Help of a Seer

by Aealket

Hey, I disclaim any ownership of Harry Potter and I disclaim all liability. About the only thing I can't disclaim is the bite mark where this rabid plot bunny struck.

This is a straight Harry/Luna fan fiction. Any multiple parings will not involve Harry and Luna.

I have read several stories where Luna is some kind of a Seer. But none of them seem to really take advantage of her abilities, this is my take on a tale where the knowledge is considered vital.

This is rated M because of a short rape scene and a short attempted rape.


Luna has a bad day

It had been an up and down year for Luna Lovegood. Ever since she had started attending Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry she had been suffering some sort of abuse from the students in her school house of Ravenclaw. That was a down. But starting this year, others had begun to pay attention to her; Luna now actually had a friend or two at school now. This had counted as an up.

However, at the end of her fourth year, she and five other students had been involved in a major fight and, while none of them had died, they had all been hurt. In fact, a couple of them had been hurt badly. That could count as both an up and a down. The students had accepted Luna and had depended on her during the fight (the up), and they were all hurt (the down).

But sadly the one person they went to try and save, someone that Luna had thought was Stubby Boardman, did die. One of Luna's friends, Ginny, had told her that Stubby was actually someone named Sirius, and that he had been the godfather of Harry Potter, who was another of Luna's friends. Stubby's death had hurt Harry badly, which had to count as yet another down.

Now though the school year was over, and Luna was looking forward to spending some quality time with her dad. But when the train had pulled into the station in London he had not been there to meet her, but that wasn't too abnormal. He often had to work late the day she got back. Luna knew that he generally started working extra hard and extra late the week before she got back so that they could spend more time together when she arrived home.

When Luna arrived home, however, the front door to their house was swinging open. Luna found this disturbing; Daddy never left the door open. It was quiet; the presses should have been running to get the paper out that night. A wary Luna pulled her wand from its usual place behind her ear, and she approached the front door of her home more carefully. Hearing nothing, she cast a handy disillusionment spell that she had learned from her friend Harry, and, feeling a sense of dread, she entered the place she had always felt the safest in, her home.

The house was a disaster. And... and... and there was no doubt, her Daddy was dead. Luna found him with his body lying in an un-natural sprawl of limbs next to the door into the kitchen. He had taken several of his attackers with him, as several bodies of people she did not know were also lying around. But despite his efforts, they had gotten him in the end.

As Luna's mind tried to cope, it happened. It was always going to happen. The seer blood of her mother's line was too strong to be denied. But normally this type of gift did not manifest until a witch was nineteen or twenty. However, seeing her mom die had pushed it a little, and several years of abuse at school had pushed it a little further. Now seeing her Daddy lying in such an un-natural position, never to hold her, or to whisper his stupid pet names to her again, pushed her gift or, depending on whom you talked to, her curse too far.

Luna fell to the ground, not in grief, but in shock, as her seer's gift of seeing the different possible futures manifested itself in a body and mind that was not prepared. For over an hour the young girl sat unnaturally still, not looking at her Daddy's body but rather watching with her mind's eye the different events that led to his death, and the different events that could help or hurt the future.

One path seemed to hold the least death, but it would mean that she, Luna Lovegood, would need to take a more active role; something she would find hard to do. She preferred to stay in the background, where she could be ignored, or even ridiculed. But if she took that path, there would be no turning from it, and once started, there were very few places it could be modified. On that path, her future seemed to end.

A seer could not see her own death and beyond a certain point, she could 'see' nothing. But Luna could 'see' far enough. Voldemort and the Death Eaters would be defeated; the magical world of England would start to become a better place; and it appeared that whatever event that caused her to stop seeing would be the beginning of the end of that cancer named Dumbledore. Luna would need to ask Harry when next she saw him why she always 'saw' Harry calling the Dark Lord 'Tom'. Luna had never heard the phrase 'doing what is right instead of what is easy', but she could and would make the right decision, even if it meant that her own life was the cost.

Luna shook herself from the semi-trance she had fallen into, and took stock of both herself and what needed to happen to start following the path of the least innocent deaths, but not the path of least resistance. That path would lead to too many deaths, and Daddy's death would come to mean nothing then.

Now though, there was much to do, and very little time in which to do it. Ginny would be by some time tomorrow, and Luna needed to be well away by then, with her tracks covered. Luna stood, and, after stretching her stiffened body, she started gathering the books she needed. A special transfiguration later, and a body of Luna Lovegood lay beside her forever stilled father.

It was nearly dawn when Luna left her old home for the last time. She had what she wanted: pictures, trinkets, things that only she thought were worthwhile; things that held special memories; and the books that held the key to a better future. A quick spell to light an oily rag, and the house was quickly consumed in flames. Luna was well away before any of the neighbors could get to the smoking ruin that was left of the once unique place.