"You're kidding me."




"Like... Seriously-seriously?"

"Yes, like, 'seriously-seriously.'"


"Why so serious?"

Sam sighed at the joke.

"I'm serious, Dean."

Dean stopped pacing across the motelroom and looked around.

Or well, anywhere but at Castiel, really. He crossed his arms over his chest with a sceptical look on his face.

"Alright, I get it. Cas lost his angel-mojo and need his beauty-sleep, but I'm not sharing bed with the guy." He growled at the last words.

"Why not?" Sam frowned. A expression that soon turned into bitch-face.

Dean snorted.

"Because!" He yelled with the body language of a five-year old.

"Because--Look at him! It's ... It's... "

He did a awkward 'look at this thing'-movement with his arms over the area where Cas was standing.

"...I'ts Cas." He tried a little desperate, trying to convince himself that the argument was good by the sound of it.

The angel, who has been quiet most of the conversation until now, finally spoke up.

"If sharing the same sleeping-base in any way will make you feel uncomfortable, Dean, I'm capable of being awake during your sleep. I've done it for thousands of years. I can't see why I would require it now."

He turned to the taller hunter. " But I do appriciate the offer though, Sam."

Sam on the other hand, rubbed a hand over his face.

"Yeah, well. Because you're human now, Cas. At least for the moment. Humans need to sleep or they go, uh, crazy." Sam said.

"And until we find a way to bring you back to normal you're kind of stuck with us." He continued and ran the hand through his hair.

"Humans can survive a night without sleep, Sam. I've seen this. Dean does it often, and is still capable of laborious activities such as hunting. And other more ... personal matters."

Dean raised a eyebrow. "Jeez Cas, confusing me with Dr juliet?"

"You've neither gone to medical school or are of that gender, Dean."

Cas gave him a confused look.

Wasn't a surprise, though. He couldn't assume that an angel of the freakin' lord would get a reference from 'The Resident'.


Cas frowned a 'what was the point of that?'-look but soon returned to his normal state.

"I assume this conversation is over?" He said, more of a question than a guess.

Sam stood up and stretched his arms.

"Well, that's sort of up to Dean to decide."

Dean sighed loudly. "Fine."


"I said fine! I'll sleep with him if it's so damn important."

Deans eyes grew wide and he emediatley noticed it coming out the wrong way.

"I uh... I'll share bed with him. Shut up."

A smirk spread over Sam's face. "Yeah, you do that."

"Shut up!" Dean snapped a little too loud.

"So we're done here?" Cas asked again.

"What's with the rush?"

Cas shifted umcomfortably at his feet. "I have a uncomfortable sensation in my blatter."

"Damnit, TMI, Cas!"


"Too much information." Dean rolled his eyes.

And awkward silence sweeped over the room as the Winchesters stared at Cas.

"Well?" Dean asked.


"You're going to drain the lizard or what?"

Cas squinted, his eyebrows close to the eyes from confusion.

"What lizard? Why would I drain a lizard in this situation?"

Sam huffed out a laugh when Dean just didn't give up.

"For the love of God, I asked you if you should you know... pee?" Dean explained, running a hand over his forehead.

Cas face softened in understanding as he looked around.

"Yes. I think I will manage that. " He said and strolled of to the bathroom, already having problem unzipping his pants.

Dean couldn't help but to smile at the thought of Cas struggeling in there.

Day slowly turned into evening and soon you could see the sun setteling down somewhere in the horizont.

The light streaming in through the window was soft, leaning towards the apricot shade of colour.

Sam had taken the Impala to get pie and liquior from some gasstation nearby the motel. Dean was sceptical about leaving his baby but hell, we're talking about pie after all. Pie and Dean.

Dean who was watching Dr. Sexy MD next to a now rather human Cas in the outworn leathercouch.

He turned his eyes of the TV to see the guy with eager eyes locked on the screen, a half bowl of popcorn lay between his crossed legs.

One that Dean was pretty sure had been full just a minute ago.

He'd borrowed Deans 'a little' too big grey t-shirt that hang loose around his slim neck and arms, making his head look a little bigger and the blue in his eyes pop out a little more.

The mossgreen pyjamajeans was low on his hips. You probably would've been able to have seen some skin if it wasn't for the size of his shirt.

Dean caught himself staring a little too long and looked up, a little startled, before Cas would notice.

"Enjoying the popcorn much?" Dean asked with a since of humour in his voice.

Cas grabbed some popcorns and propped in his mouth before looking at Dean.

"What?" He mumbled while chewing.

He looked so innocence, almost like a kid. Dean couldn't hold in a smile.

Almost cute.

Pff, no way man.

"Never mind."

He turned his attention back to the TV.

Cas looked at him a little confused before shrugging and settled back on the couch.

After 30 minutes of a somewhat comfortable silence they heared a knock on the door and Sam stepped in, two bags in hand.

"Pie?" Deans eyes lid up.

"No, but I brought cake. Close enough, right?"

Sam walked to the table and threw the bags on it before heading for the bed.

"Yeah. sure thing, Sammy."

He got up and grabbed the cake, staring at it with glossy eyes. Not even close enough. He thought.

"Cas, you want some cake?" Dean sighed and offered it to him.

"No, already ill from the popcorn."

Cas winced a little in sickness and walked towards Deans bed, sitting on the edge of it.

Dean threw it in the trashcan and followed him, swearing something about going to sleep on empty stomach as he began to unzip his jeans.

He stopped in front of the bed and struggled with the zipper, not expecting blue eyes in his personal space when he looked up.

"Uhm, Cas... " He mumbled.

Cas yawned, threw his t-shirt off and did a puppet mimic with his hand.

"Yeah yeah, I know. Personal space issues... intense staring and such..."

He yawned again.

Dean tried not to stare at the guys body as he stumbled out of his jeans.

"I don't have 'personal space issues'." He said, not even convincing himself with the tone.

"Shut up and come to bed." Cas said and Dean could've sworn he heard a sense of humour in his voice.

He's so human, it's weird. But in a good way, kind off.

When he finally lay down (awkwardly and with so much space from Cas he probably would've fallen out of the bed if he tried to move), he heard the other guy sigh satisfied and cuddle up in the blanket.

Dean freezed a little. They would share blanket? Damn it.

He closed his eyes.

"How is it like to be asleep, Dean?"

Dean thought about what to say before he opened his eyes again to stare at the ceiling.

"I don't know, it's not like I've thought about it. But it's cool, I guess."

Cas was quiet for a moment.

"Goodnight, Dean."

"Night, Cas."

So, short chapter. Sorry for that! Reviews motivate me!