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Hijacked Hearts

Chapter 5: Because

"Sir! Flight 569 has been taken over by Gin Ichimaru's henchmen and they are now holding 127 passengers hostage! They are asking for the release of Gin Ichimaru as ransom! What should we do?"

The older man opened one of his eyes to see his right hand man and secretary, Chojiro Sasakibe, kneeling before him, sweat dripping down his face in small drops. He closed his eye again and turned away from the man before him to look out the large window behind his desk.

The city's bright lights blinked against the inky black and purple sky. Night time had fallen over the city quite some time ago, and yet the city was bustling with activity, possibly even more than there was during the day. At this point, no on below the building should know about the pressing manner that would soon overcome the entire city and possibly Japan as a whole.

What was the action that should be taken? Risk the lives of 127 passengers on a plane that if allowed, could possibly crash into the ground, killing even more people? Or let go of Gin Ichimaru, one of Japan's most infamous assassins and a likely link to something more?

Either way a decision had to be made.

"Head Captain, there are some visitors here to see you… Wait! You can't go in there! You don't have permission!" The crackle of the intercom from his phone reached his ears, before the doors to his office slammed opened. It wouldn't have been long until they had gotten the news.

"Head Captain Yamamoto, I apologize for coming in uninvited, but I do believe you know who is on that flight." The voice was smooth as silk, yet it had an edge as sharp as a blade. How many times he had heard this voice, the Head Captain had no idea, but he had been expecting him.

"Yes, I do and I can assure you that she will be safe." The Head Captain answered, turning around to face the man that had just entered his office.

"How can you assure that?"

"My best man is on the very same flight."


The plane erupted in to a chorus of quiet whispers at the very mention of the assassin's name. Gin Ichimaru. It was a name that Ichigo was all too familiar with, in fact he was the one who caught him and threw him behind the cold steel bars of a prison. He had been tailing that man for three long years, every time he thought he had a lead, that lead would be lost and he'd have to start from square one, until the day he finally caught him. Gin Ichimaru was put away for the assassinations of members from four of Japan's noble families. The night that Ichigo had caught Gin, he was in the process of assassinating youngest daughter of the Kasamioji family, Ichigo was able to shoot down Gin fast enough before he could kill the Kasamioji girl and he was officially arrested and put behind bars for life.

Until now.

If the Head Captain decided to let these men get what they wanted, three years of Ichigo's life would go down the drain, but 127 lives plus more lives that Gin would probably assassinate once he got out of his confinements, were far greater than his own life. He definitely had to do something before a decision was made, and fast.

"Why would you want to let that guy out?"

Ichigo's sitting partner had nonchalantly asked, looking up at the boss henchman. The question caught the man off guard, his tall stature faltering ever so slightly, but he quickly regained his composure.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm asking why you'd want to help an assassin out when he is completely out of your league. So, you took over a plane, but that guy his even more ruthless, or so I've heard. Monsters like that don't care about their men, they'd kill you in no less than two seconds. It sounds like it's a complete waste of your time."


The sound of skin against skin contact resounded through the plane painfully loud. It had all been so fast. One moment, Rukia had been asking a question and the next, the man's large hand came across her face hard. She let out a small cry, a cry that would never pass as the cry that should have come out after a slap like that. In fact, it might not have been considered as a cry in the first place, but the pain was real. The hand mark slowly crawled into a bright red color, the outline of the man's hand could be seen so clear that it could've been painted on.

"Bastard…" She growled at the offender, holding her stinging cheek with one hand as she still glared at the man as if still defying him. Ichigo's eyes shot open as he clamped his large hands on both sides of Rukia's small shoulders, steadying her.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Didn't you ever learn that you shouldn't hit girls?" Ichigo furiously roared at the man that had just slapped the woman he was holding on to.

"You better keep a leash on your girl! That'll teach her to never run her mouth about Mr. Ichimaru ever again! She'll be the first one to die from his hands once he gets out, if she can even survive that long!" The man lashed back out Ichigo, spit coming from his mouth after every word. Ichigo's eyes hardened considerably, his eyes not leaving the man. Then he felt a jab hit his abdomen, making him lose some of the air in him.

"What the hell?" He breathed out as he looked down at the woman who was currently swatting his hands of her shoulders.

"Just because this plane his hijacked, doesn't mean that you can touch me! Rules still apply here, Buddy, so don't get too comfortable!" Rukia fired at him, her hand still pressed to her injured cheek. Ichigo just gaped at her, his eye brows had practically raised to his hair line.

"W-What? Are you crazy? You can't be serious! How do they even apply in this sort of situation?" Ichigo managed to stutter out.

"They apply when I say they apply! They still apply here and that's that!"

