Ash's Transition

Author: AshK

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Ages: Ash/Ashley: 10

Rated: T for Transgender Male to Female.

Episode 02: Pokemon! I Choose You!

Pairings: None planned at the moment.

The Next Morning...

Ashley woke up with a start stretched and yawned. She looked over at the clock and found out that she had gotten up a half an hour early.

She took a shower shaved her legs, pits as she looked at herself in the mirror she can see that her hair was still just past the shoulders, but it was in a girly style, just the way she liked it. She put on her make up and looked at herself in the mirror.

"I look great!" Ashley said with a giggle. It was then that she noticed that her voice was different now. It was a girls voice. She was really a girl, at least for the most part. There was one little imperfection and it seemed to have gotten smaller overnight, but she still felt ashamed, but then realized that soon it would be gone and replaced with something that she was meant to have all along. She also took notice that her breasts have developed a bit more, but still weren't big enough to change her bra. She looked like a ten year old girl for the most part. Soon she would look completely like a ten year old girl. She had even started to walk differently. She quickly put on her Training Bra and Panties and put her traveling clothes over her undergarments. She then headed downstairs to greet her mom.

A Few Minutes Later as She Arrived Downstairs...

"Mother, I am ready to go." Ashley said.

"Oh honey, you look so beautiful!" Delia said with tears in her eyes.

"Mother, stop it you are so embarrassing me." Ashley said.

"I know sweetie, but it's just so hard on me." Deliah said. "My little girl is starting her own Pokemon Journey."

"Could I have some breakfast please?" Ashley asked.

"Sure thing sweetie." Delia said.

Ashley ate her breakfast, strapped her pink backpack on her back as well as her Pokebelt around her waist, kissed her mom goodbye and headed out the door to the lab.

Arrival at the Oak Lab...

Ashley had made it to the lab and went up to the door and rang the doorbell.

Professor Oak answered.

"You are a day late Ashley, you have to wait until next year." Professor Oak said.

"What?" Ashley asked with tears in her eyes. "Why?"

"Because, you were supposed to be here yesterday. I can't make exceptions for anyone." Professor Oak said.

"Well excuuuuse me for being in the hospital! I had to get some things done to me." Ashley said.

Professor Oak was about to retaliate but then realized that Ashley was right. She was in the hospital yesterday.

"Well, all the Pokemon have been taken, but I just remembered that you were in the hospital yesterday so I went out and captured more Pokemon though I do have one more left."

"I will take it Professor!" Ashley said excitedly as she grabbed the Pokeball that had the lightning bolt on it. "Pokemon! I choose you! Come on out!"

Ashley then threw the Pokeball and a Pikachu emerged. During the night her face had changed to a feminine face.

"Oh! How cuuuute!" Ashley said as she hugged the Pikachu close to her developing bosom.

"Um Ashley, I wouldn't do that." Professor Oak said as he was afraid that Pikachu would shock her to death. Surprisingly, he didn't do that. "Oh wow, usually Pikachu shocks new trainers. He must like you."

"That's a relief." Ashley said as she continued to nuzzle the electric mouse. Pikachu seemed to fall asleep in Ashley's arms as she was petting him. "Oh wow, what gender is it?"

"Pikachu is a male. I do have three other Pokemon for you, I found them when I was cleaning the Pokeball storage room." Oak said as he pointed to three Pokeballs on the table that had a leaf, a flame, and a bubble. "You can have all three of them. They are really rare to catch in the wild. Bulbasaur is female, Charmander is male, and Squirtle is female. Would you like to take them?"

"Wow!" Ashley squealed. "You are giving me all three of them? What happens when they get a higher level and evolve, won't they stop obeying me?"

"Actually no they won't." Professor Oak said. "They have been especially trained to obey every trainer's command when told. So in other words if you accept these Pokemon, they will be registered to you as the Original Trainer."

"Really?" Ashley asked as her eyes became all Starry. "Can I give nicknames to them too?"

"I don't see why not." Oak said. "What will you name them."

"Let's see." Ashley thought about names to give them. "Pikachu, would you like the name Orion?"

Pikachu nodded.

"Very good, Pikachu's name will be Orion." Professor Oak said. "What are you going to name the others?"

"Let's see, I think I am going to name Bulbasaur Venus, Charmander will be called Vulcan, and Squirtle will be called Neptune." Ashley said as she released her other three Pokemon. "Bulbasaur sweetie, what do you think of the name Venus?"

