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"And that is how your hahaue (mother) and I met and dated," said Alata.

"Wah~," exclaimed two childlike female voices.

"Kāchan (Mom) and you have been through a lot, ne, tōchan (dad)," said one childlike female voice.

"I can't believe that Ryū-oji (uncle) finally agreed for you and Kotoha-oba (aunt) to finally date," said the other childlike female voice.

It had been a few years, but it still felt like just yesterday that Alata and Kotoha re-met after meeting once in their childhoods. Alata and Kotoha were grown up and married with a child of their own. However, they were still looked the same, only older. They also had a little girl that they named Kagura. Thinking back, there were a lot that Alata and Kotoha did together, especially when Alata-tachi's enemy, Buredoran, posed as Kotoha-tachi's enemy, Dōkoku. They even had Sōsuke-tachi come and help out, freeing Takeru faster than if it was just the two groups together. Alata smiled gently as he thought back to everything while looking at the two little girls on the bed, one his own child. The other child was actually Takeru and Mako's little girl, Mio, who was staying for a sleep over. Both girls begged Alata to tell them a story, and Alata obliged by telling them Kotoha and his story. "What about Chiaki-oji," asked Mio, "He told you that he approved, ne (right)?"

"Hai," said Alata, "Demo, it was after we defeated Buredoran for the last time. Same with your Sōsuke-oji."

"I'm glad that you and kāchan stayed together, tōchan," said Kagura, "Or else I wouldn't have been born!"

"Īe," said Mio as she hugged Kagura, "You have to be born or else I wouldn't have my best friend!"

"Ochitsui te ne (Calm down, please)," said Alata while trying to pacify the two girls, "Or else hahaue will…"

"Hahaue will what," asked Kotoha from the doorway.

"Kāchan," exclaimed Kagura as she ran to hug her mother.

"Kotoha-oba," exclaimed Mio who also hugged Kotoha.

"Onegai (please)," said the two girls in distress, "Don't leave tōchan/Alata-oji!"

Kotoha blinked as she had her arms full of girls before looking up to a sheepish Alata. Alata was trying not to look at his beautiful wife. Kotoha, however, smiled kindly at the two girls before moving all of them to Kagura's bed. Kotoha picked both of them up individually and placed them back onto the bed. Both Alata and Kotoha could tell that Kagura and Mio were about to cry. Seeing this, Kotoha looked at Alata and raised an eyebrow. "What happened," asked Kotoha.

"I was just telling them our story," said Alata.

"And they are about to cry because," asked Kotoha.

"I-If Ryū-oji, Sōsuke-oji, and Chiaki-oji d-didn't let you two be t-together, I wouldn't be born/I wouldn't have my best friend," said the two girls together.

"Shinpaishinaide (Do not worry)," said Kotoha gently, "Alata and I found each other, and we love each other."

"Sō (Yes)," said Alata, "And we are never going to stop loving each other."

Kagura and Mio sniffled a bit before settling down. Alata and Kotoha smiled before tucking the two children into bed. Snuggling into bed, the two children closed their eyes and fell right to sleep. Both Alata and Kotoha stepped out of the room and went towards the kitchen for something warm to drink before heading to bed. "Koishī (Dear)," said Kotoha, "Do you ever regret your decision about staying on Earth with me?"

"Nani (What)," asked Alata in surprise, "Why do you ask?"

"W-Well," said Kotoha with her fingers pressed together, "Y-You don't see your tomodachi (friends) ever since they agreed to go back to Heaven's Tower for more training."

"Kotoha-chan," said Alata, "I chose to stay here on Earth with you because I couldn't bear to leave you again. It was heartbreaking that you left that one time and didn't remember me."

"Alata," said Kotoha gently.

"Sō (So), īe (no)," said Alata with conviction, "I do not regret my decision. smiles at Kotoha Besides, we made a pretty little girl along the way."

Kotoha flushed slightly but smiled back. She was happy that she had gotten to meet her one and only. Alata was also happy. Sure, as time passed by, the other Goseigers decided to go back to Heaven's Tower and live their lives there, watching over Earth in peace. Alata, as he said to Kotoha, stayed with her because he loves her very dearly and didn't want to part ways. After drinking something warm, Alata took Kotoha's hand into hers. "Sā (Come on)," said Alata, "Let's head to bed. We have that party with everyone to get to tomorrow."

"It will be nice to see Sōsuke-nīsan (older brother), Takeru-nīchan (older brother), Mako-nēchan (older sister)...," said Kotoha dreamily before sheepishly smiling, "Well, you get the idea."

"Un," said Alata, "I can't wait to also tell them the big news."

Kotoha smiled as Alata led her into their shared bedroom, like all married couples do. Slipping into something comfortable, both Kotoha and Alata cuddled underneath the blankets, Alata's hand over Kotoha's stomach. Both smiled to each other before drifting off to sleep. Alata's last thoughts were Sōsuke-gikei (brother-in-law) is going to keel over… again!

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