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A/N: This is the sequel to Changing Perceptions. This part of the story takes place during Adrian, Harry and Draco's sixth year at Hogwarts.

The adventure picks up midway through the summer between fifth and sixth year, right before the Quidditch World Cup in Athens Greece.


Chapter 1: Underage Advantage

-Directly after the attack at WWW-

Ronald Weasley would have smirked if he thought he could get away with it. He had been released from the Ministry a few hours earlier and having endured a typical Molly Weasley screeching session, he was banished to his bedroom, without his wand.

Because he was underage, the Ministry had been unable to charge him with anything beyond fining his family for underage magic. Of course the Weasley's couldn't really afford the fine at the moment, nor could they afford the ire of the Malfoy family, not that Ron cared. He'd seen that nasty blonde ferret with his lips sucking on his older brother's face. Of course he'd reacted like he did, the damn ferret was trying to rape his brother. Despite everything, it never once occurred to Ron that Fred would consensually entire into a relationship with Draco 'the ferret' Malfoy, let alone another male. So in his twisted mind, he saw Draco as the bad guy and Fred as the defenseless, taken advantage of Gryffindor.

His wand had been confiscated of course, he wouldn't be getting it back until he returned to Hogwarts, if he returned to Hogwarts. According to the Ministry and the Hogwarts board of Directors, aka Lucius Malfoy, it was being evaluated if Ron would be able to return to the school as he was currently considered a threat to the heirs of the Malfoy family and their safety.

He snorted, he wasn't a threat, it was those damn ferrets that were the threats. Everything had been fine at school before Adrian bloody Malfoy showed up, with his little illness thing. Everyone fell for that blonde haired git's act, and catered to his every need. Ron could tolerate Malfoy, but he couldn't stand seeing the twin blondes ruling Hogwarts, it sickened him. He needed to do something, prove to everyone that the sun didn't shine out of the Malfoys ass, and he wasn't opposed to using slightly dirty methods to prove it.


-Current time (July 21st)-Malfoy Manor-

Narcissa Malfoy shook her head as she looked over the Daily Prophet before tossing it onto the table with a disgusted expression. The explosion at Weasley Wizard Wheezes was still headlining news, especially since both Draco and Adrian 'the Malfoy heirs' were involved and injured. Lucius had been furious at the Skeeter woman for including his sons in the stories, especially the first one the day after the accident when Mungos had flooded with anxious reporters and photographers trying to get interviews and pictures of the twins.

Of course no one had succeeded in getting interviews or pictures of the twins, but the persistent and the acts alone were rather devastating for the family. Lucius had been furious, beyond furious at Skeeter's continuous behaviour, since she continued to write outlandish stories about the family, making wide assumptions and slanderous comments, though most were directed at the Weasley family. Lucius still didn't like anything being written about his family that he didn't sanction, and Narcissa knew the Prophet would be getting a rather rude awakening via law suit.

"Mistress Cissa?" A squeaky voice sounded behind her and she turned, glancing down at one of the numerous family house elves. She arched a manicured eyebrow, her sign for the creature to speak, a small frown over her lips.

"Young Master Draco is flooing home from his visit to the Wheezys" The elf said, Narcissa nodded, her lips now quirking as she remembered her orders for the elves to inform her whenever Draco returned home from visiting his lover. She refused to say boyfriend, though she knew her son and Fred Weasley were in a rather serious relationship, though she couldn't bring herself to be angry or annoyed at the relationship. Once upon a time perhaps she would be annoyed, but now all she wanted was for her son to be happy, his twin as well. Both her and Lucius had been aware of both Adrian and Draco's sexual preference for quite some time, and neither felt the need to force them into heterosexual marriages that many pureblood families forced on their heirs. Unlike the barbaric muggle world, it was very possible for men to conceive children and give birth in the Malfoy world, and Narcissa was content in the knowledge that some of her grandchildren would, unfortunately, have Weasley red hair.

She swept into the small antechamber in front of the large, brick fireplace that was the main floo fire in Malfoy Manor. Her son was finishing dusting floo off of his muggle jeans as she entered.

"Dragon" She murmured, drawing him into a hug. She worried every time he left and went over to the Weasley twins store. He was helping in fixing it up and spent much of his summer since his release from Mungos at the store.

"Mother" Draco murmured, accepting the hug easily, knowing she needed the reassurance that he was fine.

"How goes the repairs?" She asked leading her son into the small sitting room where she summoned a house elf and ordered tea.

"They go" Draco murmured, accepting a cup of the steaming liquid when the elf reappeared.

"We're almost done setting up the main floor merchandise. I had no idea they had so much stuff" Draco said with a grin, "Its been fun though, Fred and George are brilliant" He flashed his mother a grin, flushing lightly.

"And I'm guessing for Fred Weasley he's not just 'brilliant' in the joke department?" Narcissa teased her son, causing Draco to flush a very becoming pink.

