Hello this is the twilight sage here bringing you the first chapter of my Naruto / Code Geass crossover. I have to say im excited about this one and just a little warning. This story will contain some elements from devil may cry, I been playing a lot of the games lately. Can't really think of anything to say so I'll just start the story. ^-^'

"Hello" Talking


"Hello"Jutsu or Kyubi Talking

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Chapter 1: One Messed Up World

The Holy Empire of Britannia, a nation born from the defeated remnants of the British Empire and is the world's dominant military superpower. Although its technology and influence has changed some part of the world for the better, Britannia is a corrupt, greedy country that lives by the motto "survival of the fittest."

Our story begins in area 11, formally known as Japan, more specifically in area 11's mental hospital, 11:00 in the morning where a new "patient" has just been enrolled in.

Inside the hospital two guards were standing outside a metal door both with stern expressions on their faces.

"Man it's been 14 days and that eleven still refuses to tell the truth." One guard spoke while looking back at the door.

"Yeah he keeps ranting on about some place named konoha. Heh I wonder how much refrain he's been using Ha ha." The second guard laughed with the first guard joining in.

Then a large man, holding a suitcase walked up to the door with the two guards stepping aside for him. "Alright let's see if our guest feels like talking today." The man said before walking into the room.

Inside the room there was a man sitting tied up to a chair. He had blond hair that spiked out a little but was mostly down. He also had three symmetrical whisker marks on each cheek and blue eyes. Currently he had bruises all over his body and was cloaked in a white, stray jacket like outfit.

When he entered the room, the large man walked up to him, grabbed his hair and lifted his head up. "So Naruto Uzumaki was it?" the interrogator asked, to the now named, naruto who just glared at him. "It's almost been a month since you've been here, don't you think it's time to give up this lie and tell us why you were wondering around the settlement?" the man asked before getting out a pair of brass knuckles and a pipe.

"I keep telling you people it's not a lie, I just woke up here and when I tried to ask for help I got arrested!" Naruto shouted at him but the interrogator just starred at him with an emotionless expression before picking up the pipe. "Fine then, I guess nobody will notice one more dead eleven." He said grimly before lifting up his pipe to deliver a killing blow.

Before he could though time seemed to slow down for naruto and he was pulled into a familiar dark sewer in his mind. In front of him was a large gate where giant red eyes were glaring at him.

"YOU STUPID KIT!" Roared a giant voice that would scare most people but naruto kept an impassive face.

"Nice to see you too fuzz ball." The blond replied back but this "fuzz ball" was in fact the legendary Kyuubi no Yoko and one of the nine bijiu.


"Well I would but I've hardly had any food and running really low on chakra right now!" Naruto yelled frustrated.

"Fine I'll loan you some of my chakra to help you out.And to make things even better I've got a couple of gifts for you." The Kyuubi spoke slyly while naruto developed a confused look on his face.


"Yes during our time here I've been studying on the guards weapons called guns and I've now made a pair for you."

Two flashes flew out of the cage and naruto caught them. He took a moment to admire the guns before lowering them to his side.

(A/N: if you want to know what the guns look like, go to my profile.)

"These guns are special because they don't require regular ammunition they channel the natural energy from the environment and convert it to a highly concentrated burst of energy. It harnesses the power of the surroundings from the element themselves, which means the guns will usually have wind energy burst something perfect for you. The longer the trigger is held the bigger the shot."

"And here is your second gift." Red chakra oozed out of the gate and went towards naruto. It rose up and circled around his left arm and naruto yelped and clenched it in pain.

When the pain stopped the blond looked back at his arm, he had to keep his jaw from dropping. His arm was now black and red and when he turned his arm over he saw his palm was glowing a bright blue.

"WHAT THE HELL WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!" Naruto demanded while pointing his newly transformed arm at the cage.

"And I thought you'd be more grateful. Consider it a upgrade and don't worry about the appearance just think about the way it was before and it will go back to normal." After the fox was finished it went to go back to its cage but before it could naruto stopped it.

"Wait…Why are you helping me?"

"Heh heh heh remember if you die I die. And I have to admit this world seems like it's going to be alot of fun. Now enough talking, your about to get killed kit so break out of here and give em hell kit." The fox then proceeded to go back into the depths of it's cage and naruto found himself back in front of the man who was about to bash his skull in.

Just as the pipe was about to make contact, one of the blonds legs broke loose and kicked the man into the wall. He looked up and froze in shock as the blonds eyes were now glowing red. Naruto then ripped himself from the chair and getting his arms loose with his new guns in each hand.

The blond looked at the interrogator and grinned before he spoke the words that many unfortunate people will hear from him.

"Let's go wild!"

Back outside the guards were listening as several grunts of pain were heard from outside the room.

"Wow he's really having a field day with him." Guard A spoke surprised of the loud grunts.

"Hmm I think I'll go in and join him, it's been a while and I need to work off some stress." Guard B said before reaching for the handle. Before he could even open the door it was sent flying of its hinges as the interrogator was soaring out and if you looked closely enough you could see several of his teeth missing.

He hit the wall with a loud thud before sliding down with several large cracks formed where he impacted. The two guards slowly turned there heads back to see naruto walking out of the room while cracking his neck.

"F-F-F-FREEZE, DON'T M-M-MOVE!" The guard stuttered out while holding his gun shakily at the blond. Naruto took one step forward before the guards began to fire. The blond first dodged the first barrage of bullets before he slammed the barrel of the gun into his temple, knocking him unconscious. The second guard then fired missing naruto but hitting the fallen security, killing him. Naruto then around before pointed his gun at the guard shooting his gun out of his hand before punching him out.

