When it was finally time for the kids to go home Harry was so happy he was bouncing up and down on the heels of his feet. When the bell finally rang he shot out of his seat and made his way to the student parking lot to wait for Mr. Grey to come. He was just about to walk out the front double doors when someone grabbed his arm and pushed him into the nearest available wall. Harry looked up to see the face of Mike Newton, the same boy he had told off at lunch just a couple of hours earlier.

"So your Uncle was going to rape you, huh. I bet you would've liked it, wouldn't you?" Mike taunted while he grabbed Harry's wrists in a painful grip and shoved them above his head and pinned them to the wall.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Harry whimpered while trying to get out of Mike's hold.

"You don't, well why don't I remind you. After all you Uncle thought you might have been a good fuck," Mike said with an insane glinit in his eyes as he shoved his leg in between Harry's legs to push them apart.

"So how would your uncle have taken you?" Mike asked, then grinned and leaned closer to Harry until his breath hit Harry's ear, "Would he have taken you chained to a bed or would he have just hold you down while he thrusted into you from behind?"

Harry whimpered in pain as he was assaulted with memories of the first and several other times he's Uncle told him he was going to rape him. And that's when it happened, he screamed and his body started to glow a bright gold color and the air around him swirled slightly creating a lazy and small vortex that was barely moving around Harry's body and trying to push Mike away from him. His scream had alerted several teachers and students, the Cullens/Hales being the first to hear it. Everyone saw everything that had happened after Harry had screamed. They watched as the vortex and gold light blended together and formed a cocoon around Harry and then it expanded until it covered the entire school. When everyone was enveloped images went through everyone's mind, they were all of Harry through out his entire life. When the Cullens saw it they would have been sick if they could. Some of the students and one of the teachers was sick, what they saw was just too much for them. No one liked the images they were shown except for one, Mike Newton took in the images with glee and delight. When the light finally left everything was quiet until Newton said something that made everyone's blood run cold.

"I'm going to enjoy having you just like your Uncle would have, had you not gotten away," he said aloud.

When he looked down he saw Harry had fainted and had tear tracks going down his cheeks. He bent his head down and licked Harry form his chin to his cheek, following the tear track on the tired boy's face. Then he grinned like a madman, " Yes I will have you one of these days, I'm just glad that when I do take you, you I will be the first."

That was all it took for Edward to snap out of his daze look and tackle Newton away from Harry and catch Harry at the same time before he fell. He went over to a teacher with Harry in his arms and told him about Newton and that he and his family were going to take Harry home so he could rest. The teacher nodded and they left, when they got to the car he sat in the back with Rosalie and Alice with Harry lying in their laps. His head in Edward's while the rest of his body laid on Alice and Rosalie. When they were on the road Harry had began to shake and mutter things like "not again, please not again" and "I'm sorry, please don't". After a while he stopped and only whimpered as if he were in pain. And he probably was they could all see the hand shaped bruises around each of his wrists where Newton had grabbed him. Rosalie looked at the child in her lap with sympanthy and understanding. Having been raped before being turned she knew how it felt. She hoped he would never have to know how that felt. She smiled at the boy in her lap and closed her eyes. For the rest of the car ride to their home they stayed quiet and only talked in hushed whisperes that even humans couldn't hear if they were asleep or awake.

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