Note: This will be my third and most likely final Lucky Star fanfic. It will examine what will happen to the Lucky Star characters after their graduation from Ryoyou High School.

Rating: Rated PG-13 for brief strong language, some intense moments, thematic sexual content, and alcohol use.

Lucky Star: After Story

It had been nearly two whole years since Friday April 4, 2008, the day the Lucky Star gang had graduated from Ryoyou High School. That day was still fresh in the minds of our four young heroines. It would also be the last day that they would be together as a team. Konata and Kagami had both been accepted to Kyoto University, while Tsukasa and Miyuki were both accepted into the University of Tokyo. Even though both couples got to stay together the group at the moment was no more. However, one decision would put a chain reaction into effect that would bring the four of them closer together than they had ever been.

Friday February 12, 2010

On Friday afternoon, after getting out of her morning classes and before heading to her afternoon classes at the KyoAni art school, Konata walked into the Kyoto Jewelry Store. She was intent on purchasing something huge. "Good afternoon, Ms. Izumi", the jeweler at the counter greeted her. "Good afternoon, Ms. Takao", Konata told her. "Oh, you remembered.", Ms. Takao stated. "Just like you remembered me, so you're running this store now?", Konata replied. "Yes, we are. Can I help you with anything today?", Ms. Takao asked. "Yes, actually. I'm looking for a ring", Konata explained to her, "A very beautiful ring". "Ah, good afternoon, Ms. Izumi", the co-owner of the shop, Mr. Muramoto greeted as he exited the back room. "Good afternoon, Mr. Muramoto", Konata said to him, then turning back to Ms. Takao she continued, "So anyway, I want a really nice ring".

"Who may I ask, is it for", Ms. Takao wondered. "It's actually an engagement ring. It'll be a surprise for my Kagami", Konata explained to her, "I'm going to ask her if she'll marry me". "Oh really?", Ms. Takao asked, "That's a huge step, though. Are you sure you're ready?" "Well, we've been dating for more than four years now and we've been living together for the last two years", Konata explained to her, "And we both love each other very much. The ring I'd like to buy will speak my undying love towards her". "Beautiful words, indeed", Mr. Muramoto told her as he went to his special stocks in the back room, "Let's see what we can do for you, Ms. Izumi".

"Just so you guys know, I have a budget of up to 500,000 yen ($5,542.79 USD) to spend on a ring", Konata explained to them. "I'm sure we'll find one for you well within that budget", Ms. Takao assured her. About 15 minutes later, Mr. Muramoto came out of the back room with a little box. "Well, Ms. Izumi, I think I've found something that will show Ms. Hiiragi how much you love her", Mr. Muramoto bragged. It was a two tone gold ring encrusted with little half-carat ruby diamonds, with a 2.5 karat crystal diamond in the middle of it.

"Wow, now that is a beautiful looking ring", Konata exclaimed as she marveled at it, "I think I'll take it. How much is it?". "The manufacturer's suggested retail price for this ring is 575,000 yen ($6,374.21 USD)", Mr. Muramoto explained to her. "Oh, I see", Konata stated sadly, knowing that she did not enough, "Well, that's way out of my budget range. But thank you for helping anyways". "I'm sorry we couldn't help, Ms. Izumi", Mr. Muramoto told her. Konata then sadly turned towards the door, her head hung down. Seeing this, Ms. Takao and Mr. Muramoto felt their own hearts tinge with sadness for disappointing a customer.

"Hold on a second, Ms. Izumi", Ms. Takao called out to her. Konata turned her head and asked, "Yes, what is it?". "We just can't let you be disappointed like that", Ms. Takao explained to her. "Do you have another ring I can possibly buy?", Konata wondered. "No, actually, we can let you have this ring for 450,000 yen ($4,988.51 USD)", Mr. Muramoto said. "Really?", Konata asked, feeling her heart rise up again, "But what about what you said about the actual price?". "Forget about it", Mr. Muramoto stated. "We just can't let your plans go up in smoke", Ms. Takao explained to her, "And besides we always sell our jewelry below the MSRP". "Thank you two so much!", Konata gushed, "You have no idea how greatful I am. Oh god, I'm sure Kagami's gonna love this". "It's our pleasure, Ms. Izumi", Mr. Muramoto told her. "Here's the ring. Now just head over there, and someone will ring you up", Ms. Takao explained to her handing her the ring.

