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The first thing Jack noticed when he woke up was that he was in a hospital bed and hooked up to and IV tank. He had hoped maybe he had just been watching to many episodes of CSI or something and the shows had started to mentally mess with his dreams, he hoped that it had all been just a nightmare he would wake up to. He hoped things would be normal, well as normal as they were such as him pinning over Chase and still getting his ass kicked constantly by the annoying Xiaolin monks.

The second thing he noticed was Well Chase. Chase had was actual with him, actual still with him. But it was also Chase who had pulled him out of his sour thoughts…with his face. One second he's self mourning then BAM! Sudden attack of Chase's face, and damn he looked really fucking concerned.

"What's wrong Chase?" Making a move with his left hand to smooth out the obvious wordiness from his face, Jack also realized he was out of this world high.

He didn't know why he hadn't realized it earlier but now he knew he was completely doped up on hospital meds and, boy did it feel good. As he looked at Chase or what he thought was Chase because for some reason he seemed further away from him from earlier. Chase also seemed to have had a twin or look alike with him cause there were two of him.

Besides Chase's family mutation everything around Jack seemed vivid also for some reason his pillow became immensely funny, as he began to laugh as if it had said the funniest joke ever.

Chase was concerned. Immensely worried was more accurate. He had every reason to be though Jack's behavior over the past seven minutes has been a bit on the disturbing side.

He had been watching Jack sleep from a side chair next to his bed, only to be gratefully happy when he saw the silent red head stir and open his crimson eyes. At first Chase thought he was seeing things when he saw how dilated Jack's pupils, but when he had opened his mouth and said something in a very slurred manner he knew Jack was currently not in the right mind. Further proof of Jack being intoxicated on hospital drugs was when he found a fascination with his pillow and started talking to it, literally having a conversation with an inanimate object.

"That is so intelligently funny." Jack snorted while stroking his feather filled porcelain cushion.

Chase sighed heavily. As much as he would like to have a less doped up Jack Spicer he was thankful that Jack could find enjoyment in something, considering what he had been through about five hours ago. The only downfall was that Chase wanted answers. Though at times the giggling teen seemed to be dim witted Chase knew Jack had above average intelligence. With that fact it wouldn't have made since for Jack to deliberately wander off to an obvious bad town. It also didn't make since that Jack's parents weren't at all present in this situation either. Chase wasn't saying that they should have known right away where Jack was but the fact Jack was reluctant to even mention them earlier was suspicious, the out of the blue curfew was still weird.

Jack had said numerous times when Chase questioned why he was out late, that his parents were to far into their work to pay attention to him anyway. He then added they were too far into their work to even raise him, so why the sudden Change. Chase could understand wanting to be a part of your child's life after practically physically and emotionally depriving them of much needed attention, but the way Jack stated it was peculiar. Thinking back on it the way Jack had blown up in his face when he had broke his heli-pack didn't make any sense at all.

Jack could have just fixed it easily, really the teen had a talent for machines, but the way he yelled at him was unusual. Chase had seen Jack explode multiply times all of them ugly, but the way he had did it…Jack seemed more scared then angry. His face held anger but it seemed as though the anger wasn't just pointed towards his person. In fact it seemed more of a feared anger if that made any sense. How he about ran out of Chase's lair was also questionable, getting a harsh squalling from your parents is one thing but the way Jack ran made it seemed like a killer was after him.

There was obviously a huge fucking gap of information that was missing in all of this, Jack being the only one who knew. Chase would like to say that Jack would confess everything to him, but he wasn't going to hope for it. Jack was a talkative creature but Chase knew he had hidden secrets of his own, and the current situation they were in he was probably going to have to force it out of him.

"Chase do you think they'll let me take some of this home?" Tugging on his IV cord Jack asked still in slurred manner as he was somewhat over his pillow. Chase didn't know whether to laugh or scowl harshly at Jack for tugging on the medical cord. So instead he just held Jack's wandering hand and answered a very pointed out no, in return he received an 'aw' to his response.

Chase was left in his thoughts again until Doctor Wilson called him outside into the hallway in a hasty voice.

Chase watched in nervousness as she held her clip board with stiff hands.

"Well he has a few STDs nothing serious a few antibiotics can remove it from his system easily." She hesitated almost as if she didn't want to continue; as if she held a secret deep inside and she knew what the outcome would be if she spoke it out loud.

"But?" Chase pressed on.

"But he has a serious toxin in his blood, and if we don't find the correct antidote he could very well die."

Ever feel like when something bad happens to you on a day, it just seems like more and more horrible things happen? Like if the first tragic thing hadn't happened to you then your day would go on normally? It seemed as though the world just kept taking a big shit on Chase and that nothing he did would ever fix it.

"So you're saying Jack's going to die?" He hated saying it, it tasted like poison on his lips, death and Jack together in a sentence should never be constructed should never even be thought about.

"The toxin that was injected into Jack works like the date rape drug also known as Ruffies. The only difference is that the victim remembers everything, it's meant to just slow you down, sometimes victims who receive a heavy amount appear even dead like because they're paralyzed from the drug." Sighing she racked her hands through her dark hair. "We have the cure to it. The only problem is that its physical appearance is three colors. Red, blue, and green, if Jack was injected with the green one and we give him the antidote for the blue one he would die right on the spot. If we don't give him one at all he'll die regardless."

"So what you're implying is that Jack and his attackers are the only ones who know what one he was injected with?"

"Exactly. Jack will seem fine but inside his organs are going to start shutting down, and when that happens we can't do anything about it." Mrs. Wilson sometimes hated her job. She liked the rush of it all she liked saving people's lives but sometimes when you end up playing God with someone's life and fail, letting them slip into the darkness, you feel like a failure. And when you have to face a worried family who would like nothing more than for you to say their loved one is going to be okay, only to say they died in a hospital bed, or on a surgery table…The worst part is seeing them break down in absolute horror and anger that you weren't capable of saving them.

"What would happen if one of his attackers were caught what then?"

"Chase, they would most likely lie. Once caught they know they are going to Jail, but the poison Jack has in his system is legal here, If anything they might just end up getting two years in prison just for raping him."

Chase didn't like the sound of any of that, the men who raped Jack should die, either behind bars are by Chase's hands he really didn't have a preference.

"Well we can't ask Jack now he's not in the right mind."

"I'm not surprised." Putting her clip board under her arm Doctor Wilson fixed the collar on her shirt. "Don't worry yourself Chase, Jack is an observant boy, if anything he should be able tell you the color, shape, and how much was forced into his body." With that the middle aged Doctor padded Chase on the shoulder. "Don't worry there will be justice in the end of all this."

Justice. Justice, what a much abused word. Chase was never one for it; he had done something god awful things in his past, even in the present. He wanted to believe everything was going to be alright, that Jack would recover from this fine that maybe Jack felt the same way about him, but he cannot wish things that might never happen. He could only hope that Jack would continue you to live on to the rest of his days.

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