"Man these things just get better and better." Naruto commented while looking down at the duel set of guns.

"Im glad your impressed just don't shoot too many times in a row.If you do Hikari and Yami will shut down for a few days." The fox explained too naruto before the blond got a look of confusion on his face.

"Hikari and Yami?"

"The names of the guns kit."

"Okay now that that's taken care of I need to find my stuff." The blond said before looking down at the dead guard "man I just know that is going to come back to hunt me."

When naruto got to the storage he saw the guards had burned most of his things and only a few things survived his pouch which kept his equipment, his headband, and his emerald necklace.

Looking around, naruto managed to gather up a few clothes that were lying around, and get him some new clothes. The blond now wore brown pants with black shoes, an orange long sleeved shirt and a black jacket over it. Naruto then put his necklace on and tied his headband around his arm. Just as he was putting his pouch on the door burst open and several more guards busted in.

"Freeze eleven, don't move or we'll shoot!" one of the guards yelled as the others pointed their guns at the blond.

"Come on cant you guys think of anything more original?" naruto asked with his eyes half lidded

"Fire!" the guards then attempted to rain bullets on the blond but naruto managed to maneuver himself between the shots and shoot the apparent leader in his right arm.


"Commander are you okay?" one of the guards asked their fallen leader,

"Never mind me just get him!"

The rest of the men turned back to the whiskered blond only to find him charging the group. One of the men raised their gun up but naruto kicked it out of his hand and punched him into a wall. A second guard decided to shoot him while he had his back turned but the blond pointed his gun back at the guard and shot him square in the chest.

Another guard managed to bring his gun up and point it at the blonds head. Naruto saw this and brought up his left arm in reflex and what happened next shocked the remaining guards in the room.

The moment the bullets hit his arm a bright blue light flashed and naruto's arm changed into its other form.

"W-What's up with your arm?" the guard that shot him, who was now shaking asked.

"Hmm not really sure my self." Naruto then went to punch the guard but without meaning to, a giant spectral version of his arm appeared and knocked the remaining guards through the wall.

"Whoa" was all naruto could say as he looked down at his left arm.

"Man i think i could get used to this." Naruto commented while putting away the guns.

"Glad you like your gifts. Now I suggest you make a fast exit right now because more guards are on the way!" and just as Kyuubi predicted the blond heard several footsteps rushing towards his location. Naruto looked around but he saw that the room was completely sealed off. "Well if there isn't a exit then I'll just make one!" A ball of blue energy formed in his hand before he charged at the wall.

"Rasengan!" the whiskered blond declared before the ball impacted the wall. The effects were instantaneous as the wall was blown away and made the guards sprint faster towards there destination.

By the time the guards burst into the room all they saw was rubble and naruto was nowhere to be seen.

Later that day

Naruto had ran too a hold abandon building to catch his breath while trying to make sense of things.

"Okay im alone, im hungry and I can't even go into what looks like the good part of the city so now what?" naruto asked him self, not expecting a answer but fortunately he got one.

"Try to find out more about this world,maybe you should see if there is a school you can get in around here." The fox told the blond who sighed not really wanting to go back to school.

"Alright but where am I going to find- oh never mind." Naruto said as he saw two people his age walking by in strange uniforms. "Well seeing as their my age, Im guessing they are school uniforms.I'll see if I can "Borrow" one." Naruto thought before he started to walk after the boys.

"Man who does that pink haired bitch thinks she is? I mean it's just a eleven no need to get so angry." The skinnier of the two boys noted before they noticed naruto walking behind them with a frown on his face.

"What the hell do you want?" the larger of the boys stated while pointing his finger at the whiskered blond.

"It's not really nice to insult women. And im getting tired hearing the word eleven." Naruto said as a tick mark developed on his head.

"Oh yeah well what are you going to do about it?" the skinnier boy said before picking up a rock on the ground.

Naruto just grinned and cracked his knuckles.

A few minutes and several broken bones later

"I don't see why people would where something like this. It's not really good for fighting either." Naruto lamented as held the outfit of the skinner boy who lay unconscious on the ground with the large boy next to him.

"Before you go to this school you might want to put on a henge while your there."

"I know, I'll just think of something along the way. Well to Ashford academy then." Naruto said before he walked towards to the school, leaving the two boys on the ground.

Back at the mental hospital

"Let me get this straight, are you saying that one boy did this to all of the guards." This statement came from a tall purple haired woman. She wore what looked like a red body suit with white gloves, boots and cape. She had purple lipstick which went well with her purple hair and blue eyes and she carried herself with the air of a battle hardened veteran.

"W-Well Princess Cornelia he surprised us and caught us off guard but I promise you if we catch him it will not happen again." The head guard promised, trying to call her down. And to his relief it worked somewhat.

"You WILL find him I already trying to catch zero right now and I don't have time to deal with this joker." Cornelia said before she turned on her heel and left the building and letting the guards relax.

The Next Day at Ashford academy

The class was sitting, chatting with one another before the teacher walked in and coughed to get everybody's attention.

"Attention class we have a new student joining us today please help him feel welcome." The teacher then turn towards the door as a young man entered. He wore the trademark school uniform but he had green eyes and straight blond hair which fell down to his chin and a single bang fell in between his eyes. This man was a clearly disguised naruto uzumaki.

"Great so far so good,nobody's noticed a thing. Now hopefully I'll be able to find out more about this world."

"Hello class my name is Vash Saverem I hope we can get along." Naru- I mean Vash said while smiling and making the girls blush.

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