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Mom ,Dad...I'm Gay.

Those four words alone that were spoken across the Dinner table came from Jack Spicer's lips. Those words alone had ruined Jack's life and turned it upside down. Of course Jack had started out a so called normal life teasing girls,playin sports(mostly basketball),and then when he reached highschool he had chased after girls,but it didn't feel like he really wanted to do it, it just felt like thats what a young boy was supposed to do but deep down inside him it didn't feel right. He had kissed a girl before and he still remembered it too but he didn't feel anything , not saying you had to feel something when you kissed anyone(clearly saying that he did not feel anything emotional or sexual for the girl).He just didn't feel right, he chased girls but it didn't feel like he wanted to it he believe that the pressure he was feeling from his friends had made him feel like it was the right thing to do.

When he was fifteen at the time he was at a freinds party ,and they had sarted playing truth or had gotten a dare to kiss a foreign exchange student who strangley enough was already getting invited to parties. Jack didn't really remember anything from that night because he was"Under the Influence"but when his pink plump lips met the others slighty chapped lips he felt a spark he didn't feel when he kissed the girl under the big oak tree years ago. Although it was a short micro-second kiss followed by a group of mostly girls roars of amusement and shock. To be honset after that kiss Jack had felt a little different about girls all together, years of chasing skirts just didn't seem as fun or desirable as it used to be. Not saying girls were now disgusting in his eyes because if he said that he'd be saying his girlfriends(girls that are friends) were also disgusting.

Then about a month later Jack found out the reson why,getting a DVD case containing no cover on it should have been suspicious enough when he recived it from his group of his freinds. Inside the DVD contained a blank CD with nothing written on it,he shrugged and placed in his DVD player and to be on the down low he turned the volume from his Tv down just incase it had something inapporiate on it. When he pressed play he had found out it had been a Porn DVD and saw a very explict image of a women with loads of make-up sucking a very attractive mans raging hard-on. A normal striaght boy could picture himself being the one getting sucked off but with Jack it was the other way around. Although the DVD was suppossed to be a harmful funny B-Day present,he had started to relize he was the submissive partner in a any given relationshiop wether just plain boyfriend girlfriend or an active sexual relationship. The more and more he watched the explict video he started wondering what it would be like to actually have sex with a man or even just walk down the sidewalk with a boy knowing that they were going out. Then he suddenly relized these strange things he was feelings were facts saying that he indeed was gay,at first he had felt he was disgusted by himself to be even thinking of another male in such a way,then he had forced himself to look at gay porn-no video just to test to see if he felt any different about his situation,and a few minutes into the clip he was watching he had an obvious erection that would need more then a cold shower to go away.

Learning that he in fact was attracted to men this way made him accept this new chnage in his life and just embraace it as of part of him. Jack had now overcome his new sexuality change but the serious question was "Would his parents"? He had talked to one of his trusted friend about the situation but she had told him to simply tell them, of course this was one of those easier said then done situations. Finally after about two weeks into his gay awakening he had worked up the courage to tell them, since his parent were always busy or either having fancy rich people parties or as he liked to call them they decided to have dinner together for once. The normal converstaion was set to a minimal "small talk", what ever you want to call it then Jack decided to break the silence by telling them.

"Mom ,Dad...I'm Gay."


complete silence were shared between the three.

"I had a feeling". answered his father in the most blank and emotionless voice ever. Jack took this as a friendly family comment and blushed.

"I had a feeling,because you were coming home late at night so that lead me to conclude that you were out late "doing things".

"doing things as in"? jack asnwered with a more worried tone.

"Doing things as in having sex with men like the little whore you are!"' His mother now yelled out with this very insulting comment.

"What!" "I'm very well still a virgin mom, I haven't had sex with a boy nor a girl" Jack said defending himself.

"A virgin can still suck dick Jack, you should know this since you have been going out and doing it!"

