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Codename: Shadowfox - III

8 AM Konoha's Academy

Iruka Umino the academy sensei walked in to find his classroom abuzz with talking,laughing, and gossip.

"All right everyone settle down." Iruka said trying to get his student's attention.

"Today all of you will be partnered up and given jounin sensei so you can begin your ninja careers!" The classroom erupted with cheers and clapping.

"But first I was to say how proud of all of you I am. I know you will all become great ninjas and will make your village proud." Iruka gave a small speech before announcing the teams and their sensei.

"...Team 7 will consist of Sasuke Uchiha, Horunei Klis, Sakura Haruno, and will be led by Kakashi Hatake." Two very distinct sounds were heard from this announcement. A squeal and a scream.

"WHAT! Why does forehead-girl get to be on Sasuke's team and not me!" Screamed Ino

"Because you would hold Sasuke-kun back Ino-Pig" Sakura replied with a smug look on her face.

"If anyone will be holding Sasuke-kun back it would be you with your giant billboard-brow." Ino shot back.

"You wanna say that to my face Pig?" Sakura said while turning around to glare at Ino

"I would but your face is covered behind that thing you call a brow." Ino replied while glaring right back.

"*cough* Burn *cough*" Kiba said while Ino and Sakura were having a stare down.

"You stay out of this mutt! Go molest a tree or something." Sakura spat back at him.

"Bitch..." Kiba said under his breath.

"Enough!" Iruka was starting to get annoyed.

"Now if we could get back to the teams. Team 8 will be Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and will be led by the Shadowfox." A silence suddenly fell over the class. Shino froze for a moment, Kiba paled, but Hinata just looked confused as to what suddenly happened.

"Y-You're joking right Iruka-sensei?" Kiba asked while slightly shaking.

"No your sensei will be the Shadowfox." Iruka replied back casually

"I-Isn't He that assassin your dad was talking about one night Ino?" asked Sakura

"Y-Yeah my D-dad met him while he was t-training with Ibiki on torture and interrogation, He said that Shadowfox was a ruthless ANBU who did anything necessary to complete his mission." Ino almost whispered out.

"I heard he went to a town to assassinate a target and went psycho and decided to burn down their house and almost the rest of town with it." said a random boy in the classroom.

On the other side of town a blond boy sneezed. "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT DAMMIT!" He shouted at the heavens.

"I heard his mask alone once gave a man a heart attack!" said another random student.

"I heard that he can turn into a shadow and choke you while you sleep." said a girl sitting at the front of the class.

That sounds a lot like the shadow strangle jutsu. Could the Shadowfox be a Nara? Shikamaru wondered.

"I heard he made someone's head explode just by concentrating on it" said a boy who sat in the middle of the class.

I think I overheard daddy once say that happened when someone tried to use the mind destruction jutsu and pushed way too much chakra into the technique. Ino recalled.

By this point Shino was practically frozen solid while Kiba was holding himself repeating 'They're rumors, just rumors nothing to be scared of' while Hinata's mind just shut down and she was passed out on her desk.

Iruka satisfied that his end of the deal to let a little of the Shadowfox's reputation be released on the class once the rumors quieted down he spoke again.

"Now that you're all done scaring team 8, team 10 will be composed of Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi and will be led by Asuma Sarutobi."

"Now you will all need to wait for your respective sensei to pick you up and give you further instruction." Iruka said while he Shunshin'ed out.

Some of the other team's sensei arrived to pick up their teams and all that was left was teams 7,8, and 10.

"ARG. whats taking them so long?" growled Sakura

A few minutes later a tall man smoking a cigarette as well as a man wearing a full ANBU uniform with a mask and black trench coat walked in.

"Alright team 10 your with me." He said plainly as he moved to walk back out the door.

"Team 8. Training ground 13. Five minutes. Be there or I'll come and look for you. And trust me you don't want that." The two still conscious members of team 8 paled then ran over to Hinata's unconscious form ready to carry her because training ground 13 was at least 10 minutes away from the academy. And due to his mask no one noticed the huge smile he had hidden behind it then decided to shunshin to the training ground where he had a clock ready. But gave it a quick second thought.

"Well? Are you going to get over there or am I going to have to drag you there myself?" After he said that all that was left of team 8 was two trails of dust leading out of the doorway."

