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After I told them that they stood in my room shell shocked. "Will you stop staring at me I couldn't help it he was just controlling my life, there wasn't an excuse good enough that I could tell him so that I could hang out with my friends. I always had to be with his family. He was so jealous when I was with anybody if it wasn't him or those he approved of. I truly do love him it's just he was just too controlling and possessive I hated it."

Then I started crying all over again. "I didn't know he would take it this far I mean he said he would kill for me but I…" "Bella please we need you to calm down so we can ask you questions and we can stop him." Emily said. I want to do this for the people that he killed. I sucked it up and straighten up.

"Okay, sorry what do you want to know?" I asked and Emily smiled. "I figured it would be easier if we do it at all at once." She said and I to smiled. "Oh okay." I got up and walked out the door to see if Jacob gave them the coffee yet.

R Pov. (Btw if you didn't know its Reid not Rossi)

"Who's going to ask questions?" I asked and Emily and JJ stared at me. I realized that they wanted me to do this. "Oh no I'm not doing this, why don't you do it?" I said to JJ and she smirked. "Because I saw the way you looked at her I think you like her." She said and I blushed. "No I don't this is a case and she is very valuable."

JJ and Emily stared at me until I cracked. "Fine maybe a little but that means nothing now I'll get Morgan and Hotch with me." I said about to leave the room when JJ stopped me. "Wait why don't we ask her the questions here then we can do Jacob and Charlie." She said and I agreed and went down the stairs.

B Pov.

I went down to see the other agents with Charlie and Jake. I saw the agents on the couch looking at photos and Charlie and Jacob each sitting in a chair. "Umm sorry about that did you guys get your coffee?" I said and one of the agents, I think his name was Hotch said "Yes, thank you." I smiled "Oh sure no problem." And sat on the other couch.

It was just beginning to get awkward when JJ and Emily came down the stairs with Reid in tow. "Okay I think it will be easier if we just do all the questions here instead of going to the station" JJ said and she came to sit on the four person couch with me.

Our house was fairly big, we had three stories. When you walk into the house you come into the hallway that leads into the stairway then on the left is the family room. The family room had a TV, to couches and two chairs in between them so it looked like a v shape but the chair on the end would be able to see the TV still.

"All right JJ we can do that I would like to do Bella first then Jacob, then Charlie if that's alright with you Charlie." Hotch said and my dad just nodded his head. Sometimes I slip up and call him Charlie in front of him but he doesn't seem to mind. I stayed on the couch but Charlie and Jacob left and went into another room. "Okay what do you guys want to ask me?"

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Reid POV

We all sat on one of the couches and now that Charlie and Jacob gone there was more room and it didn't seem as grounded but to me it still felt like it was stuffy in the room with Bella still in here. She is very beautiful and I can see why men go crazy over her, and the best part was that from what I can see she is also beautiful on the inside as well. There are very few people in the world that are kind and I say this for all of the team that I know that there aren't many kind people in the world or else I wouldn't have this job.

Hotch, Morgan, and Rossi were sitting on the other couch while Emily and JJ and moved to the chairs leaving me and Bella on the couch. I turned my head to them and glared at JJ and she just smiled at me. "So what questions do you want to ask me?" Bella asked.

"First we would like to ask you about the letter, do you know anything about that and who wrote it?" Hotch asked and JJ gasped out. "Hotch!" like she was scolding a child. Bella sat up straighter and shook her head. "No, no it's okay I can answer all the questions." She said and moved her hair behind her ear and I couldn't help but want to stroke her cheek.

"Umm I know who the letter is from." Bella said and Hotch looked back at Bella. "Who is it?" Hotch said. Bella looked down at her lap and muttered something. "Could you speak louder please?" Hotch asked. "Edward." She said and looked back up. "Who is that?" Morgan asked and this time Bella blushed and it looked like she was embarrassed. "My ex boyfriend, we umm broke up last year." She said and turned her eyes away from us. "How long have you guys been dating?" Morgan asked this time she blushed even more. "We started dating maybe two months after I got here so two years I think."

"Do you know why he would kill all these people?" Rossi asked her and she nodded her head a little bit. "Mike I could partly understand he never approved of me being with Edward and before we were together and during our relationship he would ask me out and would always say "Cullen's no good for you." Edward hated him because mike had umm tried to umm kiss me one day when Edward was late to school."

"And the rest?"Rossi asked "All of them were my friends except for Lauren. Erik was a bit over friendly but kind he did ask me out once but after me and Edward got together he stopped. T-t Tyler was okay he was kinda like Eric except he kissed my cheek once but he dated Lauren until… this happen."

"What about the girls?" I asked and she turned to me. Jessica was nice to me at first but then she realized mike had a crush on me and didn't like me anymore. Lauren hated me because Tyler liked me and since Edward didn't like her or Jessica they didn't like me either."

"What about Angela?" I asked and her eyes started to water. "Angela was my only true friend she never judged or gossiped about me I don't know why anyone would kill her." A few tears went by and Morgan turned to me. "Reid can I talk to you?" he asked and I nodded my head and followed him out the room

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