Bulbasaur was happy as she jumped into Ashley's arms, Orion made his way to her head.

"So, it's settled then, Bulbasaur you will be called Venus." Ashley said as she hugged her grass/poison type Pokemon.

Bulbasaur roared happily as she nuzzled Ashley from her spot in Ashley's arms.

"Charmander, how would you like the name Vulcan?" Ashley asked.

Charmander nuzzled Ashley as he climbed up on one of her shoulders.

"Okay Vulcan it is then." Ashley said she then turned to Squirtle. "Squirtle, what do you think of the name Neptune?"

Squirtle thought about it for a moment then nodded happily as she climbed up on Ashley's other shoulder.

"Okay now everyone return." Ashley said as she recalled all of her Pokemon, but Pikachu was fighting her.

"Orion, why won't you get into your Pokeball?" Ashley asked worriedly.

Professor Oak then explained that Orion really hated the Pokeball because he was never picked at all as a starter. The only time Orion will go into his Pokeball was if he was extremely injured. Ashley acknowledged what Professor Oak said and decided to keep Orion outside of the Pokeball.

Professor Oak then hands Ashley her Pink Pokedex and six Pokeballs.

"Remember Ashley, you can only carry six Pokemon with you at any one time and that includes Pikachu. So the third Pokemon you catch will be sent to me for safe keeping." Oak said. "Do you understand?"

"I understand Professor." Ashley said as she hugged the Professor good bye and headed on her journey. "Thank you so much for everything Professor. I will see you later."

"Sure thing Ashley." Professor Oak said. "Have fun!"

With that Ashley waved and started her journey to become the worlds best Pokemon trainer.

As Ashley's Journey Continued...

While traveling on her journey, Ashley was rescued by a girl named Misty who she quickly became friends with. Orion was in bad shape, but Misty healed Pikachu really well with some potions as well as some berries. She however insisted that Ashley get Orion to a Pokemon Center ASAP to get him looked at. So Ashley did borrow Misty's bike, but not before asking if she could. Ashley and Orion were attacked by a bunch of Spearow, Ashley caught a male Pidgey so she now had five Pokemon including Orion the Pikachu. She decided to name the Pidgey Ace. Pidgey quickly adapted to that name. Ashley also caught a Rattata which she named Terra because it was a female Rattata. She however sent it to Professor Oak so Ashley still had room for one more. She will save that slot for another Pokemon that she could get later. Vulcan the Charmander fried the angry Spearow and he was worn out as well. Ashley rushed to the Pokemon Center to have her Charmander and Pikachu looked at. Other than a bit worn out, they were fine. Orion was in a bit worse shape because of his and Ashley's encounter with the Spearow. After healing her Pokemon at the Viridian Pokemon Center, she went into a store and bought some potions and revives as well as some more Pokeballs. All this was done in a week. during the course of the week her bosom outgrew the training Bra and into a Mid-A-Cup. Ashley still kept the same outfit though. She also leveled up her Pokemon evenly. The ones she decided to keep with her. She even rotated her Rattata named Terra in to get some training in. It quickly evolved into a Raticate named Terra. After that happened, Ashley sent Terra back to Professor Oak and continued her journey. Oh yeah, Ashley also battled Gary twice and won both matches. Gary still insists that Ashley is lucky and that he will beat her next time. Also Ashley's figure took on a more hourglass shape as her genitals continued to morph. It would still be at least five months before they were completely redone. Ashley got used to being a girl more and more and found out she loved it even more than she thought she would. She also met up with Misty again. Misty decided that she would travel with Ashley for a while because her goal was to be the ultimate water Pokemon Master. As Ashley and Misty entered the forest, Misty panicked and hid behind Ashley because of the bugs, however eventually Ashley got Misty to get over her fear of bugs, but she was still afraid of the Weedle-Kakuna-Beedrill line. Ashley was too. Ashley also caught a Caterpie that evolved once into Metapod after a battle and then after a battle with Team Rocket, evolved into Butterfree and sent Team Rocket Blasting off again. The next stop for Ashley and Misty, Pewter City. Will Ashley be ready for Brock, or will she fail? Find out as Ash's Transition continues. Ashley's hair is still Upper-Back length though it seems to have stopped growing for the time being. Also during her travels with Misty through the Viridian Forest, Ashley's Pidgey(Ace) Evolved into Pidgeotto.

To Be Continued...

Next Time: Ashley and Misty arrive in Pewter City. What will happen? Stay Tuned to find out!

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