God, I'm Good. He thought. Then he turned to the 3 remaining genin having a suspicion as to whose they might be.

"Let me guess, you're team 7 and Kakashi still hasn't arrived yet?" two gave a nod while Sasuke gave a 'Hn.'

"Let me give you a piece of advice on your new sensei." He now had all of their attention.

"Go home, wait around for an hour or two and check back then. If Kakashi ever sais to meet him somewhere like say for training. Show up an hour later, trust me." And with that he shunshin'ed out.

"You think we should take his advice?" Horunei asked her teammates.

"I'm sure he was over exaggerating." Sakura said confidently.

Training ground 13 (4 minutes and 54 seconds later...)

Naruto looked up only to see two giant dust clouds heading his way.

Aww they made it on time, I don't get to mess with them some more... or do I? An evil smirk hid behind his ANBU mask.

Kiba and Shino panted while putting down Hinata who woke up half way to the training field and passed out again from having two boys carry her.

"Is she still out cold?" Naruto asked while slightly amused.

"No..*pant* sensei she...*pant* passed out again on our *pant* way here." Kiba said while holding his chest trying to catch his breath.

"So wake her up then." Naruto said as coldly as he could manage while holding back a laugh.

Kiba started to shake Hinata furiously to try to wake her as soon as possible so as not to incur the Shadowfox's wrath.

Oh my god, could this get any better? Naruto thought while it was getting even harder to hold in the laugh building in him. If it wasn't for all my control training I'd be on the floor right now holding my sides.

Hinata woke up to Kiba frantically shaking her yelling at her to wake up. Naruto was having to pinch himself and bite down on his lip to keep him from bursting out in laughter.

"Alright ladies enough screwing around, take a seat and shut up." Naruto said with authority .

"Now each of you are going to tell me something about yourselves and then I'm going to give you a test."

"Your going to give us a test?" Kiba asked

"What part of shut up didn't you understand Inuzuka?" Said looking down at Kiba

Kiba clamped his mouth shut and decided it was safer to just go with what he said than against it.

"Like I was saying you're each going to tell me a little about yourselves and then I will be giving you your last test to see if you are worthy of being genin or if you should be sent back to the academy." Naruto said coldly.

"Alright so who's going to go first..." Naruto said while holding his mask where his chin would be.

"I'll go sensei my name is Kiba Inuzu-" Kiba suddenly stopped feeling a large amount of killing intent sent his way.

"Inuzuka did I say you could speak?" Naruto asked with a hint of venom while staring at him through his mask.

Kiba was shaking while looking up at the ANBU with the frightening visage of a fox on his mask. Kiba could also feel Akamaru shivering inside of his jacket just from the aura this guy put out.

"Now Hinata seeing as you're still conscious why don't you go first in case we lose you again." Naruto said looking directly at the Hyuuga heir.

"U-umm w-w-well wh-what w-would you like t-to know s-s-sensei?" Hinata asked while trembling.

"name,Likes,dislikes,dreams,hopes,goals you know that sort of thing." Naruto said with a slight shrug

"A-Ah w-well im Hinata H-Hyuuga I like t-training,m-my s-sister Ha-Hanabi , and ci-cinnamon buns. I d-don't r-really dislike a-anything. And I ho-hope to become s-stronger so I can be clan head some day." Hinata let out a breath she didn't know she was holding when he nodded.

"Alright Shino you're up." Naruto said in a calm tone.

"My name is Shino Aburame. I don't particularly like or dislike anything and my goal is to be as strong as possible when I assume the title of Aburame clan head." Shino said in a low, flat tone.

"Alright go for it Kiba." Naruto said looking at the last genin.

"M-my nam is Kiba Inuzuka. I like training, food, and my puppy Akamaru. I dislike people who think I'm weak. And my goal is to become stronger also." Kiba said quickly, trying to get the attention away from himself.

"Fair enough. Lets get to the test then." Naruto said walking towards two bells and a clock.

"U-Umm wha-what about you Mr. Sh-Shadowfox s-sensei, sir." Hinata stuttered out.

"Just Shadowfox is fine Hinata." Naruto said while looking back at the group..

"So are you going to share Shadowfox?" Kiba asked but quickly regretted that decision.

