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Codename: Shadowfox - IV

"So we have failed then." Shino said with almost a hint of sadness.

Maybe Neji is right about fate... maybe I am destined to be a failure my whole life. Hinata thought while tears where swelling up in her eyes.

"Not necessarily." Naruto said while helping Hinata off the ground.

"Go wake up the fleabag and I'll tell you what's going to happen." Naruto said while walking back towards stump with the clock on it.

Shino and Hinata did as they were told. Hinata released all the tenketsu points and Shino helped carry him back to his sensei while Akamaru barked at Hinata with a vengeance.

"Kiba I'm sorry for attacking you like that but I couldn't afford to lose. But now it doesn't matter because were still going to fail.." Hinata whispered while they walked towards their sensei.

"It's alright Hinata if you were awake the whole time then you heard mine and Shino's agreement to take the two bells and let you fail, honestly I would have done the same thing myself." Kiba whispered back with a slight smile on his face.

"I also apologize for sending you to your doom but just like Hinata I couldn't afford not to acquire a bell and pass." Shino added just as they reached the stump where their sensei was sitting on.

"Now only one of two things what supposed to happen today. Either A) you managed to get a bell or two from me through teamwork or B) you didn't and I was able to send all three of you back." Naruto said while pacing back and forth staring down his genin team.

"You took my bluff at face value like many before you. You see the true test behind the bells was teamwork, you were supposed to work together putting aside your differences and work toward a common goal. And I was surprised how quickly you three came at me at the beginning of the test. The teamwork is there it just needs to be refined." Naruto said now sitting back on his stump.

"But I also saw the ruthless efficiency to get the job done no matter what. Hehe Hinata and Shino played you like a fiddle Kiba, I'm sure you weren't expecting miss Hyuuga to jump up and knock you out. Underestimating possible enemy's is a very dangerous mistake to make which you witnessed first hand, were she an enemy-nin you would be six feet under right now." Naruto said while looking directly at Kiba.

"What I'm trying to say is that while you completely failed your last genin test you show promise as future ANBU. At least my kind of ANBU." Shino's eyes widened but no one saw behind his glasses. Hinata had a shocked look on her face while Kiba had a huge grin while daydreaming about being an ANBU.

"Kiba! Come back to the waking world, you can daydream later." Naruto shouted out.

"Y-Yes sensei!" Kiba quickly replied back.

"Now where was I...oh right. This team does show some promise as a future tracking and recon group for ANBU. The willingness to do what is necessary to complete the missing is the most important aspect in an ANBU prospect. Like I said before we started the test, In the ninja world not everything is black and white...there's a grey middle ground. The grey is where the ANBU live and thrive." Naruto said matter-of-factly.

"In the ANBU the mission comes before all. If a teammate falls then you must leave them and continue on. While you did fail your mission to retrieve the bells you showed that you can at least walk in to the middle ground to attempt to complete your mission." Naruto was now looking at all three of them.

"I see something in this group that I like. Which is quiet rare because I don't like being in groups, not even in the ANBU. And unfortunately you are all still genin so we can go on any real mission just yet." Naruto had a frown behind his mask.

"Umm sensei why are you telling us all of this?" Hinata asked.

"Because I'm not going to fail you. As a matter of fact I'm going to train all of you so that one day I can go back to the ANBU with a group that I'll be happy to lead." Naruto replied.

"Wait so does that mean that we pass?" Kiba quickly asked.

"Yeah you guys pass." Naruto said while letting out a slight chuckle.

"YAHOO!" Kiba shouted out while Hinata looked elated and Shino merely nodded with a slight upward curl on his lips.

"Alright calm down mutt or I'll change my mind and send you back." Naruto said while Kiba immediately shot back down.

"Alright first things first I'm going to tell you, your weaknesses and I'm go to try to help you with them." Naruto said now standing on top of his stump.

"Kiba you first. I want you to attack me again with everything you got. If you aren't willing to kill me you wont even get close enough to touch me." Naruto said now jumping back towards a clearing.

"Alright. Man Beast Clone!" Akamaru suddenly turned into an exact replica of Kiba. "All-Fours Jutsu!" Kiba now dropped into his family's fighting stance. " Fang Over Fang" And with that Kiba and Akamaru flew towards Naruto at high speeds.

Hehe poor Kiba's going to spin himself into a trap. Naruto just stood there thinking. Then ran through a quick set of hand seals right before Kiba was about to hit him. "Doton: Mud Wall Jutsu" Kiba and Akamaru hit the wall head-on and tried to break through. Naruto now went through a few more hand seals. "Doton: Sticky Mud Jutsu" The solid wall suddenly became mud covering both Kiba and Akamaru as they spun at rapid speeds.

