"it's so hot" Takuya groaned as they walked through yet another desert

"well, we are in a desert" Bokumon retorted

"how much farther" JP wined

"I'm not sure" he stated

"what!" they all screamed

"I'm not framilyer with this area" he said

"but then why were we fallowing you" JP asked

"I don't know" he said flatly

"huh" they all yelled

"hey look there's the ocean" Neemon said

"what" Takuya asked, as they all turnd around

"oh, lets go swim" Zowy suggested

"yeah, we could all use it" cheered Takuya

"that will only waist time" Koji remarked

"but once we're all refreshed we'll be able to travel at top speed" JP argoude

he thought about it as they all stared at him with puppy dog eyes

"oh, all right" he gave

"Yay" they all cheered

They were all either playing in the water or sitting by the shore, then Tommy noticed something

"what's that?" he asked

They all looked to where he was pointing

There was a island with a big mountain in the center

"could that be Vile Island, I thought it was only a fairy tale" Bokumon gasped

"what's Vile Island?" Takuya asked

"Vile Island is a ancient, mythical island, said to be one of the few remaining fragments of the original digital world, but supposedly, after the world was reborn it began to float around, and became impossible to find" Bokumon explained

"original digital world?" Zowy questioned

"yes, according to the story the digital world was once vary different then it is today, wilder, and more random, and it goes on to say that there was a ancient evil, trying to destroy that world, and when the evil was stopped the digital world was reborn" Bokumon said

"so who stopped it" asked Koji

"no one knows, this would have happened long before the world was divided by the beast and human type digimon, those were not even terms back then" Bokumon told them

"do you think maybe someone on that island would know" Takuya asked

"could be" Bokumon said

"you know there's a chance someone there could give us derections, and mabey we can find something out wile we're at it" Takuya suggested

"sounds good to me" Zowy agreed

"it's better than wandering around lost in this deserd" JP poited out

so they all agreed, and with that they swam over to the strange island

To be continued…