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"Warning bells, warning bells.

Warnings all the way!

Oh, what fun it is to write,

chapters 'bout m-rated gays!" Seriously though. Enjoy!

So, Dean woke up again. Or well, he was in the state between being asleep and waking up.

Let's just call it a-lazy-persons-coma.

He was about to snuggle into the pillow when it accord to him that his head was resting at something much stiffer and warmer than a pillow. With a deep breath he sighed and just lay still for a moment, cursing at the cold air on his back and for being too tired to grab the blanket.

But there was this very soothing warmth underneath him that warmed up his chest very well, and it didn't really make sense. With his left hand he lazely rubbed his burning eyes and slowly opened them one at a time feeling himself waking up.

He lifted his head slightly too see what was causing this heat and too his surprise found himself with chest on Cas stomach and arms wrapped around his torso and neck.

He simply stared at him with hooded eyes for what seemed like forever, enjoying the warm chest to chest contact... before his mind kicked into work and his eyes widened.

"Oh fuck."

He awkwardly made a attempt to sit up when a sudden wave of heat shot to his groin.

Dreams had their ways to turn out quite exciting once you fall asleep with a damn boner, so it wasn't such a surprise, really. The thing was that Cas slept peacefully beneath him and here he lay with his dick pressed against him...again.

He slowly made a second attempt by pushing himself up on his elbows, but it turned out to be a bad idea once his boner accidently slide against Cas' bony hips.

Cas let out a quite, highpitched whine that made Dean abruptly press back down.

"Oh fuck." He whispered when his dick twitched in approval at the movement.

With a shaky breath he pushed himself up face to face level with Cas and let out a low moan at the familiar friction along the way.

He looked down at the sleeping man beneath him and swallowed the sudden thickness in his throat hard enough to make his adams apple jump.

The left hand massaged his shoulder softly while the right one carefully stroke long fingers through the messy hair. He licked his lips and felt the burn of teeth bite down hard on it as he looked down at the man.

Cas shifted a little on the pillow and Dean freezed to ice, but soon the face softened again and he exhaled a breath he didn't know he had hold.

He was so fucking close and Cas could probably count the freckles on his face if he opened his eyes.

The fringe was a mess against his forhead and covered the thick eyebrows that was close to his eyes like a small 24/7 frown. The strong bonestructure and jaw not as tense as when he's awake and the big, pale lips perfectly matched the somewhat tan skin that was covered with just enough stubble to make him look

...fucking sexy.

What the hell am I doing? Dean thought as he pressed his chin against Cas', burrying his forehead into the flat pillow and rocked his hips against Cas'.

He soon found a steady but feather-like rythm and nuzzled against the sharp stubble with quite moans and whimpers escaping his dry lips.

"Oh, fuck. Fuck, fucking H-Hell." He sounded oddly breathless as he whispered against Cas' ear and soon found himself breathing hot puffs of air over it as his mouth found it's way to the lobe to bite it.

It slowly became harder and harder to control himself and the soft movement of his hips soon became fast and passionate.

His left hand moved away from the shoulder, down to caress a hip before back up along the ribs and tracing a hard nipple. He pinched it while his other hand ran fingers through the messy fringe and he felt the stomach beneath him suck in when Cas inhaled a deep breath in his sleep.

Dean gulped and pressed his now aching eraction down hard enough to deserve a small whimper from the sleeping man.

He moved til' he was inches from Cas' face and stared intensely as Cas moaned, yes, a fully long and husky filled moan, when he pinched the nipple extra hard. He felt the dick against his own slowly fill up and watched as the lips parted and ragged warm breathes began to mix with his own in the tiny space between their lips.

He was hot all over, littarly.

His dirtyblonde hair lay wet against his sweaty forhead, he could feel the line of sweat on his back and his cock...it could might as well be on fire.

This was beyond wrong,

it was a fucking death sin if not more.

And sure, Cas was pretty human-for-the-moment, but pressing your dick against what originally is an angel of the freakin' lord probably wont give you any extra points to Heaven, if you know what I mean.

He pushed his thoughts away with a dark growl and pressed flush against Cas' sweaty, warm chest and bite his lip pushing down particulary hard making Cas let out a struggled "mnggh!" sound and lift his knees just the slightest as a reflex to Deans thrusts.

Dean put large, sweaty hands on Cas slim waist and began to focus on fast, quick thrust that made Cas breath fast, almost in tempo with the movements. He could feel Cas' obvious eraction press against his hipbone and feel the heartbeat against his chest beat fast from arousal.

It was so good, so fucking good and soon he felt an smashing orgasm building up inside of him as he couldn't focus on anything but the heat against him and the hot damp air in the dark motelroom.

So fucking close, close, just a little bit more, I just need to...

And just then, he realized he'd been completely off guard by his own pleasure to pay attention to anything beside it.

He suddenly felt two strong hands grab his shoulders in a painfully hard grip and when Dean opened his eyes they were met by a pair of wide, blue, lustblown and confused ones.

Cas stared into Dean green panicing eyes and arched of the bed as he came with a long strangled cry, spilling himself in his briefs and Deans inner thigh. The sight was probably the hottest thing he'd ever seen, but through the arousal he felt a cold clump of regret, guilt and panic fill his stomach.

Cas stared at him in shock, trying to catch his breath while Dean opened and closed his mouth, trying to find any words.

"I am..." His voice cracked. "So..." He inhaled a deep breath.

"So sorry."

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