an epic story, or in my case, one shot, if you experience intense emotion while writing it.