After two hours of silence, with Kurt just holding Blaine, Blaine finally poured everything out to Kurt. It happened when Kurt was pretty sure Blaine was asleep, so it startled him a little when he just started talking.

Once everything was out in the open, Kurt cuddled him even closer and eventually they fell asleep.

Days, weeks, and months passed. Eventually everyone had a routine. Blaine was just another part of the family now. Him and Finn were like brothers, and him and Kurt were, obviously, boyfriends.

They all fought with each other, then they'd eventually make up and go on like nothing happened.

They'd eat everything in the house and still complain to Burt and Carole that they were hungry.

They'd stay up too late and be a wreck for school. They'd skip curfew and be grounded. They'd bang up walls with their clumsiness, and get dirty, warning looks from either parent, silently telling them to chill.

Kurt and Blaine would eventually get caught having a rather… passionate make-out session in Kurt's room. They didn't mean to start kissing, or to lay back comfortably on the bed, or to place hands under shirts, it just happened. And it also just so happened that Burt chose that moment to use his 'I'm-allowed-to-barge-in-whenever-I-want' rule.

Blaine almost fell flat back on his butt he jumped off of the bed so fast. He began trying to explain himself, but Burt hushed him with a simple raise of the hand. He backed out of the room and walked back downstairs without a word.

It was late, so by the time Blaine and Kurt found the courage to leave Kurt's room, Burt was in bed.

Then, the next day, Burt was already at work by the time all three boys came down to breakfast.

They thought they were in the clear… until that night. After a rather awkward dinner, Burt called Blaine and Kurt into the living room. The talk they had once they were sitting on the couch made dinner not seem awkward at all. He gave both Kurt and Blaine the sex talk, then sent them away with pamphlets to read both separate and together. He told them that they all know it is inevitable and sooner or later- and he put emphasis on the later- they would have sex. They might as well be open and honest about it now.

Afterward, he sent them to their rooms and they all three silently vowed never to speak of that experience ever again.

College applications were sent out, both Kurt and Blaine wanting to get out of Lima and be in New York. They made it, too. They found a dinky, little apartment. It lacked space, and at least four cockroaches were found and killed each week, but it was theirs.

When they came home for Thanksgiving that year, while Kurt was upstairs getting ready, Blaine was helped Carole by putting marshmallows on top of the sweet potato casserole. They were talking about Blaine's classes, one of which was at night, when it just slipped out of his mouth. He didn't even realize he had said it at first. She had told him to make sure he was careful on his evening walks home, and he replied with, "Don't worry, Mom, I always am."

He and Carole weren't facing each other, so he had no idea how her eyes glistened with tears or that a smile appeared on her face.

His heart pounded for a moment, once he realized, then he took a deep breath and went right back to placing marshmallows on the casserole. He didn't call her "Mom" again the rest of the trip, but he knew that eventually it would take the place of "Carole" forever.

It was February 19th when Kurt and Blaine had their first huge argument. Kurt had forgotten that Blaine was making a special Valentine's Day dinner- because they had been too busy to celebrate on Valentine's Day- and he didn't come home until late. He had gone out with his friends after class, sending Blaine a simple text, and that was it.

They went out with separate friends often. That didn't bother Blaine any. They had some people that they were both friends with, but when you're in two separate colleges and doing two separate majors, you're bound to have some friends that are just yours.

When Kurt got home, the food was still all out, flowers in the middle of the table, and a sad Blaine sitting at the table with his head propped up by his arm.

It started out as a quiet argument, then escalated into yelling. It went farther than a "You completely forgot our Valentine's Day dinner!" fight, and turned into a "Why don't you ever do the laundry?" "Why am I the one to wash and dry the dishes?" "Why did I have to go to the store for your stupid shampoo?" fight.

Blaine ended up leaving, slamming the door behind him, even though he knew he had nowhere to go.

He took out his cellphone and called the first number that came to mind.

He probably should have had a 'Who do you call when you need a parent to vent about your boyfriend to, but the closest thing you have to a parent is your boyfriend's parents?' moment, but he didn't. He just called.