As Konata walked to a nearby register, to her surprise she saw her two of her former cosplay cafe co-workers, Ayaka and Nanami behind the counter. "Hi, guys. How's it going?", Konata told them. "Hey there, Konata-chan. Going pretty damn great here.", Ayaka greeted. "Greetings, Konata-san. Things are going very well.", Nanami added. "Are you guys working here now?", Konata asked. "Well, kind of. We're still new at this", Ayaka told her. "We actually just started working here a few weeks ago", Nanami explained to her, "I believe it was Monday January 18th we started".

"Well, I have a ring I'd like to purchase", Konata explained to them. "It's an engagement ring for Kagami. I'm going to ask for her hand in marriage", she explained showing them the ring. "Wow! That sounds awesome!", Ayaka exclaimed as she rang Konata up. "The best of luck to you", Nanami told her, as she put the box inside a bag. Konata paid them the 450,000 yen in the form of a check and said, "Thank you very much", as she exited the building. As she walked down the road, she thought "I just hope Kagami will accept my proposal".

Sunday February 14, 2010 (Valentine's Day)

"Good morning, Kagami", Konata whispered to her beloved next to her in their bed, "Happy Valentine's Day!". Kagami opened her eyes and whispered, "Thank you, Konata. And Happy Valentine's Day to you too". They got out of bed and gave each other a big box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. Then Konata covered Kagami's eyes with her own hands and led her into the kitchen. She uncovered her girlfriend's eyes and exclaimed, "Ta-da! I made breakfast for us today". "Wow, everything looks so good. Thank you!", Kagami stated. "If you think that was a surprise, wait until later on tonight", Konata explained to her, "We have a whole day of romance ahead of us".

After they ate, they got dressed up for a day of romance. Konata put on a blue knee length dress, a white sweater, silver stockings and black high heeled pumps. Kagami put on a red knee length dress, a pink sweater, gray nylons and white high heeled pumps. "Well Kagamin are you ready?", Konata asked her. "I sure am, Konata", Kagami explained to her. As they walked out of their apartment, they went over the schedule. "First off, we're going to see a movie", Konata explained, "Then we're going to visit the Toei Kyoto Studio Park and finally we're going out to dinner". "That sounds like a plan to me", Kagami told her, "It should be quite a day".

Later on, Konata and Kagami exited the movie theater having just saw The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya film. "I tell you that was a great movie!", Konata exclaimed. "Yeah, even though I'm more of a Full Metal Panic fan, but it was still a good movie", Kagami agreed. Just then, the two girls ran into Tsukasa and Miyuki, who had themselves gone out on a date. "Yoo-hoo! Sis! Kona-chan!", Tsukasa called out. "Hey there, guys!", Konata waved to them. "Greetings, Konata-san and Kagami-san", Miyuki greeted. "Hello there", Kagami replied, "So what's going on with you two?". "We just got out of Avatar", Tsukasa replied, "Wasn't it a beautiful movie, Yuki-chan?". "Yes, it was, Tsukasa-san", Miyuki agreed, "The visuals are those that you must see to believe".

The four girls decided to combine their dates together to make it like a double date. Then by some really strange coincidence, after they left the movie studio park they wound up running into Yutaka and Minami who had gone out on a date too. "Hey, over here! Hi guys!", Yutaka called out. "Hello there", Minami greeted them. "Hi there!", Konata called out to them. "Are you guys out on a date too?", Kagami asked. "Yeah, we sure are!", Yutaka exclaimed. "It is Valentine's Day, after all", Minami added. "I have an idea!", Tsukasa chimed in, "Why don't you guys come with us to dinner". "Yes, Konata-san promised us it would be a night we wouldn't forget", Miyuki explained. "What a good idea!", Yutaka exclaimed. "Sure, why not. Sounds like fun", Minami agreed. So with that, they decided to combine once more to make it a triple date.

