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Wile Takuya and the others were meeting electmon...

Back on the beach the constructed a campsite wile Bokomon tried to remember any other information from the old story's.

"Ah!" He suddenly cried out, making Neemon scream.

"What is it Bokomon?" JP asked.

"I jest remembered" He replied "the children were called digidestined and they each were supposed to posses a unique quality or characteristic of some sort or something like that, I don't remember, but they each had one and at the end after defeating the evil their power was supposed to remain and protect the digital world, I think. File island was to become a place digimon and humans could come and visit each other after that, according to the story." Bokomon explained.

"But the digital world got into trouble again, so either the story was adjusted, whatever they used wasn't strong enough, or something happened." Koji pointed out.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Koichi murmured .

Suddenly Patamon, who had been sleeping on Bokomon's head let out a yawn then slowly blinked his eyes open and looked around.

Finally his eyes landed on something and opened wide. Then he started flying away.

"Wait! Patamon where are you going?!" Bokomon called running after him with all the others trailing behind.

Patamon flew over to some ruined telephone booths and landed on one.

"Telephones? What are they doing here?" Koji questioned.

"Don't know." JP said then notice Patamon was now eyeing something behind him.

JP looked over his shoulder and gasped at what he saw.

"Hey guys? Are those what I think they are?" JP asked pointing at three graves.

They all turned around and let out gasps themselves.

Walking over to them Koichi said " there's an inscription! And it's written in Japanese! 'We'll never forget you', 'Whamon', 'Piximon', and 'Chewmon'." He read.

A thick silence spread over the group till it was broken by a deep, unknown voice.

"They were digimon who sacrificed themselves for the digidestined when they first arrived to fight the dark masters." The voice informed them.

"Leomon!" Patamon was the one to identify him as they all turned to face the speaker.

"I imagine it was probably Mimi or TK who made the graves." Leomon continued.

"Dark masters? Mimi? TK?" JP asked the new arrival.

"Two of the digidestined, and one of the many challenges they had to face." Leomon informed them.

"You knew them?" Koichi asked.

"Yes, most the digimon here knew them, though I only met the later group more recently ." Leomon answered.

"There was more than one group of them?" JP asked with wide eyes.

Leomon chuckled at his reaction.

"The digidestined have spanned the globe for decades." He informed them.

"WHAT?!" That manger to effectively shock everyone, even Koji had forgotten to maintain his cool composure.

Leomon chuckled some more before asking "so, I'm guessing you all are Ophanimon's warriors?"

"You know Ophanimon?" Koichi asked.

"Yes, the three celestial digimon kept in close contact with the digidestined on this island, they were the ones that came up with the program that created the spirits of the legendary warriors in case in the distant future their powers would again be needed. As a long time ally of the digidestined I have had the privilege of working with them all this time." Leomon told them.

Every one of them sat in silent shock of what had just been reviewed to them.

"They created the spirits?" Koichi at last found his voice, though it was soft.

"Indirectly, yes, you could say that. The digidestined posses a great number of gifted minds, skilled with computers. Izzy, in particular, probably understands more about the digital world then just about anyone..." Leomon explained.

"I don't believe what I'm hearing, all this and I thought they were only a legend or a fairy tale." Bokomon was shocked.

"Well, it's been a very long time to the outside world, it isn't that surprising that their story turned into something like that. No one has really come to this place other then the warriors and the three celestials and maybe a handful or two of other digimon over the years." Leomon excused.

"The legendary warriors came here?" JP asked.

"Once or twice, they hadn't been the legendary warriors at that time, though they did stay in contact over that time." He went on.

"So where are these digidestined now?" Koji asked.

"Hmm... Well, they've been investigating the cause of the disturbances in the digital world since we first got word of the war between the beast and human type digimon, we lost contact with them not long ago, I believe that normal time would put it not long after Cherubimon turned. I'm afraid I'm unaware of their findings, however they left the warrior spirits just in case anything should happen. I do remember however that they were looking into the possibility that an outside force may be responsible for the instability in the digital world." Leomon explained.

Just then there was a loud cry and the next thing they knew a Megaseadramon emerged from the water and started attacking them.

"What the?!" JP shouted as he jumped out of the way of an attack.

"No! Not another one!" Leomon shouted in rage.

"Another what?" Koichi asked.

"Recently, an increasing number of digimon have begun to lose their minds on this island. They suddenly start slowly forgetting things till they lose all sence of self and go on a rampage, afterwards they're digieggs seem unable to hatch!" Leomon explained.

"What?!" Koichi voided everyone's shock.

Suddenly from behind them appeared three more digimon. Bokomon identified them as Monochromon, Thunderbirdmon, and Boltmon.

"Oh dear, Boltmon is a mega level digimon!" Bokomon cried.

"Leave him to me. Leomon digivolve to... Saber Leomon!" Leomon shouted as he digivolved and attacked the Boltmon, the others were surprised but quickly digivolved themselves.

Beetlemon went after Megaseadramon.

Lobomon took on Monochromon.

And Loweemon chased after Thunderbirdmon.

Bokomon, Patamon, and Neemon ran off to hide.

Beetlemon and Loweemon ended up getting separated in the course of their battles.

Lobomon finished off the Monochromon within a mater of minutes and went to assist Saber Leomon.

He digivolved to Kendogarurumon and attacked but Boltmon dogged and countered.

However Saber Leomon took the attack instead and then used the last of his strength to send the enemy flying with his move "howling crusher" before dedigivolving back to Leomon from taking a direct hit when helping Koji.

Realizing he was in over his head, Koji digivolved back to Lobomon and helped get Leomon away from the area followed by Bokomon, Patamon, and Neemon.

When Boltmon came back he was angered to see his opponents had escaped and ran off to continue his rampage after destroying the area in his frustration, kicking up a large cloud of sand in the process.