His fater had now stood up and slap Jack squarley across the face that not only let him with a very noticable red hand print on his snow like porcelian skin,it also split his lip. Jack was so shoked that his dad had just slap his only flesh and blood on the face in a violent manner. Geting hit was nothing new to Jack (He was losing Xiaolin Showdown to the Xiaolin Monks and going home with bruises and cuts). Of course when he was younger he got spankings from both his parents but that was out of punishment, not for choosing a lifestyle his parents obviously didn't accept.

"You h-h-h hit me" Jack said this looking at his Fater with pure horror in his eyes.

"Sluts like you deserve much worse".

His mother was now standing above him as the force from the slap his father bestowed upon him had him sitting on the kitchen floor. Jack had never in his life had see her so livid,her once calm nother-like composeure seemed to vanish now ,instead replaced a face of pure hatrad and disgust all pointed twoards her son.

"You are a disgrace to the family, I have no son... you are dead to me!"

As soon as those were spoken from his fathers lips it felt like the weight of the world was sitting on Jack's shoulders,he was now not hated by Xiaolin Monks(not that he really cared but still)his favorite evil hero Chase Young, but now the people that were suppossed to love him no matter what, had told him that they hate him. Jack's mother had now started trading blows all over his body, Jack's only defense being his arms to cover his did not move in fear that if he made any sudden moment it would just make both his mother and father more angry then they already were. Then when it seemed his mother was now more calmed down,he heard her footsteps leave and walk the long hallway from the kitchen to the living room or another area of their ridiculously large mansion, Jack was draggged up to his feet and now stared in the eyes of his father. Jack's mom was scary but his Father was even worse and he new whatever punishment his fater was going to give him was going to hurt alot.

"Stay here and don't move". His father demanded. As Jack stood in the spot his father had assigned him he stood there listening to what his father was now saying.

"You know a woman back in the U.S had made her son lay across a burning hot stove with nothing on. "No clothes, nothing". Jack shivered with fear going up and down his spine in a chilling matter.

"But I'm not going to do that, instead...place your wrists on top of the stove and keep them there for a whole minute".


Jack was now crying and shivering in fear as if he were place in cold weather with no warm clothes for protection.

"Well then if you'd like to lay across the stove, you may".

Jack now caght a big fresh of air in his mouth,(the fear had made him forget the fact that he needed to breath) his father was saying this in such a calm voice like he had done this to someone before or something equally painful. Jack slowly walked over to the stove, he thought about running but decided that would be a terriable idea the fact as in where would he go and he would soon be caught. Still hesitant he placed his wrist top of the stove suddenly he hissed in pain feeling the the burning heat hit his bare white he wanted to remove his wrist from this tourting pain he knew his fater was playing a game with him,waiting nowanting him to remove himself so he could punish him in a more worse fashion. Jack did not remove himself from the stove and stayed, couraging himself not to give this man the satsifaction to see him break down and plead for mercy and forgivness.

As the man he onced knew as a father told him to lift his wrist he now ordered him to clear the kitchen table and go to his room and stay there till morning. The man now told him he had a curfew which was 5:oo Pm and if he was even a minute late he will then either have to lay a different body part on top of the heated stove or a more serious punishment. After that his fater left and Jack did as he was told and made his way to his bedroom.

As soon as he made it to his room he shut the door and leaned aganist it and slid all the way to the red carpeted floor grasping his wrist and crying as if he had lost a love one. Then he tore his clothes off his lithe body and turned on the bath water and the radio and listened to whatever was playing. As he made his way in the bathtub he looked at his injured wrist more closely and saw percing red lines on them. Since he had very sensitive it might take a great deal of time to heal and be very painful. He slowly washed himself and wondered why did he had to open his mouth again, all it did was lead to more pain and misery on his part.

Slowly getting out of the bathtub and pulling the drain he went in his medicine cabinet and pulled out otiment perfectyl made for burns. As he rubbed the soothing cream on his wrist he also got out guaze to proctet the burn from dirt and anything else(of course he would have to change the guaze after ever shower) after he was finished he then slipped on his boxers and a long sleeve black shirt and got into his bed. He pulled up the lush soft covers over his head and curealed in a fedal positon like way and cried himself to sleep hoping that this terrfying nighmare would soon end, or the so called super hero would save him from it.

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