The genin and his pup were now on the floor, weighed down by the heavy mud that coated them."Hehe sorry for this Kiba." Naruto chuckled out. "Katon: Fired Pottery Jutsu" Naruto quickly super heated the mud covering both Kiba and Akamaru causing it to quickly harden around them.

"That was a pretty good attempt Kiba but sadly it was doomed from the start. Then again I did have the advantage of already knowing it would work since I caught your sister Hana with the same trap once."

Kiba looked up at him from his mud prison. "You fought Hana?" Kiba asked while trying to break the hand that was sticking out free.

"Yeah I was practicing a new jutsu I developed that originated from your clan's Tsuga jutsu and Hana wasn't too happy about it, saying how I stole clan jutsu and demanded that I fight her for the right to use it." Naruto explained. "Hana did the exact thing you did charging head-on not knowing your opponents strength and was quickly trapped in the same predicament you're in." Naruto added.

"After I let her out of the mud she said that even if I now could use the Tsuga that it will still never be on par with a Gatsuga." Naruto said with a slight chuckle. "Lets just say she was proven wrong." now he sounded a bit sad.

"Exactly what did you do to have a Tsuga stand up again a Gatsuga?" Kiba asked with disbelieving look on his face.

"I added my wind chakra to it. I call it the 'Shredding Fang' It was able to not only stand up against Hana's Gatsuga even with her three companions but it was also able to over power them." Naruto stated.

"H-How..." Kiba was in both shock and awe that someone was able to do that.

"You see the Gatsuga is basically a small contained cyclone while the Piercing Fang is a large violent tornado." Naruto further explained.

"But wouldn't moving at those speeds kill you? Or at least tear up your body?" Kiba no longer cared about escaping his mud tomb, too busy wondering how this was physically possible.

"Right you are Kiba. What I needed to do was release wind elemental chakra out of my whole body which could very well shred your skin right off and add the speed of the Tsuga to that and it shouldn't be possible or at least advised against unless you have a death wish." Naruto added.

"Then how were you able to pull it off?" Kiba inquired.

"I used a very small amount of wind chakra and let the revolutions of the Tsuga do the rest. Plus if I would have added anymore there was a good chance I could have killed Hana and myself in the process." Naruto answered.

"I think I remember that day...Hana was taken to the hospital when I was six or seven and mom said she would be fine but she had lots of deep cuts." Kiba was trying to remember the details of that day.

"I'll just fill you in so you don't burn out your brain trying to think that far back." Naruto said to a now annoyed Kiba.

Flashback (5 years ago...)

"Even if you won the rights to use this modified Tsuga it will still never be better than the Gatsuga." Hana said, still annoyed that she was trapped in mud.

"Hana I always had a right to use the Tsuga, need I remind you that Tsume-sensei taught it to me herself?" a young Naruto replied.

"You don't deserve to know our clan secrets just because my mom was friends with yours." Hana argued.

"Whether or not I deserve to be taught your clan's jutsu is not my place to say but it's already happened so there's not a lot we can do about it." Naruto replied.

"Well as the Inuzuka heir it is my place to say and I say that you don't deserve to learn our secrets!" Shouted out Hana.

"Well sure as the heir you have a say in it but until you become clan head there isn't anything you can actually do about it." Naruto replied back slowly.

"I'll show you something I can do about it!" Hana yelled out before running towards Naruto. "Double-Fang over Fang" suddenly four cyclones raced towards Naruto at blinding speeds.

Naruto panicked for a moment then started to charge some wind element throughout his body. "Shredding Fang" Naruto shouted out and soon turned into a tornado heading straight for Hana.

Both Naruto's piercing fang and Hana's Gatsuga clashed for a moment before Naruto overpowered them and sent her and her dogs flying. Naruto soon followed suit, exhausted from the jutsu while his body was littered with cuts and a few gashes.

"Yo! Hana you alright?" Naruto yelled out while trying to right himself. He found Hana out cold next to a tree also sporting some deep cuts but nothing too serious.

"OI! Hana wake up we gotta get you checked up." Naruto said while trying to pick up her. She slowly regained consciousness from being moved.

"-checked up." was all she heard while here mind went to what happened. What on earth hit me? She thought as the pain from the cuts came to her.

"AHH" Naruto froze for a moment trying to figure out what happened to Her. "Hana you alright?" Naruto quickly asked.

"Why am I in pain and bleeding?" Hana asked while clenching her teeth.

