It was a civilian member of the council that first suggested the idea. Somewhat a surprise for their shinobi counterparts, that it would be the softer side to provide the solution.

And once planted, the idea festered and fostered, swelled and grew in the minds of the elders like a particulary poisonous parasite until it was, in the end, approved, signed and ordered.

No one but them knew. Though it did eeriely remind everyone involved of the Uchiha massacre – the truth, carefully swept under the rug.


To kill two birds with a stone.


No less than two days later, Uzumaki Naruto was found at the border between Cloud and Fire.

Headless. (Surprise was etched into his face until it burned away into ashes.)

The Kyuubi cannot grow back a limb, even less an entire head.

Tsunade nearly drunk herself into coma. Tension between Konoha and Kumogakure couldn't have been higher, but it wasn't us that killed your Jinchuuriki, Hokage-dono, can't you protect your own?

Sakura did not weep. Left, left behind again, the lonely blossom swirled purposeless in the wind. Simply Lost.


And it was, as if suddenly the sun was stolen from the sky and settled endless night upon us,

Would Ino later muse, clad in a black dress as she stood neatly in a row, waiting for her turn to place a white Chrysanthemums onto his grave.

Behind her, the Hyuuga heiress' body wrecked in silent sobs.


Years later, Tsunade, the wrinkled, world weary Godaime Hokage, would stumble in drunken haze upon an SS-classed dokument she couldn't remember signing.

"For wouldn't it be easier to foul the plans of this... Akatsuki-

Trembling hands clutched the paper with numb fingers. The force behind them nearly tore holes into the fragile dokument.

-if they cannot even gather the necessary ingredients for their deranged plot?"


This idea just flew into my mind one day and fostered itself a home in there. I simply couldn't get rid of it. So I wrote it down.