"THAT'S MR. SHADOWFOX-SENSEI, SIR to you Kiba!" Naruto said in a higher tone just short of yelling while pointing at Kiba. A yelp of fear was all that was heard in response.

"S-sorry Mr. Sh-Shadowfox-sensei, s-sir" Kiba managed out once he composed himself.

"I was joking with you Kiba, just call me Shadowfox for now. But to answer your question. My Codename is Shadowfox, I don't like a whole lot,I dislike a lot of things, and my goals are none of your business."

All three of the genin sweatdropped thinking the same thing. We didn't even learn his real name...

Naruto walked over to the stump that had the clock and the two bells on it and picked them up. "Alright here's your test!" Naruto said while holding them in front of him.

"B-Bells?" Hinata asked with a slight stutter.

"Yeah your job is to get these bells from me before noon. Those who don't have a bell by noon will be sent back to the academy as a failure." Naruto was smiling behind his mask knowing he would have some fun toying with them.

"B-But sensei there's only two bells." Hinata spoke up once again.

"That's right Hinata there is only two bells..." Naruto decided to leave at that so they could finish the sentence on their own.

I must get a bell I cannot be a failure again! Hinata thought.

So were not only against him but against each other. Were Shino's thoughts.

Wait so if there's two bells...and there's three of us...and whoever doesn't get a bell gets sent back to the academy then that means... Oh well I'm sure it''ll come to me Was Kiba's sorry excuse for a thought process while he had puzzled look on his face.

"Well seeing as Kiba cant seem to figure out why there's only two bells I'll have to explain it. In the ninja world you wont always have easy choices. Not everything will be black and white. As a ninja you will be asked to do things that you wont always agree with but you still do it because that is your job and your responsibility to your village." All three genin nodded at him in understanding.

"Well times wasting so when you're all done daydreaming we can start." Naruto said while he set the timer for an hour.

Both Hinata and Kiba charged straight for him while Shino hung back and sent out his insects.

It's been almost 15 minutes of Naruto just dodging claw swipes and Juken strikes while simultaneously avoiding Shino's swarm.

And here I thought they would be at each others throats to get a bell first. But instead they teamed up against me immediately, perhaps there is potential in this group. Naruto's thoughts were cut short as he had to dodge a Gatsuga landing on a waiting pile of Shino's bugs while the Hyuuga was charging at him full force.

"I'm impressed, I'm almost breaking a sweat!" Naruto shouted out as he used a quick wind burst to scatter Shino's bugs, then ran towards Hinata getting past her defenses and landing a solid blow to the stomach knocking the air out of her, Not stopping he ran towards Kiba next who was preparing for another gatsuga when Naruto suddenly appeared behind them knocking both him and his pup out with the blunt end of his ninja-to. He then ran straight for Shino making the genin panic for a moment then he revealed his plan.

Several shuriken appeared from behind Naruto seemingly controlled by Shino with what looks like spider's silk. "So you did have a back-up plan for when I made it into your deadzone." Naruto smirked.

"Unfortunately a couple of shuriken aren't going to do the trick though, and even if the shuriken aren't supposed to hit me and just tangle me up that also will not work." Shino tensed slightly while Naruto closed the gap.

Shino quickly ran through some seals as Naruto stepped on a certain shiny patch of grass."Hijutsu: Spider Entrapment Cocoon" at that moment strands of spider silk rose from the ground and shot down from above successfully holding Naruto down.

"Submit sensei that spider silk drains chakra and in a few minutes you will be passed out from chakra exhaustion." Although Hinata was still on the floor she had her Byuakugan on the entire time watching Shino trap their sensei in a cocoon. This is perfect, as soon as sensei is out of the picture I'll seal up one of their tenketsu and take the second bell for myself So Hinata resumed playing possum waiting for her chance to strike.

"Hey Shino seeing as Hinata is out cold how about a truce? We wait out the time it takes for the cocoon to do its job and we take the two bells for ourselves." Kiba was slowly approaching with his hands held in the air signaling that he meant no harm.

"I will agree to this but you will stay where you are. Take another step and I will consider it a hostile action." Kiba nodded. "Alright it's cool man! As a matter of fact I'll take a few steps back as a show of good faith." Shino simply nodded back."Of course they would take advantage of me pretending to be out cold...oh well I suppose I'll make my move when they let down their guards and open up the cocoon to get the bells. Hinata just continued to bide her time.

