Ash's Transition

Ages: Ashley: 10, Gary: 10, Misty: 10, Brock 14, Team Rocket: 15

Author: AshK

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Rated T for Transgender Male to Female

Episode 10: The Thunder of Lt. Surge!

Pairings: None planned at the moment.

After defeating Team Rocket...

Ashley went back and healed her Pokemon. She decided that she better train her Pokemon a bit more before she took on Lt. Surge. Ashley and Pikachu went East in search of some training. They found a cave. Ashley knew that she would have to train hard before she could take on Lt. Surge. She also figured she may want to capture some Ground Type Pokemon.

"Well Orion, let's go get some training in this cave!" Ashley exclaimed excitedly.

Orion nodded as him and Ashley entered the cave for some much needed training.

Ashley captured a Diglett and a Dugtrio, but she decided to be safe and send Neptune and Venus to Professor Oaks and use her two fully-evolved Ground/Poison Type Queen the Nidoqueen and King the Nidoking. She still had Orion the Pikachu as always. She would never leave her very first Pokemon behind.

"Orion sweetie do you think we are ready to take on Lt. Surge?" Ashley asked.

Orion nodded and decided that he would want to take part in the battle if he was needed. Ashley agreed. Now it was time to do some more rigorous training. She definitely wanted to get her Thunder Badge before Gary did. He was such a jerk to her ever since she became what she was truly meant to be.

As Ashley was training her Pokemon skills got a lot better and her Pokemon themselves got a lot stronger. She couldn't wait until she took on Lt. Surge.

Vermilion City Gym...

Ashley entered the gym and moved a stray lock of raven hair out of her eyes.

"I am here to take on the gym leader for a Thunder Badge!" Ashley said.

"Well if it isn't a little girl. I will beat you just like I did the others." A gruff voice said besides a well built adult male came out from the shadows. "My name is Lieutenant Surge. Are you here to be my next victim?"

"I will so not be anybody's victim! My goal is to be a Pokemon master!" Ashley said. "Three on three!"

"That's fine with me." Lt. Surge said.

Lt. Surge was about 6'7" tall muscular and was wearing a green tank top with camouflage pants he had on black combat boots. Ashley had no idea how high they went up due to the fact that his pants covered the top of them. Ashley then sensed two people watching her. She turned around and saw Brock and Misty watching her. Orion ran over to Misty and jumped into her arms.

"Pikachu, I mean Orion, it's been a while." Misty said as she look toward a girl that seemed familiar but didn't. She then realized that there was only one girl that had Pikachu outside her Pokeball. She then knew who it was. "Ashley? Is that you?"

Ashley nods sheepishly as she poses.

"Yep, it's me. I am complete now." Ashley said. "Nice to see you again Misty. Same with you Brock. What are you two doing here anyway?"

"We came to watch your battle." Brock said. "We also wanted to travel with you if that's alright."

"I don't mind at all." Ashley said with a smile. "Watch me wipe the floor with this guy."

"Whatever baby, you don't have what it takes to beat me little girl." Lt. Surge says. "Pikachu I choose you."

Ashley's Pikachu Orion decided to stay on the sideline with Misty and Brock.

"King time to show this meanie up! Start things off with Earthquake!" Ashley said as she sent out her Nidoking.

Surge's Pikachu was quick, but was still damaged by the earth shattering move.

"Alright King! Let's try a Horn Drill Attack!" Ashley exclaimed happily.

King's Horn started to spin and was quick enough to catch Pikachu off guard. Surge's Pikachu was quickly taken out.

"Grrr! Pikachu Return! I choose you Magneton!" Surge said.

"Bad idea surge King use Hyper Beam!" Ashley exclaimed.

A beam of light started forming at the end of Nidoking's horn and discharged. It was a devastating attack hitting Surge's Magneton right in the center eye. Soon Magneton fell to the ground with swirls in its eyes and fell unconscious.

"That's it! You have forced me to call out my big guns now! Raichu come out and use Hyper Iron Tail to finish this weak girls Pokemon off." Surge exclaimed.

Since King was exhausted, it was easily taken out by the combo attack.

"Oh no King! Sweetie! Are you okay?" Ashley asked as she ran up to her Pokemon to make sure he was okay.

The king just gave a sad "King" toward his trainer.

"Oh do not be so sad buddy, you did your best. Time to return!" Ashley said as she hugged the Ground/Poison type and returned it. "Time for my Big guns as well Surge! It's time to say hello to my buddy Trio!"

With that Ashley's Dugtrio came out and took a ready stance.

"Raichu Iron Tail!" Surge said.

"Dodge it Trio and use Dig!" Ashley said.

Raichu tried to dodge the attack but couldn't the ground attack knocked out Raichu easily.

"Raichu is unable to battle! The winner is Dugtrio. Lt. Surge is out of usable Pokemon the winner of this match is Ashley Ketchum from the Town of Pallet." The Referee said.

"Oh wow!" Lt. Surge exclaimed as he went over to the raven-haired girl. "You surely showed me that you are no baby girl. As proof of your victory over me, I proudly present you with this Thunder Badge!"

"Thank you Lt. Surge sir!" Ashley said with a curtsy as she happily took the badge. "So what gym do you recommend I go to next?"

"The closest gym is Saffron City." Lt. Surge said. "My suggestion is that you head off to Lavender Town and capture at least one Ghost Pokemon. The Saffron Gym Leader uses Psychic Type Pokemon."

"Thanks Lt. Surge!" Ashley exclaimed happily. "I will do that."

Ashley then Pirouetted and winked as she posed with her new badge.

"I just won..." Ashley started. "The Thunder Badge!"

"Great job Ashley!" Misty said happily. "I am going to enjoy traveling with you."

"So will I!" Brock said. "So let's head off to the next Gym."

"Not so fast!" Ashley said as she handed her two friends some SS Tickets. "We will get to Saffron City via Puerta Vista and Lavender Town."

"Okay let's get going." Brock said as he took a ticket from Ashley.

"I think I am going to enjoy this cruise." Misty said happily as she left the gym with Ashley and Brock. "We are going to have a great time."

With that, Ashley and company board the SS Anne and get read for a nice cruise to Puerta Vista.

The St. Anne leaves port after a lengthy repair that didn't last as long as they thought it wood because Team Rocket didn't cause as much damage as they thought they did. Next Stop Puerta Vista.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ashley and Company arrive at Puerta Vista after three days and two nights. They spend the night in a resort hotel and set off to an amusement park that features giant Mechanical Pokemon and a roller coaster. Also the girls take part in a beauty contest will either Ashley or Misty win a trophy? Find out as the Ash's Transition continues.

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