Katie Gardner was not one for , when it came to Will Solace, she was more than happy to , hugs, flowers. It was perfection. Will and Katie, Katie and daughter of Demeter was in heaven for exactly-Three months,Two weeks,Four days,Eight hours,Forty-five minutes,And thirty-seven then he took her hand at breakfast on that cool, October her to the her dumped her like an empty Coke he'd say, "I never wanted it to end like this."And prance off with that. Horrible. Nasty. Harmony, from she'd see them playing tonsil hockey in the strawberry fields as she would lay sleeplessly at night, insomnia washing over her like a tidal 'd cry, and cry and cry. Miranda tried, Lily tried, Rosie tried. Even Blossom no one could get her to get out of bed, take away that photo-booth strip of her and the golden-haired Apollo even Annabeth, her best friend, couldn't get the poor girl just simply would not, could not, bring herself to emerge from her warm caccoon of so she stayed a that fateful day when Travis Stoll took it upon himself to snap her the Hades out of it.