"Hey Shino how long does this usually take? It's been a few minutes now." Kiba asked as he sat atop a boulder.

"Not nearly this long, but then again sensei is a jounin so it's a lot more chakra than usual." Shino stated.

"Should we go check on Hinata? Shes been out for a while now." Kiba asked.

"You may if you wish but I'm not letting this cocoon out of my sight." Shino replied.

"Fair enough." Kiba made his way towards Hinata. "Hey Hinata you still alive?" Suddenly Hinata saw her chance and shot up dropping into her family's stance." "Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms" Soon Kiba found himself on the floor with his chakra closed off while Akamaru was to his side tending to him.

"You knew I was still awake didn't you Shino." He nodded in reply.

"I had an insect keeping an eye on you the entire time so yes." Shino said flatly.

"Yes I saw it with my Byakugan. I'm a bit surprised that you allowed Kiba to fall into my trap though." Hinata said slightly amused.

"I knew you were planning something so it was either me or Kiba. I took the obvious choice." Shino replied almost coldly.

Damn these kids are wonder the old man stuck them with me. Hehe I'm almost proud. Naruto thought while sitting on a branch as he watched the events unfold.

"So is sensei actually in there? I can't see behind the chakra cocoon." Hinata asked.

"No,I realized shortly after his clone was dispelled inside but I was keeping it up to fool Kiba. I was hoping you would make a move against him instead of me had you not of know sensei wasn't in there, but it seems that Kiba went ahead and made this easier for the two of us." Shino said while dropping the jutsu. meanwhile Hinata chuckled at his comment.

"No, Shino it actually ramped up the difficulty even more now that there's only two of us and sensei's still out there somewhere." Hinata was now silently regretting taking Kiba out.

"It's true Hinata I am out here...but where..." Naruto used shadow clones to make it seem as if his voice was everywhere at once.

"Hinata do you see anything?" Shino asked calmly. Only to receive a shake of her head meaning 'no'

"What about you Shino have your insects picked up anything?" Hinata asked while still scanning the forest.

"Nothing yet. I'm not completely sure how he's able to evade both my bugs and your Byakugan.

"Hehehe. Well I wouldn't be much of a stealth specialist if two genin could spot me outright now would I" His voice sounding like it's coming from directly behind them as if he was whispering it into their ears.

"I-Is t-this some sort of g-genjutsu..." Hinata was starting to lose her focus.

"Hinata. Calm down and Focus or we will never find him." Shino said trying to help her steady her nerves.

"Right!" Hinata said right away.

"Then you should Hurry up and find me! You only have 12 minutes left and you still don't know where I'm hiding" Naruto let out another small laugh. Setting the nerves of his genin charges off the edge.

"Did you also know that I'm a torture specialist...I can literally screw with your mind all day if I wanted and you still wouldn't figure out where I am." Now Shino was also starting to doubt himself and Hinata was ready to lose it.

"Five more minutes now... C'mon I expected more from you. And after all the potential you showed planning against each other. Hehehe oh well if I can fail you then that means I'm out of babysitting service." Hinata no longer able to handle the maddening voice was now laying down on the floor covering her ears muttering something to herself, While Shino was starting to sweat and come up with a way to find their sensei and take a bell so he isn't sent back to the academy.

Shino was playing all the scenarios in his mind and only a single one made sense. He figured out that at first their sensei had used clones to sound as if he was everywhere at once since his insects caught his chakra signature in at least 20 different locations but now it's as if he just disappears and reappears at random.

"Come now Shino you still cant figure out where I am? I'm sorely disappointed. I can understand Hinata not being able to because the images her eyes send her brain can still be altered but you have an outside source."

Suddenly everything started making sense... how he could be everywhere at he could be whispering in their he was able to escape both her Byakugan and his insects.

"So that's your game? You're messing with our senses rendering Hinata's eyes useless while interrupting my connection to my kikaichu but not being able to fully sever it due to there being so many."

"Bingo! We have a winner! And whats your prize you ask? Well nothing less than an all expenses paid trip back to the academy! Times up." Naruto let his jutsu drop appearing in front of Shino and Hinata.

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