Bold – action and change of scenery

Underline – thoughts

Italics – Shinkenger and Goseiger attacks (if any)

Bold/italics – flashbacks and dreams

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story

Disclaimers: I don't own Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Tensō Sentai Goseiger. Both Super Sentai series are owned by Tōei Kabushiki-gaisha, the Tōei company. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger premiered on February 15, 2009 while Tensō Sentai Goseiger premiered on February 14, 2010, one year after Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. If I did owned them, the series would have TakeruXMako and AlataXKotoha in them with wedding and all! =D

AN: OMG! This will be my first Sentai fanfic ever! I hope I can nail this fanfic! Wish me luck! d(-_^)

It was a bright and beautiful sunny day. The men were working; the women were watching their children play. As people near the playground, they could hear a child cry; however, they ignored it as they went about their business. The little child in question was a five-year-old little girl wearing a yellow dress and sitting underneath a big oak tree. Why she was crying, the adults didn't want to ask. Yet, her reason was because the other children told her that they didn't want to hang out with a stupid girl like her. Most of these children were classmates of hers and spread out rumors that she was stupid and couldn't do anything right. The other children in the playground agreed to tell her off and play by themselves. As the little girl cried, she didn't hear approaching footsteps coming towards her. "Ano (Um), daijōbu (Are you alright)," asked a child-like voice.

"I-Īe (No)," said the little girl, "The other kids won't play with me."

"Dōshite (Why)," asked the curious voice.

"T-They said that I was stupid and would m-mess up their playing," sniffled the little girl.

"I'll play with you," said the voice.

The little girl was startled as she looked to where the voice was. Upon her eyes, there was a seven-year-old boy who wore a red and white jacket. He had a wide smile on his face as he held his hand out to her. The little girl hesitated a bit, for this was a boy who she didn't recognize as a regular within the playground. However, she wanted so much to have a playmate that her wants exceeded more than her suspicion. The little girl took the boy's hand and smiled prettily back. The little boy dragged the little girl towards a set of swings and placed her in one of the unoccupied seats. Her face fell a bit as the other children ran away from her, like she had a disease or something. The little boy saw this and decided to bring back the pretty smile he liked. "Hold on tightly," said the little boy.

"E-Eh," stuttered the little girl, "Aren't you going to swing too?"

"I'll swing later," said the smiling boy.

"D-Demo (But), we should both swing together," said the little girl.

"Daijōbu (I'm alright)," said the little boy as he pulled the chains of the swings back.

The little girl couldn't protest anymore as the little boy pushed her on the swing. On the swing, she felt as though her worries flew right off of her shoulders! It was amazing to feel the wind blow her hair as the little boy pushed her higher and higher. As the feeling of being in the air set her at ease, the little girl's smile came back. The little boy was happy that he could make that pretty smile come back. A giggle escaped the little girl's lips, for she was happy. Here was a child that wanted to be her playmate! "M-Matte (Wait)," shouted the little girl.

"Nani (What)," asked the little boy as he stopped the swings, "What's wrong?"

"I want to swing right next to you this time," said the little girl.

"Un," said the little boy as he got onto the swings next to the little girl.

The little boy and the little girl smiled at each other as they swing back and forth in an even pace. The little boy smiled big as the little girl's tears were now full of happiness. As the day passed by, the little girl and the little boy played on the slide and on the see-saw. An older-looking girl of eleven walked around, trying to find something. As she spotted a little girl and a little boy in the sand box, the eleven-year-old walked towards and smiled. "Kotoha," called the girl as she stopped at the sand box.

"Nēchan (older sister)," said the little girl, Kotoha, as she hugged her sister.

"Who is your tomodachi (friend)," asked the older girl.

"Alata desu (I'm Alata)," said the little boy, Alata.

"My new tomodachi," said Kotoha as she smiled at him.

"Kotoha," said the older girl, "It is time to go home."

"nods head Alright," said a sadden Kotoha.

"Daijōbu (It's alright)," said Alata, "We can play again tomorrow!"

"Hontō (Really)," asked Kotoha.

"Hai (Yes)," said Alata as both of them pinky promised.

"Jā ashita (See you tomorrow), Alata," shouted Kotoha as she waved goodbye.