When Burt answered, Blaine began rambling, and Burt listened. Blaine would never know that Kurt beeped in, and he'd never know that Burt covered the mouthpiece to tell Carole to call and talk to Kurt for him.

Somewhere in-between, "I just feel like he doesn't care about us anymore," and, "I do the laundry, so I don't know what he's talking about!" Blaine said, "Dad, I don't want to lose him. I love him."

He didn't realize he had said it until he hung up, but Burt noticed automatically. It was possible his heart skipped a beat. He didn't mention it though, knowing now was definitely not the time.

After an hour and a half of talking, Carole hung up with Kurt. Ten minutes later, Burt was hanging up with Blaine.

Two minutes after that, Blaine was heading back down the hall to their door - he had never made it farther than the elevator- and knocking.

They hugged and kissed and cried and declared that hour and a half to be the worst hour and a half of their lives.

After four years of obnoxious classes, rude teachers, lots of studying, and plenty of tears, Kurt and Blaine had their college degrees.

They didn't immediately move from their apartment, but eventually they did.

They got a nicer place which, while still small, did not have to have a shower curtain for a bathroom door.

One cold afternoon, in Lima, a few days after Thanksgiving, Kurt and Blaine went for a walk. Kurt led them to the park where he had first seen Blaine.

Blaine found it odd as they usually avoided this park whenever they took walks. It didn't have any good memories so they just never went there.

But, without explanation, Kurt held tightly onto Blaine's hand and led the way until they got to a very familiar bench.

Kurt sat down, but remained quiet.

Blaine looked around for a moment, then turned to look at Kurt.

"Kurt, are you okay?"

"You know," Kurt began, as though he hadn't heard Blaine's question, "The day I saw you here was just… It had been a bad day. I had been slushied, I got detention, got slammed against lockers twice, missed out on getting to sing a solo, and spent an hour with a room full of homophobes making one gay joke after another. I just… I hated my life, Blaine. I hated it. Yeah, I had a great dad, step-mom and brother, but I was just so sick of everything and everyone...

"Then there you were. You looked so pitiful, and it broke my heart. I didn't have any idea who you were, but that didn't even matter. I just wanted to be there for you. And you told me your story and, god, I just hated your parents. I hated them." Kurt hadn't looked into Blaine's eyes once. He stared straight ahead, looking as though every memory was flashing before his eyes.

"But then, I got you. And after a while, as horrible as it sounds, I stopped hating them and I started thanking them." Kurt finally looked at Blaine, tears filling his eyes. "Blaine, I feel like… I feel like you were the one who found me. I feel like I was just hanging on the edge of," He shrugged, "I don't even know what. On one of both my and your worst days, I found the love of my life. I love you so much, Blaine, and I am so thankful that no one else stopped to help you before I walked by."

Blaine took a deep, stuttering breath. Tears were filled in his eyes as well. He reached over and took Kurt's hands in his. "Kurt… Kurt, I feel the same way. That day all I wanted was to be able to go back and change things. To be able to go back and have my parents love me and want me, but… but not now. I don't know when it happened but, one day I just stopped resenting them and started thanking them. If it weren't for them, I would have never found you and I can't even imagine what my life would be like without you."

Kurt leaned forward and kissed him. It was filled with so much love and passion. Tears spilled over both of their eyes and fell down their cheeks.

After a moment, Kurt pulled away. He cleared his throat and laughed lightly. "Wow, I um, I didn't even get to my point."

"There's more?" Blaine questioned.

Kurt nodded.

"I- I wanted to ask you something. I- I don't have a ring or anything cause I'd want us to both pick out one if you say yes, and I am so not getting down on one knee, bu-"

"Yes. Oh my God, yes!"

"But I didn't even ask yet."

"It doesn't matter. Yes!"

"But I practiced all night! I practiced with Finn, Blaine! Finn! I proposed to Finn! Multiple times!"

Blaine laughed. "Okay, okay. Continue, please."

"Thank you. Blaine, will you marry me?"

Blaine took another deep breath before replying. "Can I think about it?" He said, trying to look as casual as possible.

Kurt glared at him, then began laughing. "I love you so much, you big idiot!" He said, pulling him in for a kiss.

Blaine laughed into the kiss, "I love you too, dork."

The End!

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