"Didn't we agree that I would break every rule on this damn list?" He shouted, flapping the pack of papers in her face. She snatched the packet from his hand, rolled it up, and proceeded to smack him over the head with it.

"Let us agree to disagree! God, I'll need to make rules that apply only to you in every situation known to man! But, I can tell you that the first rule will be not to touch me!" She told him getting into his face, letting him know that he probably wouldn't win against her argument.

"What? So that gives these guys," Ichigo gestured to the gunmen, "the right to touch you? I don't think so! Over my dead body, like I'd let that happen to you again! If anyone's going to touch you on this flight, it's going to be me!"

By that point, everyone on the plane, including the gunmen, Rukia, and the other passengers were just giving him a 'what-the-fuck-did-you-just-say ' look. Rukia groaned, running her hand down her face, not sure what to say. No one probably knew what to say. When Ichigo noticed the awkward silence and re thought his statement, his tanned skin turned a light pink color as he tried to avoid their eyes.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Ichigo said nervously, covering half his face with his hand, his way of probably hiding underneath a rock.

"Sure, you didn't. When the hell was the last time she let you slam her? There's too much sexual frustration over here." The same boss gunman said, waving his hand in the air as if trying to shoo away what he thought was sexual frustration in the air.

If Ichigo's face had been pink earlier, it had now turned as red as his namesake, "I've never slammed her in my life!"

"Oh my God, Carrot Top, just shut up and save yourself from any further humiliation. I thought this whole plane jacking was supposed to be serious, but I think you just turned it into some low class comedy show. I hope you don't expect us to pay." Rukia complained with the roll of her eyes, settling back into her chair as if nothing serious was happening.

Ichigo quickly turned to face her, "You, shut up! This is your fault, if you hadn't picked a fight with me or that guy," he again gestured to the gunman, "I wouldn't have had to humiliate myself!"

"Well it's too late now, I think you've already done that pretty well already." Rukia said, her lips turning into a smirk on her pretty, yet hand mark printed face.

"I give up, already!" Ichigo declared, throwing his hands ups in the air in defeat, settling back into his chair as well. For the first time in quite a while, the plane was quiet again. And it stayed like that for some time, no one moved because no one really knew what the atmosphere after that should have been.

When Ichigo and Rukia noticed the gunmen weren't moving from their spot, as if they weren't thinking, the spoke in unison, "Move on, there isn't anything else to see here."

The looked at each other for no more than a second and then back at the men, as if waiting for an answer from them on whether they would be moving or not. The gunmen stared at the two of them, their stare unnerving before turning on their heels to leave, "Well, you two stay quiet and don't try anything stupid. We won't hesitate to shoot you." And as if nothing happened, they continued their patrol of the plane.

As soon as the men took enough steps down the aisle, Rukia and Ichigo leaned over the arm rest closest to the aisle to see where they were going.

"What should we do?" Ichigo whispered to Rukia. Rukia turned around in her chair, making Ichigo back off of her slightly. "You can start by not breathing down my neck," She whispered back harshly. Ichigo rolled his eyes at her and settled back into his chair, his eyes still darting to the gunmen every so often.

"Sir! The police have made contact again! They say they want to speak to a Rukia Kuchiki!" Another man game power walking down the aisle to his boss. The boss groaned inwardly, "Isn't the point of a hijack to get rid of the contact with hostages? Tell them too bad!"

The man pulled a walkie talkie from his pocket, "Too bad! There will be no communication between you and any passengers! How is the request going?" The man paused for an answer, only to look back at his boss, "They say they aren't going to give out any details until they can speak with her."

"Damn these assholes! Fine!" The boss swore, marching down the aisle, back to Rukia and Ichigo's seat, "Your coming with me!" He yelled, snatching Rukia's wrist, pulling her off her seat. Ichigo stood up, to protest, but was cut off.

"Cool it Lover Boy, she's going to talk to the police. She'll be back. Maybe. If she doesn't run her mouth. Let's go." The last part was for Rukia as he pulled her down the aisle. Ichigo was about to go after them when another gunman, pointed his pistol at him, making Ichigo raise his hands, backing off.


The boss pushed Rukia into the plane's operating room, where another gunman sat at the pilot's seat, the two pilots were tied up and knocked out into a pile in the corner. The man at the controls passed the communication line to her, she took it from him and pressed it to her ear.



"Nii-Sama? Is that you?"

"Yes, it is. Are you alright?"

"I'm okay."

"That's good. Listen to me well. There's a man on the very same flight as you. He has orange hair and I want you to stay with him until this all blows over. Do you understand?"

Rukia raised an eyebrow at her brother's instructions, "Why?"



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