"Apparently the shredding fang did just both of us." Hana then looked over to see Naruto also bleeding out of several areas of his body.

"Don't worry about me I'll be fine, I heal fast but we need to get you to the hospital." Naruto said while trying to help her up again.

"Wait what about my partners?" Hana said trying to get out of his grasp.

"Calm down, it's taken care of." He pointed his thumb behind them. Hana saw three clones carrying her dogs. She just nodded and allowed Naruto to help her up but refusing to let him help her walk.

"You know we'll get there faster if you just let me help you." Hana just kept limping along without him. He was bleeding much more than her but he didn't care because he knew the Kyuubi could take care of it but Hana didn't have that advantage.

"C'mon Hana just let me help you, you're going to bleed to death by the time you get to the hospital on your own." Hana just glared back at him.

"I don't need your help. You're more badly injured, if you can manage then so can I." Hana said before continuing her limping.

"The only reason I'm not worried about myself is because my body can regenerate itself at a much higher rate that normal but you can't." Naruto tried to get her to see reason.

"Oh yeah and what makes you so special that you can heal yourself and get special treatment from the clan?" Hana spat back.

Naruto was debating whether to tell her about the demon inside of him but decided against it and making up something up instead. "It's a Kekkei genkai." Said as it was the first thing he thought would make sense without having to delve deeper.

"Well congratulations you have a bloodline limit and shown favoritism within the clan I'm sure you very proud of yourself." Naruto flinched a little at her comment.

"It's not like I even decided to become a ninja it was just forced on me." Naruto admitted.

"How were you forced to become a ninja?" Hana asked while still having her back to him.

"Well my parents died the day of my birth so the old man took me in and the clan heads said they would help train me I'm my parents stead." Naruto replied.

"Old man? And did you say clan head's' as in plural?" Hana slowed down letting Naruto catch up.

"The old man is the Hokage and yes all the clan heads save for the Uchia have helped me in some way." Naruto said now side by side with Hana.

"Why not the Uchias?" Hana wondered.

"I'm not sure. Maybe they just didn't want to help or didn't actually have a reason to. I'm not upset about it or anything since it's their choice whether they wanted to help but I have also wondered why." Naruto said while they continued walking.

Hana and Naruto kept making their way to the hospital when Hana started to sway a little.

"Yo Hana you alright? You're kinda swerving a bit." Naruto was slightly concerned.

"Yeah...I'm fine, just a little dizzy..." Hana would have fallen had Naruto not of caught her first.

"Hang in there Hana we'll be at the hospital in a few." Naruto said with Hana now on his back.

Good thing she's so light or this might take longer Naruto thought as he made his way through the roofs.

Hana was fading in and out of consciousness. All she could tell was that she was moving but her sight still blurry.

End Flashback

"So you carried her all the way to the hospital?" Hinata asked. Sometime during the story Hinata and Shino had joined them.

"Umm yeah kinda" Naruto said while scratching the back of his head.

"During your story you said that you were personally trained by the clan heads. Does that mean that mine and Hinata's father taught you as well?" Shino asked.

"Is your father Shibi Aburame?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." Shino stated flatly.

"Then yeah I was trained by both Shibi and Hiashi." Naruto said.

"So does that mean that you also have kikaichu?" Shino asked.

"Actually no. Your clan's insects are implanted into you at birth. My training started when I was 4 so by then it was too late." Naruto replied. Plus the Kyuubi's chakra would have just killed them all anyway...

"Then how was my clan able to help you at all?" Shino asked with a confused look.

"Well I don't have permanent insects like you but I can form a temporary link with nearby insects and I have also learned how to disrupt the link between kikaichu and their host. Like how I did with you during out battle, I can disrupt but can't fully sever the link since are essentially a part of you being with since birth." Naruto added.

"Would you mind explaining how you did that sensei? I would like to try to see if I can find a way around it in case someone can do it in the future." Shino asked.

"Pheromones. After years of training with the Aburame and trying to find way of beating them I learned that your kikaichu insects respond to each other as well as yourself through pheromones so what I did was release some with my clones who were scattered around. Giving the appearance that I was in multiple places at once." Naruto explained. Shino committed this to memory in hopes of figuring a way around this so his link isn't disrupted when another thought popped into his head.

"That still doesn't explain how you appeared in front of us when you announced that the test was over." Shino stated.

"Ah that. It's a modified Yamanaka jutsu. The original was used to disrupt brainwaves and disorient the target. I found that it could also interrupt senses like hearing and eyesight. So I essentially made myself invisible to you by disrupting your eyesight and only letting your brains see what I wanted it to. Naruto noticed that Hinata went wide-eyed at this revelation.

