Update on the fanfics I'm working on and where I've been all this time

First of all I'd like to take this time to apologize to my loyal readers. I'm sorry for going away for so long and leaving you guys hanging. I'd like you all to know that I'm still alive and that this fanfic and my other fanfics are NOT dead, and I still intend to upload more chapters of my stories. In the last three years, I've gotten a new job and have gone back to school as well, taking college classes. That is where I've been all this time.

If you ever want to talk to me outside of , I also have a DeviantArt account under the name CJO1234 and a Discord account under the name Chad#7044. Thank you all so much for putting up with my absence for so long. I will try to get a new chapter out before the end of June.