Later on at the Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo restaurant, the girls took their seats at a private table. Not long after dinner, the girls were talking about what they had done today. "Hey Kagamin?", Konata asked. "Yes, Konata?", Kagami answered. "We've been together for like more than four years now is that right?", Konata wondered. "Yes, about that much", Kagami replied, "And it's been a great four years". "Yeah, it has", Konata agreed, "But Kagami, have you ever wanted to do something more with our relationship?". "What do you mean, Konata", Kagami wondered, geniunely confused. Konata decided that now was her chance to propose.

Konata got down on one knee and showed Kagami the engagement ring that she had bought for her. Kagami put her hands to her mouth and felt tears filling her eyes. "Kagami, will you marry me?", Konata asked. To that, Kagami whispered "Oh my god! Is this really happening?", with tears pouring down her face. "Kagami, are you all right?", Konata asked, clearly concerned. A few moments later, Kagami threw her arms around her lover and exclaimed, "Oh Konata! Of course, I'll marry you!". "You mean it, Kagami?", Konata asked excitedly. "Yes, I do!", Kagami asserted happily. Konata felt the tears pour down her own face as she wrapped her own arms around Kagami and they kissed each other.

"Did I just see what I thought I saw?", Tsukasa wondered. "I believe so. I just saw Konata-san propose to Kagami-san, and Kagami-san accepted", Miyuki told her. "Wow! What an evening! A triple date and a marriage proposal!", Yutaka exclaimed. "I guess anything can happen on Valentine's Day", Minami stated. "Now that is one of the most romantic things I've ever seen", Tsukasa chimed in. "Like Konata-san said earlier, we'll never forget this night", Miyuki agreed.

Meanwhile, Konata and Kagami were still hugging and kissing each other and both were crying tears of joy. "I love you, Kagami", Konata cried happily. "I love you too, Konata", Kagami sobbed joyfully. At this point, the whole restaurant was standing up and applauding what they had just saw.

Author's Notes:

Chapter completed on November 14, 2011

1 United States Dollar = 90.2073 Japanese yen (February 2010 statistics)

Kyoto University - Located in Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It was founded on Friday May 1, 1869 and was chartered as one of the imperial universities on Thursday June 18, 1897. It was recently ranked by QS World University Rankings as the 32nd best university in the world as well as ranking as the second top university in Japan.

University of Tokyo - Located in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. It was established in 1877 and was chartered as one of the imperial universities in 1897. It was recently ranked by QS World University Rankings as the 25th best university in the world, as well as ranking as the number one university in all of Japan.

Yes, according to their website, Kyoto Animation actually does have an art school which teaches several courses.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park - pretty much exactly as its says on the tin. It's a movie studio park located in Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto.

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya - Kyoto Animation's first feature length animated movie. It was released to Japanese theaters on Saturday February 6, 2010. It made at least 692 million yen (about $7.5 million USD) in Japan despite never being released to more than 29 theaters during its run.

Full Metal Panic - There were two FMP series that came from Kyoto Animation. Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu aired from August 25, 2003 to November 18, 2003 and Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid aired from July 13, 2005 to October 19, 2005. Full Metal Panic is also Kagami's favorite series.

Avatar - the 2009 mega-blockbuster from 20th Century Fox and directed by James Cameron. It opened worldwide on December 18, 2009. It wound up overthrowing Cameron's other mega-blockbuster Titanic to become the highest grossing movie of all time. It made $760.5 million in North America alone and $2.02 billion overseas (including $186.75 million in Japan, its biggest international market) for an amazing total gross of $2,782,275,172 worldwide.

Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo - a Japanese restaurant/inn located in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.

I had originally envisioned this story as the third and final story of a Konata/Kagami story arc. The first two stories in the arc were "The Day Everything Changed", which started their romantic relationship, and "Holiday Vacation", which further extended their relationship.