"S-so that's why my Byakugan couldn't see you?" Hinata asked.

"Yes. Even though the Byakugan would normally pick me up right away, when I activate my 'Blind spot' jutsu even the best eyes are rendered useless. It doesn't matter how good your eyes are if the information never reaches your brain." Naruto stated

"Th-that makes sense I suppose." Hinata nodded in understanding

"Why do you call it the blind spot jutsu?" Kiba asked.

"Because I don't actually go invisible or anything I'm still there you just don't see me as if I was in your blind spot the entire time." Naruto responded back.

"Sounds awesome! So is that why you're such a good assassin, because you can essentially vanish from our senses?" Kiba asked in awe.

"Basically. Although it's still not perfected by any stretch of the imagination." Naruto said.

"Wait so it can get even better!" Kiba was almost giddy with excitement.

"What I mean is that trained ninja will be able to notice the slight changes in their senses when I activate my jutsu. Shino, Hinata I'm not sure if you noticed or not but when I activated my jutsu everything should have gone quiet for a few seconds, you shouldn't have been able to smell anything, and your vision might have blurred for a moment." Naruto said looking at the two genin.

"I-I did notice my vision blur for a moment but I thought it was just a genjutsu but I couldn't sense one while my Byakugan was active so I thought nothing of it." Hinata admitted.

"I did feel an eerie calm for a few seconds as everything in the forest grew silent, I assumed you had something to do with it but never thought that I was under a jutsu the whole time." Shino stated.

"So what you're saying is that you just need to refine it so you can reduce these effects until they become unnoticeable?" Kiba asked.

"And here I thought you weren't paying attention Kiba" Naruto let out a slight chuckle.

"Well when it comes to a bad-ass jutsu like this I'm all ears sensei!" Kiba said with a wide grin showing off his elongated canines.

"Well then I'm glad something can make you focus."

"So when are you going to teach it to me sensei?" Kiba asked still somehow holding his grin.

"Probably not anytime soon." Kiba's grin all but vanished.

"Why not?" Kiba asked disappointed.

"It took years of chakra control training for me to be able to do it." Naruto informed Kiba.

"Aww man! Years...?" Kiba was now in a slight depression.

"Hinata maybe able to learn it though. I learned chakra control from the Hyuugas after all." Naruto stated looking at the Hyuuga heir.

"R-really? I could possibly learn it?" Hinata asked excited at the possibility of learned such a strong jutsu.

"Depends how good your chakra control is. You also need a lot of chakra to keep it active which makes this jutsu a little difficult to teach since large chakra pools and good chakra control don't usually mix." Naruto stated.

"Then how were you able to hold it for more than 10 minutes sensei?" Shino questioned.

"That's where the large chakra pool comes in. Normally I don't hold the Jutsu for nearly that long, it's usually only a minute or two so I can move in for the kill undetected. Sometimes more vigilant targets notice the subtle changes though so you need to wait it out for a few minutes and then make a move." Naruto explained.

"S-sensei my chakra control is decent but my chakra pool isn't very large." Hinata looked a bit sad.

"That's why were going to work on it together and work out the kinks so the changes aren't noticeable and we can complete our objective before the jutsu starts draining us." Naruto replied.

"Y-yes sensei!" Hinata cheered back up immediately.

"Hey sensei before you go off perfecting your jutsu do you mind getting me out of here? I'm starting to cramp." Kiba said from his mud home.

"Hehe, forgot you were still in there. Hold on." Naruto flashed through a few hand signs then shouted out "Suiton: Water Drowning Jutsu" Turning Kiba and Akamaru's prison back into mud. "Alright get out of the mud so I rinse you off." Kiba nodded and moves to the right a bit and said he was ready.

"Now then. Kiba since we were distracted by my story earlier i'll just tell you now. The weakness that I can see in you is your brashness, Your way of fighting is head-on just like the rest of the Inuzuks which is fine but that means that you need to think more. Hana realized this after our fight and you need to as well because you will basically be going into the front-lines blind so you need to start knowing how to make smart decision on limited information. Also don't tell your mom I said this but the Inuzuka weakness if your reliance on your nin-hounds, So I'm also going to teach you some jutsu that doesn't require Akamaru so you can still be useful should something happen to him." Naruto told the Inuzuka.

"Yes sensei!" Kiba shouted out with a salute.

"Ok so who's next? Hinata or Shino?" Naruto asked himself.

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