Travis' POV

Connor and I were arguing with Clarrise over the prices for hot chocolate this year. As usual, my brother and I nicked it all before the camp store opened.

Now, as it happens every year, campers freeze their butts off outside and crave something hot and chocolatey- and faster than you can say Sham-WooHoo!- Connor and I have profit.

Every year, we use the money to buy each other gifts that we wait to get until the last second. Usually they're crappy presents, cause we've never been very good at saving dough for more than the amount of time it takes to see something we wanna buy.

So, we were arguing very loud. At least, Clarrise was.

See, the IPad 7 just came out, and I want one sooo freaking bad. So we bumped the prices up to fifteen bucks a pop. Clarrise thought this was ridiculous, naturally, and so she had to fight about it. But we children of Hermes aren't daises.

So, Connor sufficently yelled down Clarrise and gave her a five cuks off coupon (I never said we have no hearts!). Well, it didn't happen like that entirely, but that's how I saw it.


Clarrise paid and left through the back door, as customers do.

"Gotta break." Connor told me, bro-language for 'That blonde was so checking me out-See ya later loser!'.

"D*" I grumbled. He just patted me on my curly head and flounced out like a girl. To my knowledge, Connor's not gay. But sometimes I wonder...

I took up the position of seller-of-stuff-people-wanna-buy, and made deals and bargains with other campers, discreetly scaming them out of their cash. Their loss.

Suddenly, a vision of beauty swept in the door. Katie Gardener had snowflakes gracing her eyelashes and the hair framing her face. My heart fluttered as she laughed at some joke Annabeth told her, Suddenly, they were walking towards me, and I ran a hand through my hair.

"Happy Hollys, Travis!" Annabeth greeted. I smiled at her- she never annoyed me too much, no reason to be bitter on Christmas Eve!

"You too, Annabeth! Merry Christmas Katie!" I sang with a wink, hoping to get her to blush, but all I got was a smile. But she used teeth! She used her teeth! It was a toothy, friendly grin! That's never happened before!

"Same to you, Stoll." She teased. Annabeth looked hard at her and wispered something inintelegable in her ear. Then the weird part happened.

Katie started flirting with me.

Katie POV

Anna whispered harshly into my ear."Sell it girl!" So I did.

I flipped my hair, twirled it around a finger, and constantly smiled big. I was wearing just a thermal shirt and yogas, but I tried my best. I also giggled a lot, and fluttered the eyelashes. I also licked my lips all the time. He noticed.

It was rather hilarious, watching him suffer- but it was also surprising. Gemma had been telling me for years that Travis had something for me, but I just shook it off. Now, I wasn't too sure.

While I was flirting for chocolate, I thought- would Travis be a good boyfriend? Should I even waste my time? But then I remembered- Will. There was no chance in hades I was going there again. Once was quite enough, thank yuo very much!

When Travis very nearly tripped over his own feet trying to avoid me, Annabeth pounced.

"And really, I think we must get going. But-" And I cut in, with my hip cocked and my eyes fluttering.

"It's soooooo" Pasue for dramatic effect-"Cold out there."

"Yeah, gods, your prices are sky high this year!" Anna added. Travis gulped. One look at me and I knew we had him.

"Um- um- well- I'm sure I can get you girls a reduced price...?"

"That would be...gratifying." He nearly squealed. When he handed us our chocolate, my hand lingerd on his and he almost dropped it. Annabeth paid our three-dollars each, and we made to exit.

Then my conscience beared down, no-holds-barred.

I felt so unbelievably guilty. I couldn't live with myself. I'm such a gank. What did I do? What was I thinking, messing with his head like that?

So I stopped at the door. Suddenly there was an "oooh!'' Like on those dumb shows, and I looked up.



So I spun around, and in that instant I solidified my resolve, put every stupid male out of my head and kissed Travis Stoll.

I put emotion into that kiss.

Guilt. Fear. Overwhelming joy. And the one thing I wasn't expecting to be felt for a Stoll such as himself.

Ell. Oh. Vee. Ee.

Happy Hollies guys! Sorry about not updating- and for those who are confused, Katie and Will Solcae were a happy couple. Will broke it off for a ganky Aphro girl. Katie had a broken heart, but Travis helped her fix it. Then she got pretty and Travie got jealous. Now they're not sure of their feeling for each other. So in this chapter, you can probably guess what's going on- Katie's using Travis to get cheap hot chocolate, And than her ture feelings burst through in a passionate mistletoe kiss. Awww.

So I'm thinking it's Katie's turn to be ragingly jealous- who's with me? And if anyone has any ideas, leave a comment. Ell Oh Vee Ee you all!