This is a new story of mine. This is ThunderClan and the others, but it's a while in the future, so the clans have completely different members. Here are the allegiances:-


Emberstar – ginger tabby and white tom

Snowflower – white she-cat
Apprentice: Icepaw

Medicine Cat:
Bouncetail – brown tabby tom
Apprentice: Deerpaw

Ravenclaw – black smoke tom
Apprentice: Tigerpaw
Desertstorm – ginger tabby tom
Nighttalon – black tom
Frostfire – white she-cat
Darkleaf – black she-cat
Apprentice: Bumblepaw
Ratheart – dark brown tabby tom
Proudclaw – large brown tabby tom
Apprentice: Clawpaw
Tinybrook – small brown tabby tom
Greysmoke – grey smoke tom
Silverlight – light grey tabby she-cat
Stripecloud – grey tabby tom
Apprentice: Shadepaw
Specklefur – mostly black tortoiseshell she-cat
Flameheart – mostly ginger tortoiseshell she-cat
Russetface – ginger tabby tom
Apprentice: Lightpaw
Reedburn – black smoke tom

Bumblepaw – grey tabby tom
Icepaw – small white she-cat
Deerpaw – dark brown she-cat
Clawpaw – light grey tabby tom
Tigerpaw – brown tabby tom
Shadepaw – dark grey she-cat
Lightpaw – white she-cat

Duskflower – dark grey she-cat, mother of Emberstar's kits: Foxkit (light grey tabby tom with blue eyes) and Patchkit (dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes)
Splashfrost – black and white she-cat, mother of Nighttalon's kits: Swiftkit (black and white she-cat with amber eyes) and Skunkkit (black and white she-cat with blue eyes)
Morningstream – cream tabby she-cat, pregnant with Greysmoke's kits

Crowbird – black tom with blue eyes, the oldest cat in the clan
Hawktail – brown tabby tom, mute because of a torn tongue
Lakeshine – grey smoke she-cat



Viperstar - mostly ginger tortoiseshell she-cat

Redeyes - albino tom

Medicine Cat:
Bluestream - blue-grey she-cat

Mousepaw - brown spotted tabby tom
Darkpaw - black tom



Lionstar - golden tabby tom

Oakfrost - dark brown tabby and white tom

Medicine Cat:
Galestep - light brown tabby tom

Seapaw - grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes



Cherrystar - mostly ginger tortoiseshell she-cat

Beartooth - brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat:
Sorrelflare - mostly ginger tortoiseshell she-cat

Adderfang - ginger tabby tom
Sparktail - mostly ginger tortoiseshell she-cat

- cream tabby tom
Frozenpaw - white tom


I've only put important cats from other clans, so you don't have as many to remember (I don't think that really helps though). These allegiances are actually based just after Chapter 1. Just thought you'd want to know that.

Disclaimer: I don't own warriors, but I do own all characters in this (unless referring to a cat in the time of Firestar). Heh, I'm bad at remembering these. But still, do I look like four people to you?

Me 2: Yes.

Me 3: What a stupid question. You need your brain checked.

Me 4: Lol...



The Dark Forest was always dark and spooky, but in this part of it, it was even more so. It was the darkest part of the Dark Forest, with tall, dominating trees, and curling shadows milling in the corners. It was not a place that would make a cat feel welcome, more one that discouraged them to go anywhere nearby. Very few cats, not even those who loved the dark, dared venture there.

Except for a single she-cat.

The brown tabby seemed reluctant and fearful as she moved through the trees. She didn't appear to want to be there. She moved hastily until she arrived outside one of the few landmarks within the Dark Forest – a cave.

It was impossible to see anything that was in the cave, but if one stood nearby they could feel the hateful and evil presence within it. The she-cat shivered.

"I-I have your message," she meowed nervously.

An evil chuckle came from within the cave. A voice followed it, a voice that dripped with cruelty and malice, "It is amusing to see you so timid," it said, "What does the message say?"

The she-cat sighed shakily before replying. "It s-says "How about upon the earth?"," the she-cat reported.

The presence within the cave was silent for a few moments before replying. "And do you know what this message means?" it asked.

"N-n-no," the she-cat meowed hastily.

"Good," the voice said smoothly, "Very good. Now I want you to fetch a cat – any cat – and send them to me. I want them to send the next message."

"But I-I could easily send the m-message myself. Why do I h-have to fetch someone e-else?" the she-cat asked.

"Do not question me!" the voice snarled, "You fetch another cat because I say so. And anyway, I did not think you would want to spend all your time delivering messages."

Her fur fluffed out in fear. "B-but it's more interesting than doing nothing," she explained.

"But it is to my understanding that you are not doing nothing," the she-cat looked shocked as the voice continued, "Brooklarch, do not make the mistake of thinking I do not know what you are planning."

She blinked, stunned, before speaking, "W-will you help?" she asked hopefully, her eyes gleaming with the possibilities.


"Perhaps," it replied after a long time, "Now go, and do what I have asked."

Brooklarch nodded briskly before running away from that horrible place.

So there is the prologue. Dark and spooky as always. What do you guys think was in the cave? Tell me your theories in a review! (hint hint)

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