"Mother" Draco moaned, burying his face in his hands, "Don't tease" He added, glancing up at her with his amused silver eyes.

"But you're my son Dragon, I'll always tease you" She smirked, her own blue eyes twinkling.

"In fact, I think I have some adorable baby pictures of you in the bath that I must show Mr. Weasley when he joins us for dinner one evening" Narcissa added, watching Draco's expression go from amusement to mortification.

"You wouldn't" Draco begged, "Mom please..." He looked so distraught that Narcissa couldn't help but burst out into peals of bell-like laughter.

"I was teasing Dragon, I'd never show off your baby pictures" Narcissa reassured, patting her son's leg.

"Not until your engaged" She added, rising and sweeping elegantly out of the room to Draco's screech of 'Mum'.


Adrian Malfoy lay sprawled on the couch in his father's office as his father went over a huge stack of work papers.

"You're sure?" Lucius asked Adrian for what the young teen assumed was the twelfth time in the last hour.

"Yes Dad' Adrian said, turning and looking at his father with a reassuring grin.

"I want to go back to Hogwarts, I'll be fine" He murmured, watching worry and fear cross his father's face before he hid it behind his typical mask.

"Even with Ronald Weasley there? The board denied my petition to have him expelled" Lucius murmured looking seriously at his son.

"Even with Ron there Dad. I have Dray and even Harry Potter on my side now, plus Uncle Sev and Slytherin House. If I don't go back, Weasley's just winning" Adrian murmured, "I couldn't go to Hogwarts for the first four years of my education. I'm not about to stop going just because of some upstart red head" Adrian said softly, trying to show his father that he could handle this.

"I know Adrian, I just worry about you, we all do" Lucius said with a proud grin, signing his name to a piece of stiff, important looking piece of parchment with a flourish.

"I know Dad, I doubt you guys will ever stop worrying about me" Adrian said with a familiar smirk as his Father glowered playfully at him.

"Are you ready for the World Cup?" Lucius asked, changing the subject curiously.

"Yes" Adrian smiled happily, "I'm a bit sad that Dray and I don't get to go traveling like we spoke about at Christmas, but I know you guys are a bit scared after the whole Weasley shop incident" Adrian murmured.

"I'm sorry Adrian, I know your Mother and I said you could as your christmas present. But you two were just released from the hospital three weeks ago, and I know most parents wouldn't be overly concerned, but with your health issues..." Lucius trailed off, looking apologetic.

"I know Dad. I'm not mad, I'm just glad that we get to go to the match still, even if you and Mum insist on coming" Adrian reassured, pushing himself off the couch and heading out of the room.

Lucius sighed, he felt awful denying his son the present him and his wife had wanted to give him, but he was just to worried about Adrian's health and anymore attacks to let him leave his sight for two weeks to travel around Europe with just Draco for protection. Not that he doubted his son, Draco was strong and magically gifted, but he also was just a child, well a teenager, but still he couldn't lay that kind of burden on Draco.


"So we're going to the cup?" Harry asked his godfather with an excited grin, "You, me and Remus?" He was practically bouncing with excitement. His father had told him that he had to work during the cup this year, and Quidditch really wasn't his mother's thing, so he had already resigned himself to not going.

"Yupp, and I got extra tickets so you can invite your friends" Sirius said, bouncing around just as much as Harry as Remus stood next to him, laughing.

Harry paused, contemplating which friends he'd invite. Hermione for sure, she was easily his best friend, but could he invite Ron?

"Should I invite Ron?" He asked his godparents(fathers) hesitantly. Remus sighed, sharing a glance with Sirius.

"Ron has made some serious mistakes lately Harry, but do you still consider him to be your friend?" The Werewolf asked the raven-haired teen curiously.

"Well sort of, yea" Harry nodded.

"Then invite him. Just make sure that Molly and Arthur are okay with it before you invite him" Remus murmured as Sirius nodded happily.

"I already have our hotel room in Greece all booked. This should be a fantastic match" The dog animagus said with happy smile.

"Thanks Sirius, I'm going to go owl Hermione and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley" Harry said, running excitedly out of the room and towards his Father's office.

"Thanks Padfoot" James Potter said as he walked into the living room where Remus and Sirius were sitting down after his son had unceremoniously booted him from his own office.

"For?" Sirius asked, a goofy smile on his face as he regarded his surrogate brother curiously.

"For taking Harry to the cup, I felt awful when I realized I couldn't get the time off from the Auror office"

"Not a problem Prongs, I wouldn't deny my pup a trip to the cup" Sirius said with a small smile. "Besides, I love Quidditch and England managed to make the finals this year, do you think I'd miss it?" He teased.

"Well anyway, thank you" James said, smiling at Remus as well.

"Keep an eye on them Moony, you'll be the only adult along on this venture" James added.

"Of course Prongs, I'll keep an eye on everything" Remus said, both of them ignoring Padfoot's protests.


Draco was seated on his bed across from Adrian who was looking over their booklist for their sixth year.