"Ja ne (See'ya), Kotoha," shouted Alata as he waved goodbye.

Alata waved goodbye to Kotoha until he couldn't see the little girl anymore. As he placed his hand down, another girl came into view. She was wearing white and pink attire while walking up to Alata. Alata, aware of the other girl, turned around and smiled at her. With her hands on her hips, she started to scold Alata. "Alata," said the little girl, "You were suppose to train with everyone else!"

"Gomen ne (I'm sorry), Eri," said Alata, "I was cheering up this little girl who was crying."

"Since you are done," said the little girl, Eri, "We can continue with our training."

"Hai," nodded Alata as Eri and Alata disappeared in red and pink winds.

A year went by as the friendship between Alata and Kotoha grew. Between them, a trust was formed. It was in early May where the Sakura trees were blooming. Alata and Kotoha were sitting down and enjoying the sun. Kotoha, with her flute, was playing a soft melody. However, Alata could feel that something was wrong. The melody was not full of cheer as he remembered but sadness. As he turned to study her face, he saw that Kotoha had depression in her eyes. Before he could ask what was wrong, Kotoha turned and looked at Alata. "Alata," said Kotoha, "Nēchan and I are moving away."

"Eh," shouted Alata in shock as he stared at Kotoha.

"It is the beginning of nēchan's training in Kyotō before coming back here to Tōkyō," said Kotoha, "I am also required to go to Kyotō with nēchan."

"Training," asked Alata, "What kind of training?"

"The power has been passed down within my family for generations. Nēchan is to train to become Shinkenyellow and join Tono-sama (Lord) in Tokyo in later years," said Kotoha.

"Demo," started Alata, "Why do you have to go?"

"To receive training as well," said Kotoha, "Just in case nēchan's illness takes effect."

Alata knew all about Kotoha's sister's health. Kotoha's sister developed a sickness when she was young, but she was still strong. However, if she doesn't receive any medicine for a while, she could wind up in a hospital. Alata grew sad as he thought about his best friend leaving. He didn't want her to leave, but he was just a little kid. He couldn't exactly tell her that he was an angel. Turning back, he saw that Kotoha had tears coming out of her eyes. "Daijōbu," said Alata, "We will see each other again."

"Hontō ni (For real)," asked Kotoha.

"Hai," said Alata, "It's a promise."

Kotoha smiled as both little kids did a pinky promise. Sitting on a bench, Kotoha's sister was looking sadly at the pair. She knew, in her heart, that these two would grow to love one another. However, fate is a cruel mistress. She sighed as she looked at her watch to see that it was time to go. Kotoha heard her sister and sighed sadly. She hugged Alata, wanting to remember this day. Alata hugged back, trying hard to not let tears come out of his eyes. As Kotoha left, Eri stepped out of the shadows. She had seen everything and was sad that Alata's little friend was leaving. "You can always see her for a bit tomorrow," said Eri.

"Hontō," asked Alata.

"Hai," said Eri, "Just tell Headmaster-sama where you are going first."

The following day, Kotoha had her little backpack placed in the taxi. She hoped that night would last forever, but it was inevitable. Her sister sat a bit on the front seat of the taxi, waiting for the driver to finish loading the truck. As Kotoha was about to sit in the backseat of the taxi, she heard a familiar voice shouting in the distance. She turned around to see Alata running towards the taxi. "Alata," said a happy Kotoha.

"K-Kotoha," Alata breathed heavily, "Yokatta (Good)! I made it in time!"

"Daijōbu," asked Kotoha.

"Daijōbu," said Alata, "I didn't want to miss you leaving yet without a present from me."

"Eh," asked Kotoha.

Alata stood up and presented a floating white feather. Kotoha looked at the beauty of it and wondered how Alata got a pure white feather. Alata smiled at the pure happiness as he let the feather fall perfectly into Kotoha's hand. Kotoha smiled as she held the feather softly close to her heart. She was about to thank him, but her sister was hurrying her up. With a kiss on the cheek and a wave goodbye, Kotoha closed the taxi door. Alata, touching his cheek, blushed as he saw the taxi disappear into the horizon. He turned around and calmly walked back towards where Eri would pick him up. "We'll see each other again, Kotoha," said Alata, "That is a promise I am willing to keep!"