"This sounds ridiculous" Adrian muttered, showing the list to his twin. Their OWLs had come with the lists but Lucius had grabbed the results before the twins had really gotten a chance to look over them and was currently discussing them with their Mother.

"Well Uncle Sev did get assigned the DADA position because Dumbledore couldn't fill it. That means we have a new Potions Professor for the year, so our list is bound to be a little different" Draco murmured, taking the list curiously.

"Although it looks like a heavy load" He agreed, wrinkling his nose at the amount of books.

"Who knew NEWT classes had so much reading" He grumbled, glancing up as Lucius and Narcissa came into the room.

"Well?" Draco demanded anxiously as both the twins looked at their parents.

"Well, here you go" Lucius said, handing over the matching, thick envelopes, a small smile on his face as the twins unfolded the papers with nervous excitement.

Adrian's read:

Ordinary Wizarding Exams for: Adrian Cygnus Malfoy
Passing Grades

E-Exceeds Expectations

Failing Grades:


Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Potions: O
Care of Magical Creatures: A
Herbology: E
Arithmancy: E
Transfiguration: E
Charms: E
Ancient Ruins: O
Astronomy: A
History of Magic: A

Draco's was exactly the same, except he received an E in Astronomy.

Instead of speaking both twins looked at their Father expectantly, knowing his opinion was the only one that mattered.

Lucius smiled, "I'm proud of you both, you did the family proud" He murmured as Narcissa nodded happily.

"Thanks Dad" Adrian murmured as Draco neatly folded up his results and placed them in his bedside drawer to be examined more throughly at a later date.

"Have you decided which NEWT classes you want to take?" Narcissa asked, she knew Draco wanted to be a Potions' Master and Adrian was interested in healing.

"I'm taking Potions for sure" Draco murmured, "And Herbology" He added, having not really thought about his other courses just yet.

"Me too" Adrian murmured, "Along with Ruins, I really enjoyed it" He said with a grin as his parents nodded.

"Well talk to your godfather, he can help you both pick out the remainder of your courses" Lucius murmured with a small grin.

"We will" Draco said, rolling his eyes in a very exaggerated fashion.

"Are you both ready for tomorrow? We leave early" Lucius murmured, shifting the topic of conversation off of grades and school and onto Quidditch.

"Yes, I'm all packed" Adrian said, pointing at the large bags sitting in the corner of Draco's room. They were going to Greece for more then just the match. Lucius and Narcissa figured the family had earned a vacation and the boys good grades had solidified that point. After the match they were going to stay in Greece for a week or two of visiting and exploring the Ancient Wizarding sites, so both boys had to be packed.

"Good" Narcissa said before plastering a stern look on her face.

"Our porkey leaves at half six tomorrow, so I think you both should get ready for bed" She looked seriously at the twins.

"You both sleep in in the mornings, so tomorrow will be hard on you. I suggest getting a good nights sleep so its easier to get up" She said, sounding far to chipper for talking about that early in the morning.

"But Mum, its only eight" Draco protested, shaking his head at his mother and looking sour.

"I know its early, but we have a long day ahead of us" Narcissa said, taking Adrian's hand and urging him into his room.

"Goodnight boys" Narcissa said sternly, making sure both of them were working towards getting ready for bed before she and Lucius slipped out of Draco's room, murmuring softly to one another.

"Night" Adrian called from his own room as Draco shut the door between their bedrooms.

"Night" Draco echoed, heading into the large washroom with the intention of taking a very long shower just to stay up a bit longer.

Adrian snickered, knowing his twins plan as he brushed his own teeth and combed his hair before digging out his favorite pair of ratty PJ bottoms that he kept hidden from the house elves for fear that they'd throw them out. Carefully climbing into his bed, he curled up in the center of the massive structure, mentally beginning to count backwards from one hundred in order to fall asleep.


"Wake up Master Draco. Yous is having to leave today" A squeaky voice sounded in Draco's ear, causing the blonde aristocrat to groan and shove his head under his pillow. Sighing in annoyance the house elf sent to wake the blonde snapped his fingers, causing Draco's thick comforter to vanish, leaving the teen lying in just his boxers.

"Urgh" Draco hissed, scrambling around on the bed, head still covered as he searched for his blanket.

"You is needing to get up Master Draco. Your Mother is ordering it so Miffy is making it be" The elf squeaked, ignoring Draco's muffled protests. Finally the boy caved and dragged himself off the bed, "I'm up" He growled at the elf, who completely ignored his attitude and went to get Adrian out of bed.

Soon the entire Malfoy clan, including two disgruntled, blonde haired twins was gathered in the antechamber in front of the large fire place, preparing to floo.

"You'll arrive in the a small room off of the main hotel lobby, wait there" Lucius murmured, sending Narcissa through first before the twins, she was closely followed by Adrian and then Draco and finally Lucius.

"Welcome to Athens Greece" Lucius said as he stepped out of the fire, smirking at the tiredness of his twins and happiness of his wife.

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